Wednesday 5 March 2008

All I can say, But I want to say it

You give, and you don't know the value of what you give.
I can give you nothing, I have nothing to give.

I don't want anything from you, beyond what you already give.

But I wish I could take your pain.

I wish you could shine like the diamond you are.


Anonymous said...

Moving. I wish someone would feel that way about me :-)
On second thoughts, let me amend that; I wish someone I love would feel that way about me *Grins*

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that helps Crushed. Support gets us through.

Anonymous said...

Eve- I think you have got to at least give feeling that way about everybody, a shot.

It's good, I think. It's not hard really.

jmb- I'm not sure it does help, but I think it least gives you strength. I often think that when my mates are going into a slow, thoughtful monologue, which essentially doesn't change anything, can't, but at least help you look for a silver lining, even that is something you are grateful for. It just needs a bit of thought.

It does hurt I think, to know other people are hurting, if you care about them.