Wednesday 30 January 2008


If I put as much worry into something financially profitable as I do into Crushed, I'd be a millionaire, I'm sure.

Crushed is kind of a job, I suppose. I actually take him a lot more seriously than my actual job. I just do my actual job to get paid. It pays enough, and that's all that matters.

But Crushed is more than that. We all need a raison d'etre, otherwise we simply exist.

We all need a labour of love to change existence into life.

There have certainly been times when I could have saved myself huge amounts of stress by just giving up blogging.

But it's kind of a marriage, and I happen to be Catholic. I can't really conceive of life without Crushed anymore than I can life without my best mates.

He really has provided me with a satisfaction and contentment that nothing else could ever conceivably provide.

But now am I tired. REALLY tired. I need a clean break for a couple of days.
Why? Because blogging should be taken seriously, and I'm not doing that. It's not just about posting, it's about visiting, it's about fulfilling a positive function in the blogging community, whereas of late I have been a blogging hermit.

I need to recharge my blogging batteries and return full steam, full of excitement, full of a passion to visit old friends and find new blogs to visit.

In the meantime, I really recommend you read the series I'm half way through writing on human systems.
Writing stuff like that, is why I enjoy Crushed so.

It makes me feel I've done something constructive.

See you all Saturday, maybe?


Anonymous said...

It's good to take time out now and then.

Anonymous said...

Have a good rest! I'm going on holiday too... :-_)

Anonymous said...

Have a good break, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

sure, i'll bring the coffee & newspaper :)

Anonymous said...

Re-charge those batteries, Crushed. Blogging can be a demanding mistress.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is hard work but so is visiting and commenting and you can't have one without the other it seems.

Are you writing the series from scratch or are you redoing something you've written before? Obviously you have thought about it a lot and given us a lot to think about too. You've earned a few days off and given us some too!

Anonymous said...

I have laid in 12 cans of 'Special Brew' Mr Ingsoc. I shall be round at about sixish on Saturday if that suits...

Anonymous said...

Take it and take Mutley's advice and visit Selena while you're blog-blog-blogging around.

Anonymous said...

This blog is controlling you, not the other way around. Seriously. Rest. Your life is worth more than this blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. Take as much time as you need. I only get to do the rounds once a week or so.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to be a bit warey though, when blogging starts taking over real life..for me,that is.

Anonymous said...

Oestrebunny- I know, but I don't like doing it. In the same way, I'm not really keen on taking time off work.

Eve- Well have a good one and I hope it is one whilrlwind pleasure filled experience!

Welshcakes- It wasn't too bad. I probably needed a rest. I'm not quite sure how rested I feel, but still.

Crashie- Do you know, I really miss perculated coffee? I probably drink about eight cups a day, but it's all Nescafe.

Lad Litter- Tell me about it! But worth it, I think.
And as mistresses go, it is rewarding.

jmb- I've never written it down before. It all stems from a few insights and then the re-interpretation of history on the basis of watching a species evolve its social structure to greater serve its needs.

Mutley- Yeah, that sounds fine. I'm a Bitter drinker though!

Helena- I did have a look at Selena, it was one of about five blogs I looked at during my little sabbatical.
It did cheer me up a bit!

Ms Smack- It probably IS kind of controlling me.
As long as I can do my job properly, still fulfill my other social obligations and get time to sleep, there's no problem.

It did cause some RL havoc- but only once so far have RL friends actually put their foot down vis a vis a blogging situation. They wwere right to do so as well. The blog I mine and mine alone, but I live a real life involving other people.

Your life is worth what you do with it, I guess.

Phish- I'm glad you're having a good time :)
Seriously, you seem a changed woman and reading your blog, it's been such a positive uplift.

You go girl!

Enigma- Boundaries need maintaining, for sure. It is kind of a double life, I suppose.

As long as everyone knows where the boundaries lie, there is no problem.

Anonymous said...

Take it easy. You've done a good job.

Anonymous said...

When blogging starts becoming a chore, you know it's time to take a breather.