Tuesday 20 November 2007

Blue Monday- Or Tuesday

Can't believe I've not posted this one yet.

No post tonight.
Beer instead.

Proper post tomorrow.
On something political. Or philosophical. Or, well, something anyway.

Monkeys maybe?


Anonymous said...

Beer. Is it beer o'clock already? Yay! Have three for me.

Anonymous said...

I had to have shot after that last post. No beer here, just fermented distilled grain of the cheap and potent variety.

Is it too early for that? Just one, then.

Anonymous said...

Monkeys. I would go with monkeys. I like monkeys they just eat and shag and fight and they don't give a fuck really do they?

Anonymous said...

Considering it's one of your most favourite tracks, i'm also surprised you've never added that track before as well!

Anonymous said...

Talking of monkeys, I was "discussing" Monkey - you know that Japanese/Chinese imported thing from BBC2 in the late 70s full of Buddhist magickal happenings in the middle ages with Tripikana, Pigsy, Monkey and Somebody Else... did you used to watch that one? It was fantastic.

And a couple of years ago they found another 15 episodes undubbed from the Japanese ... Monkey Heaven haahaa!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that I hadn't seen the video before. Earlier (before I came on your blog) I had an almost insane *need* to buy a copy of the single when I was in the record shop, even though I have the track on their album somewhere.

A groudbreaking track.