Friday 4 January 2008

Judge By What You See

I think I'm pretty nice to all of you.
Extra nice to some of you.

No point in making enemies of you, if you disagree nicely with me, I disagree nicely with you.

I think I'm candid about what I believe in. I think I write well enough for you to be able to understand me.
Or so I like to think.

Now it's pretty obvious that I don't come online for two hours a night, using up time I could be seducing barmaids with, without a good reason.
Do I care passionately about what I write?
Of course I bloody do.

Am I going to write it in the best possible way to put that across?
Of course I am.

Am I going to choose the best possible imagery to sell the post?
Of course I am.

Am I going to pick a title likely to grab attention?
Of course I am.

At the end of the day, it's important to me to ensure my posts have maximum impact.

Now- Do you any of you feel that I brainwash you?
If you do, please let me know.

I'm rather hoping instead, you simply see the logic in the things I write.
If you go away agreeing with what I've written, all well and good.
That's why I wrote it in the first place.

Because I happen to believe I'M RIGHT.

Now, there are some who get very worried by this. They think I write so well, that you might agree with what I write. They think I'm TOO charismatic. I'm too flirty with the women. And hey, I like to flirt with you. It's good rapport building. Why not? If it's a good rapport building tool and it breaks down barriers between you and your readers, you'd be an idiot not to use it.

And obviously, the aim of blogging is to tear down barriers.

I've always been quite happy to discuss my ideas by e-mail with anyone, and plenty of you have taken up the opportunity. It takes second place to posting, but I certainly treat responding to e-mails as important.

And am I candid with you? Of course, especially in e-mails. You get me as I actually am in Real Life.

The most important thing, as far as I am concerned, is to maximise my relationship with as many of you as possible. That's not just a blogging principle, it'a Real Life principle.
In the past history of this blog, I made the mistake of getting too close to a reader, (it went to the telephone). They then forgot, that back in Blogland, they were just another commenter and no matter what sweet nothings were uttered, here, readers are judged on the basis of positive or negative impact on this blog.

This romantic stuff is all very well, but if it gets in the way of more important things, then it can't continue.

You could be the Love of my life, but that isn't the be all and end all in life. Running this blog effectively, like work and friends, comes first.

My job is to sell things. Am I that bothered about what I'm selling?
No, but I make a living out of it.

The purpose of this blog is to put across ideas I DO believe in.
So obviously, the posts are written accordingly.

I find it hard to believe that people are ACTUALLY going to get a crush on someone they have never met (sure we all say it when we flirt with eachother online, but GET REAL, people, it is using sexual dynamics to bond with eachother. IT ISN'T REAL).

If anyone here has been stupid enough to think I think of ANY of my readers in anything other than a platonic sense, then I must admit, that really DOES surprise me.

It is my belief that most of you READ what I write. But maybe I'm wrong.

My principles AND the way I ACTUALLY live, are both described here in detail.

I really can't get more ethical than that.

So, to say this blog, or it's author, in any way deceive, doesn't really stand up to scrutiny.

My beliefs, and lifestyle, are both a matter of public record.


Anonymous said...

The beauty of this medium is that if one does not like what they are reading, they usually know it in a few paragraphs and can move on.

Some people comment for legitimate debate, others comment to express agreement. It most often seems comments tend to come from like-minded individuals. That's not brainwashing, because you aren't forcing anyone to read. They make a choice based on comfort with the subject and with the blogger. It's human nature to be drawn to what appeals to you. Conflict of opinion is good and healthy, but if one is always contentious, it gets old. If someone is always confronting people, they will be avoided after a while.

Polite disagreement should be everyone's rule, but you can't enforce manners on a medium where accountability is up to the individual in question.

Anonymous said...

Curious. Seems as though much of communication is to persuade. If one takes a political stand, then some type of "sales job" comes with the territory.

Of course, there are those pesky markets, no? As disconnected as we are, I don't think you or anyone else could be so charismatic as to chip away one's schemata with a single blow.

Since I tend to agree with you on what I've read so far, I hope you've got stamina.

Anonymous said...

> My beliefs, and lifestyle, are both a matter of public record.
I like it that way. :-) Much more interesting than when you only posed philosophical questions. ;-)

Guess it's like what they do to politicans - look at their lives *i can't decide on the answer to that; whether it's important for a politician to rule the country well, full stop, or also to have a private life worthy of close scrutiny*. Besides interesting, it makes it lots more real, though, writing the way you do now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Eric- You'd think so. I link a number I don't agree with at all. One is a blogger who used to a member of the same blogging organisation as I am, but held some views generally seen as unacceptable. After he parted company, I continued (and continue) to link him and visit him, because leaving his views aside, I had always found him to be courteous. He is a member of a political organisation I find unacceptable, but as a person, he seems a nice lad.

x-dell- :) I agree.
As for stamina, well, I think so. I've lived through some hard times.

Eve- Obviously the philosophical questions I pose are linked sometimes to personal experience.

As I often say to people, I am a very ethical person, in that I don't blindly follow moral codes without analysing them first. My ethics are based on making the environment around me work best.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me such an insult to all of us that we could merely be won over by a few well-chosen words with no substance.

Yes, I started reading regularly because I see a lot of truth in what you say.
That being said, sometimes you challenge me, and sometimes I do disagree-- but, if anything, this is a forum for intelligent debate, not passive consumption of propaganda, and I can't remember any instance of you running it as such.