Saturday 5 January 2008

Reality, Dark, Stark, Terrible to Behold

Most people go through life fed on soothing trivialities.

Sometimes I envy them.

I envy my friends happy and in love. From them, there is peace and happiness.
I envy that they can find comfort in things that will fulfill them, that there is a chance there for them to find those moments of genuine contentment.

Ignorance is bliss.
It truly is.

Some things, nobody wants to see. Eating of the tree of knowledge did not bring happiness to Adam and Eve.

Oh, it is terrible and beautiful sometimes, looking at the awesome majesty of life. But looking at the dark, terrible interconnections of the human matrix, the continual pressing on that nerve of power, the twisting, warping of human capability, one cannot really be diverted.

Do you laugh, or cry?

Do you resist, or bow down?

Should you just say, Hell, I don't care.
I'll be happy with trvialities, just like everybody else.

Can we afford not to ask questions, whilst a whole continent is the world's ghetto, patrolled by armed thugs?

The War on Terror. Who'se terror? And why?
Is it religion, or cultural imperialism that is the key?

Was the bombing of the twin towers, an act of jihad or of the sense of alienation swathes of the world feel?

What do the rising crime rates, the increasing social breakdown of our own societies mean?
That people are getting nastier? Or that our societies are creating social wastage?

And how can we solve it? By waving a wand, putting women back in skirts and pretending we never invented the pill?

Is an economy that puts in money into Pokemon, but not space travel, REALLY at it's peak?

Do you really think our children are going to have lives of better quality than ours IF THINGS CONTINUE AS THEY ARE?

Will they continue as they are?

No, no they won't. This is the death throes of this system.
Things will improve.

I would say we all have our part to play, but some of you just want to get on and live your own lives. Find love, have a career, be happy.

Good luck to you. Not all of us have that luxury. Some of us woke up one morning and realised that try as we might, the world as it stood had lost it's taste for us.

There's not much any of us can do, except watch. Watch and contribute, in terms of discussing what future we want.

Explain how we see the world, offer our own insights,
Nothing else we do really matters, I don't think. Not for the moment.
They have us pinned down.

Joining in the 'BB' chanting, shouting 'Death to Goldstein' is the way to happiness in the world we live in, that's for sure.

But what price happiness?

Well, anyway, right now I'm tired. I mean REALLY tired. Tired as in, I've not eaten or slept properly for months. You think I rested over Christmas? Think again.

Tired, frustrated, disillusioned, and to be honest, completely bewildered.

I'm start to think that either I, or everyone else, is going crazy.

Posting light till I get my strength back.


Anonymous said...

Tired, frustrated, disillusioned, and to be honest, completely bewildered.

I think I belong to this club too and I've been run over by steamroller.

We can only go up.

Anonymous said...

We're all going crazy, you are sane. No worries.

I hope our governments realize soon that the next big wave of human expansion means moving operations up and away into orbit. The moon is a vast reservoir of resources waiting to be utilized. There are asteroids with as much iron content as one of our respective navies. Costs to launch are exorbitant, but once facilities are made for production in orbit, that is lessened. We've ceased evolving on this planet. The next steps will be humans evolving in a zero g environment, evolving in diminished light and solar energy.

Here's a very interesting link:

You'll dig this, for certain.

Anonymous said...

If that link doesn't work, just Google "space elevator". And click the top option that comes up. It's an page about the theories of Freeman Dyson. Excellent reading.

Anonymous said...

jmb- Indeed.

Sometimes I guess it's too much to expect the world to be simple and everything to go perfectly. I guess history should tell us that.

Eric- You're thinking on my lines. It always amuses when people take short term analyses of the energy crisis. Look at the size of this rock compared to the Gas giants. We have atomic power for millions of years sitting on our doorstep.

The Moon, as you say is a huge source of raw materials and the esteroid belt is there to be mined as well.

My real hope in moving the next economic phase is not some airy fairy peasce and love idealism, is practical reality that the next phase will lead tothe same great leaps forward the start of this one did.

Anonymous said...

Keep buggering on - keep breathing, Ingsoc.

If you're having trouble sleeping or eating see a doctor. Escilotopram works wonders for me.