Friday 6 June 2008

A Message From Mutley

Mutley is going to be offline for the forseeable future.

He's busy hunting down radioactive howler monkeys and making life safe for Lord Archer and his friend Giles. He hopes to be back as soon as possible, but this may well not be as soon as he would like.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps he should be hunting down Dick Dastardly.

Anonymous said...


Blogworld wont be the same without him - dunno if its a good thing or bad thing.

But hang on, how come the msg from muts is on your blog - shouldnt he have it on his own?

But then again, we are talking abt mutley, no logic is muts logic, that adoreble things :D

Anonymous said...

Tell him he's missed :-)

Anonymous said...

X-dell- I think he might well be, you know. I think Dick Dastardly stitched him up this time.

Crashie- I left a message in his comments. Basically, his computer is down, so he incommunicado from an internet point of view.

So the message comes in the best way it can.

Eve- I think he knows that- in fact I don't think I'm breaching any trust by saying that he DID say that he'd feel guilty not letting you all know that he hadn't just stopped blogging, but had a genuine reason he couldn't be with us.