Thursday 29 March 2007

A Vice I need to Lose.

The Tin Drummer confessed recently to a former vice of his.
It's his tale, so I recommend you read it.

Mine is a vice I need to lose. People comment on it.
Everyone has songs they sing regularly, without thinking.
Fo me, 'Riders on the Storm' is one. That's permissible.
Another is 'Enjoy the Silence. Again, as a Mode fan, that's OK.
Another is 'Monkey Magic,Monkey Magic' from the Japanese children's programme, Monkey.
I sing this to myself a lot whilst at work, or at the bar waiting to get served, or shaving.

Need to stop this, don't I?


Anonymous said...

One of the all time classic cult tv programmes!

...and yes, you do.

Anonymous said...

A programme with good intent, to bring the Trpitaka legend to Japanese Buddhist school kids.
And a great source of amusements to smoking students.

I didn't watch it as a Japanese buddhist school kid I'm afraid...

Anonymous said...

eh, CBI? What vice is that then?

Anonymous said...

If you hum it quietly, no-one will care.

If you burst into song in earshot of others, you will be doubly mocked.

For your singing- and your choice of tune.

I spent about six months of my Teen years with "long haired lover from Liverpool" stuck inside my head, a song I hated...

Anonymous said...

Well no, that's fine actually. I'm quite a fan of Monkey, though not of Tripitaka or whatever his/her name was.

Anonymous said...

The bulk of the commenteres ehre are Blogpowerers. Why don't you join, CBI?

Anonymous said...

Don't know how to go about it, I'm afraid James.
Also aware that the blogroll needs a few links added, purely for my own convenience.

Expliain how to go about it and the principle of the thing.