Monday 26 March 2007

Bye, Bye Gay Meadow

This Saturday was one of the last opportunities you will have had to have seen a real old fashioned football match in the stands in a real old fashioned ground.
It was one of the last games at- don't laugh, please- Gay Meadow football grounds in Shrewsbury.
Myself and a mate, The Chimney Sweep, went to watch it.
Shrewsbury is a lovely old market town with some very quaint pubs which received both before and after match sampling.

Now it is always a trusm that any match live pretty much beats any match seen on TV. You just don't get the emotions through on the telly. Football grounds are like Hollywood stars- they're much smallr in real life. But there is something special about the sensation of a ground filled with people who follow their teams, not for the glory, but for the passion.

Neither I nor my mate are Shrewsbury fans, but ten minutes in we were cussing the linesman with the rest of them.
I even got quite vitriolic. His flag was going up way too much for my liking. I was starting to feel he just loved his flag too much....

Great day, great company, nice ambling walks through old graveyards, nice Czech girl to flirt with on the train back.

These are the days you remember in years to come...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a grand day out all round Gromit.

It's a shame the old grounds are going, there just isn't that same atmosphere in new stadia.