Wednesday 7 November 2007

You Might Be The Difference

Sometimes, some people are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. They single handedly change the world on the basis of one split second decision they made.
And some go out of their way to change it.

Most of us aren't going to do that. Not on our own.
But that doesn't mean we don't count.

We may just be grains of sand in a bucket of humanity, but ultimately the weight of the bucket depends on every grain. And where you choose to place yourself, and how you choose to live DOES make a difference.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
Because you DO exist, and however little you value your contribution, SOMETHING is happening with it. If you choose not to decide what to do with it, it will be used ANYWAY, just maybe not the way your heart would have chosen.

By not standing up and being counted, your weight sits on the negative side of the balance.
You alone may not change anything, but by raising your voice and shouting 'NO! Enough is enough! This has GOT to end', you make that cry just a little bit louder. It travels just that little bit further. The range of those who hear it is just that little bit larger, and more join the cry.

YOU could be that straw that breaks the camel's back.

Sitting in your living room, watching it all on TV and shrugging your shoulders, thinking, 'Shame, but what can I do?', is WORSE than doing nothing.
It adds your tacit acceptance to the negative pile.
By not raising your voice, you aid those who seek to silence the voices of dissent.

Those who control us and use us as pawns are outnumbered by the pawns, not just a thousand to one, not just a million to one, but a hundred million to one.

We just accept.
We don't know our own strength.

Our strength is in our smallness.
Because we are little as individuals.

But if we all stand up, there are too many of us to stop. And if we all shout 'I'm Spartacus', they cannot silence everyone of us.

That is the true strength of the ordinary human being.

One last thought.

In 1997, Gerald Malone MP for Winchester, decided his seat was too safe to lose. He and his wife should vote in the marginal constituency they lived in part of the year.

Gerald Malone lost Winchester by two votes.


Every voice counts.
It's up to US when we decide it's time for change.

It might just be you, yes YOU, that tips the balance.


Anonymous said...

I am Spartacus! Great film Also, I'd rather be a hammer than a nail. ;D

We have to stand up, be counted or die in silence.

Anonymous said...

Very few of us seem to have the strength or charisma or whatever it takes to alter the big picture but certainly we can all try to make a difference in our own small world. And at least add our voice to protest against the big injustices.
This certainly has been and continues to be my way of life, at a very microcosmic level.

Anonymous said...

> Sometimes, some people are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. They single handedly change the world on the basis of one split second decision they made. And some go out of their way to change it.
Cool topic. I agree - everyone makes a difference. Like that story about starfish; where the little boy kept picking up starfish on the beach and throwing them in, and a guy told him he was wasting his time and wouldn't make any difference (the boy's reply was, as he picked up yet another and threw it into the sea, "It makes a difference to this one.").

Going out of your way to change something makes one a hero, but so does making the right decision when one happens to be in the right place. My example of that is why I evangelize sometimes; I'm shy, but I remember, "I may be the one put here for this reason, and if I don't do it, there may be no one else, because this destiny was specially prepared for me." We don't realize the huge differences we make just by the tiny, insignificant things we do (reminds me of another story; an analogy by Terry Pratchett, of how when a butterfly flaps its wings somewhere, the whole climate of the earth changes... that's the effect of change, like a snowball - and like global warning! Am rambling here... lol!)

Anonymous said...

Not making a decision is really making a decision. Being apathetic is a step in the wrong direction.

For some reason, the issues brought up in this blog seem to be especially prominent in my life lately.

Anonymous said...

A very thought provoking and inspirational post there young matey.

Unfortunately, sometimes your voice cannot be heard.

At the last local elections, I went to vote, only to discover my party didn't have a candidate in this area. I'm Lib Dem

Therefore I had to choose between Conservative, Labour, or BNP. I chose to forfit my vote, and walked out.

I suppose my voice was heard, by the nasty comment I write on my balot form regarding the 3 remaining candidates, but not being able to vote for the party I support, was very annoying!

Anonymous said...

You are right, of course. I think also that is important to act in accordance with one's beliefs regardless of whether they will change the world or not. Perhaps there is no turning away from the society we both dread but even so, let the record show that some of us did what little we could.

Anonymous said...

A thought has come to me. This is in relation to another post you wrote CBI, but is relative to this one also.

We all choose our own paths in life. Whether it be the right or wrong one, it doesn't matter, because our future is already mapped out for us, so whatever decisions we make, and whatever happens in life, is supposed to happen, therefore it doesn't really matter what decisions we make, because what will be will be.

Anonymous said...

Alexys- Good way pf putting it. Better to go with a bang than a whimper.

jmb- I agree. Every action we do has some role to play in hoe human history pans out. We can't know how. But by smiling nicely at a girl on a bus, you may stop her taking her life that night. And as a result, she may discover the cure to Cancer.

Eve- You remind me of a bit I FORGOT to put in. With a lot of my posts, I know the points I'm going to make, but not the order. that comes during the writing.

I was going to point out that 70% of species were destroyed by an asteroid 65 million years ago. Some must have died out because the numbers surviving were just the wrong side of the magic number, others survived because they were just the right side.

Which goes to show, individual lives matter.

Princess P- All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

We live in a society which encourages that.
We are bribed into lethargy with TV channels.

SS- So you wasted your vote. I tend to vote for candidates, not parties, because we are voting for people. I tend to vote for whoever gets Labour out right now, because their candidates are all clones. I do, however, draw the line at voting BNP

I have cast my vote some strange ways...
Incuding, for a Hindu Nationalist candidate when I lived in Small Heath.

As for what will be will be, well, true, but its up to YOU to decide what that what will be, will be.

Paul- Sometimes going down fighting can work. If you show yourself willing, even in a small way, to stand up, others think about whether they should do so.

Ultimately, of course, this is why martyrdom is so successful for recruiting to causes.

Anonymous said...

I agree with every word, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

*Nodding* Hehehe, ok, that asteroid was something I didn't know about. Yes, that illustrates very well the fact that down the line, small changes matter a lot! :-D

Anonymous said...

I love this post mate!


Peace and light, M