Sunday 15 June 2008

The Music of My Life

I am 'a sick and dangerous' individual.

That's what they say about me.

I use this blog to lure you in, to recruit you to my dark satanic cult. I manipulate you, abuse you, for my own dark purposes.
It is an insurruction I seek to lead, with me the dark robed cult leader.

Apparently, you, the readers of this blog, the regulars anyway, are all vulnerable types, mesmerised by my Svengali hold over you.

I see.

You should be as offended by this as I am. Many of you are University educated. I look at my regular commentors and I see a qualified psychiatrist, an ex-policeman, a nurse with many years experience, a business analyst, a company buyer, a trainee tax consultant, amongst others.

Many of you are people who have dedicated themselves to things over the years, in their own way.

You are all intelligent people, and I hazard a guess that the IQ of the average regular reader here, is a good twenty points higher than the IQ of my average critic.

My critics are very good at spinning the web, so what I'm going to do is cut the web down.

My critics love the ammunition provided by this blogger's very own nemesis- a rich source of lurid tales about Crushed.
Let's be straight about the reasons for her bitterness.

She wanted to have my babies. Let's not beat about the bush, that's what she wanted. And I'm sorry to say, I might have given her the impression that was a viable option.
Thing is, it wasn't.
And that should have been an end to it.

But of course, she knew my dirty secrets.
Which you all do now as well, so there's not a problem.

But she likes to invent more...

Crushed has a direct plan to lure women into his recruiting programme (like she was lured, apparently)
I committed other crimes I don't tell you about- usually the hint is, these were slightly unsavoury.
Apparently, I'm psychotic too.
Oh, and I hacked into her PC. Even though I can't even set up an RSS feed.
I also brainwash all my girlfriends into making them sleep with black men for my own perverted pleasure. I insist on this. (For the record, yes, its a fantasy I enjoy, never acted on it, and whilst I MIGHT suggest it, I think saying I'd ever insist on it is a bit strong...)
I also- apparently- had people slashed up inside.
Ten stone, 5ft7 me is dangerously violent.
There are also a long list of female bloggers she insists I was behaving with as a cyber lover. Basically, pretty much MOST of the female bloggers on my blogroll.
Oh, and I pass e-mails around. (In fact, I haven't even passed around her harrassment e-mails, except to relevant parties.)

Oh, and I almost forget...
Me and the Baker are ACTUALLY the children who killed James Bulger. I'm Robert Thompson, he's Jon Venables.

These are things this woman has alleged about me.

Well, there are people out there stupid enough to listen. Mainly, because it suits them.
Let's just go in to WHY it suits them.

Because they LOVE to have dirt to throw at me. And this pile of horse manure is all they've got.
The real truth is, they don't like what I write.
And they spin this deformed oyster round the true pearl.

They're frightened of this blog.

Because they come here and see that it makes people think.

They can't think of anything constructive to say in the comments sections, so they fight dirty.

The gist of their arguments are that I am a dangerous lunatic who will carry you with me for dangerous reasons.

But isn't it the REAL message they fear?




They fear that their own ideals won't stand up to the scrutiny.
They fear my espousing of Marx in a way that actually distinguishes between what happened in Russia and what the theory says.
And they resent the fact that I connect the message of Christ to the message of Marx.

Or they fear a world where total sexual freedom exists. Why? Because most of them are males who just don't fancy women BEING that sexually empowered.

They fear every value I'm pushing here and how I'm pushing it.

Because they lack the skills to appear in my comments section and ACTUALLY DEBATE with me.

THAT'S the real point.


If I'm a lunatic, than you have nothing to fear.
If my views are wrong, you have nothing to fear.

So. To my critics.
Don't tell me about your principles. If they include spouting the crap you do, and using the lies of a bitter, rejected woman, to support your case, you have as much as principles as the forgers of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

If you want to debate on principles, I'm here.
And I'll ALWAYS be here.

Because trust me, my principles mean a lot more to me, than yours do to you.

To you, this is all a game, where sitting behind your PC means you can play a lovely game of petty oneupmanship, free of the damn good beating such behaviour would earn you, were you to behave that way in a pub. Big men, aren't you?

When you've lived the life I have, seen the things I've seen, When you KNOW, because when it came to the crunch you proved it, you're a good person, then come throw mud at me.
I doubt the most vitriolic of my critics would even be able to maintain eye contact with me.

I live by my principles, for my principles.

This blog is resigned to the fact that it is hated by many, for the views it espouses.
And it is hated by one person, because I'd rather blog, than have babies with her.

Throw what you want at me.

Both I, and my readers, see through you.


Anonymous said...

Jamie Bulger, Crushed? Too far maybe?

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've been converted - you have brainwashed me along with many of your other minions and I spend at least a good quarter of an hour each night before I go to sleep worshipping your website and lighting a candle for the up and coming revolution.

Here's for world dominance oh leader oh lord :)

p.s that black man fantasy is sooooo 1980's crushed!

Anonymous said...

Kate, you crack me up...

But I hear you Crushed, you put yourself out here and people can turn nasty because of what you write, not to mention being an easy target with the blog.
Blogging was my way of working through a bad time in my life, and some of my deceased wife's family were directed to it without my permission, and they attacked me for writing about my feelings, my thoughts, and how I dealt with my wife's death. One family member wrote me an email that I trashed without reading, because his subject line was My cool blog.
Wow, so that's why I blog, so I can be cool...
What bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Oestrebunny- There are no depths she or my critics will not sink to.

Kate- Do you?
Glad to hear it. Really, its the sole aim of this blog.

Maybe, but it still seems to hold a certain fascination. Partly, I think because it does also satisfy a certain ideological ideal of smasking sexism, racism, female oppression all in one fell swoop.

Fusion- Some people won't get it. But everyones reasons for blogging are their own.

Yes, it can be a pain in the arse sometimes. But worth it.

Baht At- I have deleted your comment, because it would have led a member of my family to be personally identifiable.

But trust me, I have the law on my side on this.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me.. (not literally)..
What is all this shite?

I come here for the indoctrination and I get vitriole instead?

For the record - seeing as we are talking about the same old same old.. she visited my comments and email as well. Some serious vanity and hatred going on..

But who is the crazier..? I thought I'd give you the benefit of the doubt Crushie.. but now I am doubting the benefits..

Please make it stop - so I can get back to loving your mind again.. x

Anonymous said...

Being new to this blog and having the benefit of being objective, not sucked in or brain washed as Crushed likes to think himself capable of, I've so far formed the view that the poor chap is suffering the mental instability and trauma of one after a broken relationship; but in this case his realtionship seems to be obsessively with himself.

To be honest if I was he, I'd have dumped myself too.

Anonymous said...

WOW a few days away and what has happened. Hmm Crushed you know better than to listen to idle gossip. Those who feed off it are no better. I can make up my own mind and don't need to be brainwashed into which site I visit including this one. I come here because I find it interesting. Surely you have to be laughing at all of this Crushed, pay no mind to shit dribblers.

Anonymous said...

Oh *sigh* I am so suggestible and pathetic. I cannot resist you oh Crushed. I M.U.S.T O.B.E.Y… NOT!

Sorry Baht At. I am really busy being someone else’s love slave right now, I just can’t fit him in at the moment ;-(

If you share your fantasies with your lover/s then surely that is a healthy thing and possibly a sign you trust them maybe?

Also I don’t see too much slavish agreement here. Even I told you I thought your ‘world state’ was really a recipe for a world dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

Kimba- Yes, this is what I'm on about.
I never asked for it.

These things happen. People change their mind, sometimes totally and dramatically.
She presents as a case as manipulation, a real case of I just got bored of her being in a thorough pain in the arse.

Really, when she realised I didn't want to speak to her any more, she should have accepted that there was no deception, merely it didn't suit my life to be in contact with her. And just forgotten we'd ever been in contact.

NiceGuyEddie- But you're not real are you? You're only Baht At trying to be funny- and failing.

Nunyaa- :) Yes, but you have no idea what a headache they are to me.

Moggs- I would agree with you, on the whole.
Yes, I think these things are healthy.

To to the deleted comment.
You deny you are stalker, yet you still leave comments here. Can't you that is stalking?

Neither you, nor your comments are welcome.

In fact, I barred your IP address with Toolator, so have you changed it specially?

Thanks for demonstrating the crap you'll come out with, no need for you to demonstrate it again now, eh?

Anonymous said...

Well said Nunyaa xx

Anonymous said...

Still though, some things are better left unrepeated and I think that particular allegation was a prime example.

Anonymous said...

Headaches disappear after time Crushed, this will too.

Anonymous said...

you mean you arent like Groucho marx ala:

"These are my principles and if you don't like them...well, I have others"

Blimey... ;)