Monday 24 September 2007

The Cracks Are Widening

There's no two ways about it.
Things are NOT going to get any better.
Not during this phase of human existence.

When banks and lenders start going bust, then the system really is in trouble.
It's only one lender, you say.
We'll see.

I think the recession to end all recessions is on its way.
The interest monster can no longer be fed.
The red side of the equation is about to equal the black, within the next few years.

And what happens next?
The collapse of all remaining industry in the west.
Money that no longer has any value.
The Great Depression, will seem like the Winter of Discontent, by comparison.

And we see it coming.
The powers that be have made sure that they are heavily armed, when the rioters hit the streets.
For the rioters won't just be the underclasses.
They will include the vast majority of the tax paying population who has worked all their lives, to find they own nothing.

We know, deep down, that all is not well.
Because we no longer care who governs us, it can make no difference.
Crime rates rise as society is stretched at the seams, as the powers that be squeeze every last penny out of the system, before it ends forever.

It's coming.
Five years?
Ten years?
Twenty years at most, probably.

We know we are in the death throes of the system, because life gets worse in every way that matters. Human life gets less safe by the year. Our means of existence- our jobs- get less secure.
There is no longer anything we can be sure of.

We live in a world of hysteria, where it is every man for himself and no one can believe anything they are told.
Trust me, our leaders can see it coming.
They can't prevent it, so they make hay while the sun shines, and arm the state against its subjects.

Life is getting nastier and harder for most of us, and will continue to do so.

And when the collapse happens, the scales will fall from the eyes of all of us.
When the Managing Director earning £100,000 a year, realises he too, is left with nothing. That he too, was never in on the real game.
That he too, was expendable.

Because the cash economy just doesn't work any more.
And no one knows how to get the food to the shops.

This is the nightmare everyone dreads.
And yet this is the very bit we SHOULDN'T fear.

Because that's when it all gets better.

That's when we realise, that the only things that will have gone will be money, corporations and the whole edifice of Capitalism.
And probably our governments too.

But the world will still have the same resources.
It will have the same infrastructure.
It will still have the same industrial capabilities.
And Mankind will still have the same intelligence and expertise.

And we'll all suddenly realise what a wonderful oppurtunity we have.

This will be one of the biggest revolutions in human history, because it won't just be a political one.
It will be a social one, as far reaching as the industrial revolution, changing the very way we live.
Through it, mankind will take one of the great cultural leaps forward, the greatest since the Enlightenment.

It will be when Mankind finally moves out of its adolescence, with its wars, its private property, its armed governments, its racism, its repression of women, its inequality of distribution.

And becomes the Species it has the potential to be.

Goodbye Northern Rock.


Anonymous said...

Something's bound to happen, I totally concur. On my senator's web-site is a tally that says succinctly "YOU'RE SHARE OF THE NATIONAL DEBT."

Right now, MY share is around $39,000.

Fuck that.

Anonymous said...

Too true. Some days I actually look forward to the mayhem that will be the re-setting of our society.

A dark part of me enjoys the thought of a global shift in direction.

It will be interesting to watch it unfold, and no doubt a violent and dangerous time for all of us.

Will it be peak oil, climate change or a collapse of the current economic system (are the sub prime loan market troubles making the news in the UK?) or a combination of all three?

Buckle up folks, it is gonna be a wild ride.

Anonymous said...

Well thats cheered me up no end.. Do you think I should withdraw my savings from the Post Office? I have £17.80 there and could not afford to lose it...

Anonymous said...

"We live in a world of hysteria, where it is every man for himself and no one can believe anything they are told.
Trust me, our leaders can see it coming"

Kinda bold of you to ask us to trust you when you just wrote that we cannot trust anyone... contractiction to be sure.

Anonymous said...

We are all fucked. And when I say fucked,I mean fucked.Britain and America’s consumer debt bomb is ticking louder and louder. In fact,
the UK economy is increasingly and alarmingly built on debt and little else.The average Briton now has more than twice as much unsecured borrowing - including overdrafts, personal loans and credit card debt - as the typical European. Even even before mortgage borrowing is considered, the average Briton owes 3,175 pounds compared to the average debt in Europe of 1,588 pounds. The total level of consumer debt, including mortgages, is almost 1.3trn, close to three times the level of borrowing in 1997, when Labour came to power. And the banks are cracking down on consumer credit. Two weeks ago, for example, HSBC said it would introduce annual reviews of all its customers' overdrafts, with cuts to many borrowers' overdraft limits likely to follow. It's all going to get very, very unpleasant...

Anonymous said...

Helen- Just think how large the share our children will owe.
This is why the system hasdn't got too long left.

Josh- Oh, I look forward to it with every breath in my body. I just want to be alive when it happens. Day to day, it's what keeps me going.

I see Big Brother, Starbucks, Pokemon etc, and calm myself down by thinking 'It won't last for ever.'

An ex once told me I'd never really find love, because I'd never really be happy till my revolution happened.

She's right.

Mutley- It's very simple;
Spend your money. Earn as much as you can, spend as much as you.

That's what I do.
Otherwise you'll feel pretty silly when the babks just diappear and there is no more money- because all the debts been called in, and the total money left after cancelling red against black, was a minus figure.

Crashie- Well , you can trust me because I have no vested interests in anything. I have no axe to grind, because my sole life strategy is to live an easy life, because I utterly despise the society we live in.

You can't beat the system- yet- so, you might as well serve it, and get the goodies they throw at you.

Stan- But look beyond, look to the future.

Utopia is NOT a hopeless cause.
Sure, it will get nasty and terrible things will be done in the name of change.

But Mankind are approaching Golden days.

Anonymous said...

You're very special, Ingsoc.

I don't share your optimism. But I share your pessimism entirely and you've managed to articulate feelings I've had for years so well.

When the crash comes we will remember why we opted for the fiat economy and that the Utopia you speak of has actually already happened for a minority of people in the Western world BECAUSE of money and not in spite of it.

Why will it happen ? To put simply - too many people seeking too high a standard of living for too little; this is against the fundamental laws of nature.

What will happen ? Probably either a pearing back of population levels or reduction in standard of living for those in wealthy countries ... more likely both - to more sustainable levels.

What else might happen ? A shift of real power away from Caucasia to other races more hungry, cleverer and leaner than we are.

Also ...

Will America simply stand aside with its 9 super-carrier battle fleets and plethora of nuclear missiles and alow its power to ebb away ?

I hate the cliche' - but 'interesting times'.

Now tell us the truth. The time scales you mentioned do not reflect the imminence that you feel in your bones.

Anonymous said...

Well, I take heart from your last paragraph. I agree it's going to be the "hard working who find they have nothing" who will rebel - I think they already have. There's no such thing as a "job for life" any more.