Sunday 21 September 2008

Synthetic Memetics

Some more serendipity (don't you just you love that word? I do anyway, and if you're thinking it's any of the passwords to any of my accounts, no it ain't. Not any more. Too obvious).
Serendipity technically means not finding what you're looking for but finding something else instead. Anyway, I never find what I'm looking for, but I've found the answer, courtesy of Judd Corizon's new departure (since moving on from The Rising Blogger), which allows the possibility of synthetic memetics.

By which I mean, synthesis in the orginal Hegelian context- a fresh concept formed from the blending of the thesis and the antithesis...

Ok, enough philopsophy. It's been something I've observed that the value of having sunday night devoted to music is somewhat lessened by the fact that you get Music with every post as it is, pretty much.
So the solution is...

To set Judd's Meme to Music every Sunday :). And give you more music.

So... Here we go :)

I am: Engaged in a curious phenomenon called Life

I think: That how this came to be is not that important

I know: It's the only one I'll ever have

I have: One chance to do it right

I wish: More people realised that

I hate: People wasting my finite supply of time and energy

I miss: Smelling a woman's freshly washed hair as I go to sleep

I fear: My life being under the control of another.

I hear: All sorts of judgement passed by people on people whose lives they cannot comprehend.

I smell: Of tobacco and aftershave, I'd guess.

I crave: A pint. And a certain woman.

I search: For the bigger picture.

I wonder: Whether we'll make it. Seriously. Mushroom clouds or supermen. I really do

I regret: The things I haven't done, not the ones I have.

I love: Someone :)

I ache: For her, I guess...

I am not: One to suffer fools gladly...

I believe: That the human species is capable of a lot more than it thinks it is.

I dance: On the podium when I can.

I sing: Mainly Depeche Mode and Birmingham City songs.

I cry: Freedom.

I fight: My inner desires to ignore my alarm and come up with a lame excuse for not going to work.

I win: Some.

I lose: Some.

I never: Plan to have more than two pints when I walk into the pub on a mid week evening.

I always: Do.

I confuse: A lot of people, I think.

I listen: To a lot of Music.

I can usually be found: Working, Blogging, or out and about. A pub is usually a good bet.

I am scared: Of getting hurt. Aren't we all?

I need: Pretty much constant stimulation.

I am happy about: Someone :)

I imagine: Waking up every single morning next to her.

If anyone wants to continue the meme feel free. :)


Anonymous said...

I imagine: Waking up every single morning next to her.

I guess: Life would be perfect, if I could have what I want when I want it - ie: ice-cream and a certain woman every day

I wonder: why we can't have our cake and eat it. Why we can't have what (and who) we want, when we want it (her).

I ask myself: why can't I be in control of my life - choose who I go to bed with, and who I wake up with. Choose what job I do and how much I het paid.

I tell myself: nothing matters, but really a lot of things do matter.

I hope: one day we'll be able to stop ageing - for I feel no older inside, but my body and teeth decay as time goes by.

Anonymous said...

I love your "I miss" .. lovely image.

I am up here.

Anonymous said...

The creative juices were flowing. The music was well done...

Anonymous said...

this was utterly charming. :)
great meme!

Anonymous said...

serendipity is one of those words that sounds better the less you know about it :)

I has a very nice sound to the ear and rolls easily off the tongue

Anonymous said...

Quasar- I think these things pretty much sum up the human condition...

Real life is much more complicated than it ever is in fiction :)

Mimi- It really is the little things you miss, the little points of intimacy. It is things like hat make it all worth it. The real good things in life :)

Bud- Music has always been impoertant to me. Even when I'm mnot actually playing it, it's playing in my head.

Crashie- Some parts were harder to find answers to than others.
I guess my answers were fairly predictable.

Lord N- I believe it comes from an eighteenth century novel, The Prince of Serendip, which (I think) is by Horace Walpole, but don't quote me on that.

Transcendantal is another favorite of mine. And Esoteric, I quite like.

I like words which when you know what they mean seem to fit their sound, if you get what I mean.