Sunday 13 January 2008

Psychedelia- When Music Touches Within

Music is the finest of all our artistic creations. You either feel it or you don't.
Well to me, if music isn't one of the most important things in your life, you aren't alive.

The way I see it, music has developed like everything else. Music is dependant upon technology. The fact remains we can create sounds today in a way Mozart and Beethoven could not.
The last fifty years have been an explosion in musical development. Here, technology and knowledge have led the way. In music, man has made huge strides over the past few decades.

To me, many modern dance compositions are the heirs of the symphonies of the classical composers.

The tracks I have chosen tonight I have chosen because the tendancy is to lump them into dance music. But these are not tracks you necessarily want to dance too. They are tracks you can lie back on the sofa to, reach for your remote, whack the volume up and shut your eyes, they will penetrate within you.

They are modern symphonies, technically perfect, a wall of sound, liberating your soul.

Music is the greatest of all stimulants, it is the greatest of mysteries, it is the greatest of gifts.

Live for it, live by it, live in it.


Anonymous said...

If Mozart and Beethoven were around today I'm sure they wouldn't fall for that "orchestra tuning up on bad acid" sound of the "modernist" or "postmodernist" (maybe postpostmodernist) "symphony"...

actually they'd probably end up doing half their work for Hollywood...

as the best "classical" music of the past half century seems all to have been commissioned for films!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure haromony has a Universal symetry at its heart. I expect you could find mathematical proportions within it according to which of the various cultural conventions applied to it. The evolution of Eastern and Western music along separate branches is interesting - as though people's ears are wired differently. But still - formulaic and chemical ... and ancient, each seam waiting to be discovered rather than created.

That's why good music resonates within us - it resonates with the cosmos, the very star-stuff we are made of.