Friday 30 November 2007

Dance Music- It Does The Job For Me

Superfluous post, I will do a more serious one later.

Always been into Dance Music, ever since I was a teenager. I often listen to it whilst blogging, in fact. Generally the stuff I listen to is Trance. But here are a few of those floorfillers of the early to mid nineties which first brought me to Dance Music and ultimately to the Club Scene.

That was KLF, a brilliant performance act, certainly.
Now back to this side of the pond, with The Shamen.

And of course, the track I used to bore people to death with for a good two years solid at university.

Classic stuff.
Well, to me anyway :)


Anonymous said...

I do not care for this type of music? It reminds me of gay bars! Sorry! love ya anyways!

Anonymous said...

Oh, no. I thought Sunday was music day. I am not prepared for this change. Now I have to rearrange how my brain will proceess the change.

Enjoy the dance.

Anonymous said...

You know Crushed I am as ignorant of this type of music as you are of classical. I can see how it might be good dance music however I never was in to that either.
My son keeps trying to educate me by lending me CDs of his favourites.