Monday 19 March 2007

Unemployment- Are you sure there's nothing to do?

Now this his occurred to me, I can't see any other way of looking at this realistically.
I don't really see how you can ever say there's no work for people.
I can see we have unemployment, but that's not the same thing.

Now be honest, Do we live in paradise?

Or are our streets infested with litter, needles and griffiti?
Is it not true that all societies can do with any contribution they can get?

And yet apparently, we have whole swathes ofpeople for whom we cannot find anything to do with their life energy.
So it's not true that there is nothing for people to do, merely that we can't find someone to pay everyone to do something.
Only that's not true. Since we are a (marginally) civilised society, we try not to let too many people starve in the street. So those who cannot be 'found' work , get paid by someone. They get titbits from the rest of us. So someone is paying them. Everybody else is.

So what we have here, is not a lack of work, or a failure to provide for everybody, merely a failure to utilise all the energy available to society.
That makes us a very wasteful, inefficient society, wasting the greatest resource we have.
Human energy.

Something wrong somewhere, surely, when we write off a certain proportion of our own people as having nothing positive to contribute?

Surely the biggest waste of energy there is on this planet?


Anonymous said...

there is work out there, it's just that those living on benefits don't see the value in working. they actually lose money if they decide to work. It's not laziness for most people but common sense.

There must be work out there because we've imported half a million Poles over the last couple of years to do the jobs we are not willing to do.

Anonymous said...

I agree with David.

AND, some people dont have those standards to earn money to achieve material possessions. Some people simply dont have ambition.

Odd to me, but a fact of life.

I agree with you though, mate.

Anonymous said...

Both right, though I would argue that we have a system in place that encourages this, and it can't be good for society as a whole.
Just because we have created a class of people that is happy to have their energies left untapped, doesn't make it 'humane', or a 'fact of life', merely a symptom that all is not right in our societal structure.

Anonymous said...

u fucking elitists fucks

not every single member of society needs to be out of the house from 9 to 5, 7 days a week for society to be '100% right'

for some of us, there's way more important/exciting things to do then chase the dollar

go and burn all your CDs and DVDs and burn all your books while you are at it - 99% of all of them were created by 'non-working' lay-abouts with nothing better to do with their time then create shit to enertain working stiffs like you.

i believe they are called 'artists' or 'bums' depedning on their success rate...

you rat racing losers are just jealous coz you're wasting away in your pathetic jobs and rely on your 'careers' to define who you are

PS queuing on the dole line takes about 1/2 an hour TOPS and you get about the same amount of cash as working a 20 hour week. who's the idiot now??


Anonymous said...

Jessica, you are an ignorant fuck.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, glad you found time in your busy schedule to post such well considered, thought provoking comments.
Might I recommend you read my post again in more detail? You will then see that I wasn't making a comment on the unemployed, merely on a system which writes people off as useless. Personally, I like to think that no one need be useless.

In response to your last point, my job happens to be great fun and they pay me well for it, so although I never suggested anyone was an idiot...

elitist, darling? I can live with that.

Anonymous said...

hi 'ing soc' (catchy handle, by the way). you define someone's 'usefulness' based on how much money they are earning? sad for you, toots.

maybe we should round up all these free-loaders and send them off on trains to some place where they can all be managed? hmmmmm

there are a lot of people in this world doing a lot BETTER and more MEANINGFUL things then chasing dollars for some fucked up company that would sell them down the river at the fist chance they got. there are writers, thinkers, carers, support-people, muses and artistes to mention but a few. we don't all fit into the same box as you.

and smacky: you say some people simply don't have ambition. wrong! there is such a thing as ambition outside the realm of monetary gain. u might want to try and value something outside of your career and wealth-building - or is that too hard? is that why you solely concentrate on your career? where you have a modicum of control and feel valued and important? nice and cold and impersonal: sounds like your MO.

but keep chasing that money kids. i am sure it will make you happy eventually (or for you Smacky, maybe you will finally find that daddy-shaped hole you've been trying to fill for all these years or you could always apply for AbStudy coz I hear you indigenous people get a pretty 'tidy' welfare handout, yeah?)

Anonymous said...

ah, I see.

I was going to clarify but I cant be fucked.

Anonymous said...

Jessica darling, firstly may I repeat read the f***ing post proplerly before mouthing off. This you clearly have not done, or you would have realised from this (and other posts) that the views you attribute to me are false.
Otherwise, your viewpoints are sincerely appreciated and welcomed. I'm not going to start deleting comments, because I believe in speech. Don't abuse my stance on this.

More seriously, if you wish this goodwill to continue do not and, repeat DO NOT ever try to use emotionally hurtful language and/or racist/homophobic/personal insults to other visitors. In an internet sense they are my guests, so the second half of your last post? It's not happening again.

Nice to have met you.

Anonymous said...

whoa, whoa, whoa take a chill pill there, hop scotch.

i don't recall being homophobic or anything. what's your problem? :(

umm was it when i said this:
"I hear you indigenous people get a pretty 'tidy' welfare handout, yeah?"

it was not a statement i made. it was an observation, followed by a request for confirmation from a source who should know better then me.

is that what's twisting your titty so bad? coz seriously, i do hear that all the time.

i am not saying i believe it. but when i am in the dole line, a lot of people go on about that.

plus, one or two of my fellow dole-ee's do look a bit indigenious, so maybe they do have a point. or they could be Paki's - you never know.

sorry if i meant offence. it was not intended to sound like that.

just as you were doing in your original post, i am just telling it how i see it. commenting on a system, you dig.

sorry for the drama, ingsoc. you are 'alright'. hope we are 'cool'.

(by the way, your original post has been edited so many times it isn't funny. who knows what the hell you are trying to say anyway. nice looking blog though - so rad)

Anonymous said...

Where do I fit in? I hate work, am crap at my job and still don't have a purpose to life. On the other hand I like working but am still crap at it.

I have loads of ambition. I drip with it. Especially on a Friday night. Like now. mmm...ambition. I pay my bills....

Anonymous said...

Tin Drummer, I have far less ambition than I should have.
I hate working, but I don't much. I spend most of my time swinging from left to right in my comfy chair, fag in hand explaining to my Mr MD how exatly we'll sell X to Y. Then I sell the campaign. In bewteen, I visit you guys.

I'm told I waste my life.
I probably do.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...swinging in chairs...unfortunately, with x children to teach I actually do have to do something most of the time but I know that educational theorists would hate my guts for most of it (such as making the class repeat "shhedule" after me). I don't hate work because it's crap, I hate work because I feel I never measure up. Coming home every night to a vague but irritating sense of failure is annoying and makes me reach for the pint glass.