Saturday 28 June 2008

Gotta have Faith

We all need something to believe in, something that brings us hope & lifts us up when we are down. Faith is a need and springs from deep within us all. Some people put their faith in higher powers, whether it is called God, Allah, Jehova, Jesus, Buddha, Brahma, Babajee, Karma, Destiny, most of us tend to believe in something larger than life, a power beyond our comprehension. It has been said that God is an evil necessity, created by man to justify the unfairness in the world. I simply think some people have the need to find a greater purpose in life. But there are no absolute solutions, and my needs may not be the same as your needs. As long as we all share the core values and understand bind us all together, have compassion and respect for humanity, we would be able to live in peace and harmony. We simply have to believe in goodness in world.

Faith isn’t about waiting for divine intervention; faith is about realising that life is all about choices which you have the power to make. What differ us from other species is the ability to think and chose the path we walk upon. We cannot control or chose the cards that have been given us, but we do choose how they will be played. Life isn’t always easy, and living it is a one of the greatest challenges of them all. Most of us are struggling just to get by and to keep on running in the hamster wheel.

There is a saying that the road to hell is paved in good intentions, but I have to disagree. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you had imagined, and sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons – the most important thing is to have your heart in the right place. Even if your best intentions and efforts sometime fall short, you shouldn’t stop trying or believing that things will get better, even when everything seems to be pointing to the opposite. That is what faith is all about.

It all comes down to choices. Sometimes we choose our action based on what we know, on what seem scientifically logical. Other times we act based solely on our gutfeeling, on what we feel and believe in. It’s about taking a step without knowing if there is a ground below us or not – the leap of faith. If you ever believe in anyone or anything without absolute truth, that’s faith.

The bottom line is, ot doesn’t matter what you believe in – God, Karma, goodness, love, in you, in others, in humanity, in karma, in signs or in dreams - as long as you believe.

Like everyone else, you gotta have faith faith faith…


Quote of the Day:
Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.” /Rabindranath Tagore


Anonymous said...

This is a really uplifting piece of writing and I love your quote of the day :-)

Anonymous said...

It has to be said, this is very uncanny...

I agree with much of what you write her, but what's wierd is you haven't seen the post I'm writing in drafts.

I actually have somewhat of a 'survival of the fittest' approach to religous thought systems. In my view, the ones survive longest that acrually approach truth closest. For example, Thor and Odin haven't survived, because they belong to essentially, a children's belief system.

CHristianity surivives, because in spite of the fact that angels and saints and eternal damnation, don't make sense today, the point is, societies that adopted Christianity, adopted values which created social cohesion- in terms of philosophy, Christianity is 'true'. But so are elements of other surviving religions.

In other words they contain truth about how the universe works.

Karma is a good case in point- I think it's actually correct.

On divine intervention, I think you are correct. I don't quite se the point in prayer to ask for something, I can't se that God suddenly decides to change his plans just because you ask. You get what he wants you to have.

I think we have thrown the baby out with the bath water in terms of religous belief, becaause we seem to force people into the question 'Do you believe in a big man with a beard?' or not. Well, no I don't, but I'm damn sure the universe is conscious.

In that sense, whilst I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, I believe my own faith, Catholicism, is more on the right lines than outright Atheism.

I have to agre with you on making the best of things, because this is the only life you'll ever have, and what's done is done, you can only look to what comes next.

It's not a dress rehearsal :)

My point it being uncanny, this post, is that the one I'm writing is on the implications of Quantum theory on how the universe works.

I even speculate in the post that we should treat phenomena such as synchronicity as an expected feature of such a universe, and also that sixth sense and telepathy are genuine phenomena which are at the start of their evolution in humankind- weak enough for us to doubt their existence, but strong enough for us to wonder.

But in terms of being able to exist, of course, both COULD. our brains can proces light images, no reason why they couldn't evolve to transmit and receive EM Impulses. As I suspect they're doing.

Since your post synchronises so well with that post, AND perhaps reflect much of my own thoughts of late, maybe it proves both :)

Anonymous said...

cherrypie - thanx! This being my first guestpost here kinda put alot of pressure, so i just thought of writing abt something that has been very important to me.. Faith. "Quote of the day" is something i always end my blogs with, and i kinda find it appropriate.

crushed - well, since this is after all by debute post, i thought i should start by writing something that would kinda give a hint of me. why be difficult when you can be impossible ;)

Faith has always been very important to me, but like you, i believe that what u believe is very individual and personal, and you should always question what the proests, mullahs, pandits or leaders say - after all, it is their interpretation. God gave you a brain, use it! duuh! :)

Even though i do believe some things are meant to be, and in Karma, i also believe that we have more control over our life than we think.

Anonymous said...

For me it is uncanny too! I thought it was crushed posting...