Tuesday 11 March 2008

Will They Come to Take YOU Away?

They aren't stupid, the gentlemen in Whitehall.

The country is a mess, it's true. So is the entire western world. Not a lot they can do about that.
Nor does it concern them.
They have a job to do.

Maintain the apparatus of state, maintaining the functioning of the system, defend the power structure, ultimately, against us.

And they still manage that OK. If further rights need taking away, they get that job done without any difficulty.
They play down the future that awaits us, the collapse of the financial system, the total breakdown of law and order, the fact that in the final reckoning, it will be ordinary people that are gunned down in the streets, that ultimately, the apparatus of state belongs to those who own the infrastructure.
They own the infrastructure, they own the media, they own the 'security' services (their security, not ours), they own the gentlemen in Whitehall.

But the day will come when everything grinds to a halt. When finance stops working, it will be time for contingency plans. And the first priority will be to preserve the existing power matrix against the angry multitudes who no longer have any reason to bow down before it.

That's you and me.

So the only question is, do they know who they will come for?

You see, this is where so many people make the mistake 'I've nothing to hide, I don't mind telling them everything about me.'

Look at the technology available to us. Look at the knowledge we have. The west only looks free, because it holds up to us an image of the unfree. But free, we are not.
And some of the gentlemen in Whitehall- and the people who work for them, are very clever indeed.

If they have to use their knowledge, they will.

And the day the State of Emergency is declared, expect a whole range of arrests to be made. They'll call them terror suspects, but most of them won't even be Muslim.

Do they profile all of us? Do they have huge computer databases on every citizen?
You say no, because of their obvious incompetence in dealing with real criminals, with child molesters, with bombers.
But their resources are limited. Those aren't the flags they really care about.

Since we were at school, they made us fill in form after form after form. And most of the information, seems completely pointless.
Did they keep on eye on those who fitted in with certain patterns as students?

Do they purloin our medical records?
Do they take every bit of data on all the citizens, all those ticks in boxes and enter all the details into a computer?

And does the computer then tell them; these are the ones who's doors you break down the MINUTE you declare the State of Emergency. Get these ones out of the way.

Have they already profiled their would be enemies?

There's no way of knowing. None whatsoever. It would make absolutely no difference to your day to day life. Whilst society continues to function, they won't waste their time on you. No need. They don't want to watch you, or lock you up, not unless you threaten things as they are, not as they might be.

But is there a file somewhere, with your name on it, and letters in red, reading 'POTENTIAL SUBVERSIVE IN EVENT OF STATE OF EMERGENCY'?

Maybe not. Maybe they really are just plain incompetent.
But it's as well to consider that people will do pretty much anything to hang on to power, even drag you out of your bed at three in the morning, never to be seen or heard of again.

And don't think it couldn't happen here, it could.
It's cleverly disguised as a free country now, that fiction will be dispensed with, when it cannot be maintained any longer.

And of course, what I've just described could well be the worst case scenario.

But anyone who trusts a government, or it's representatives, an inch further than they absolutely have to, are lambs to the slaughter.




Anonymous said...

It is freighting to think how much info “they” have about us. All our life is recorded and saved in computers, and it doesn’t take much for it to fall into the wrong hands.

But then again, what if they already fro the beginning are in the wrong hands, how can we be set free? Some answers only lead to more questions…

Anonymous said...

Whether the gentlemen in Whitehall are stupid or not is debatable I'm sure, however I don't think anyone is really in charge, or if they are, they don't have the whole picture. No one has the whole picture.

That's the problem in most western countries, the size of the infrastructure of government is so large that no one is able to control it or even comprehend it fully. Nor do they know which way to go to fix things. They just react, trying to patch up problems one at a time.

Maybe you are right, to fix it the whole thing needs to be started from scratch after the big collapse. But the pain from such an event would be unendurable so I do hope we go limping along. Maybe some one will come up with a good alternative solution.

The west only looks free, because it holds up to us an image of the unfree. But free, we are not.

Whether it is true or not (well of course it is true, but to what extent could be argued hotly) I like this turn of phrase.

Anonymous said...

Oddly MI5 do have a file on me... I will tell you all about it one day..

Anonymous said...

It could certainly happen anywhere, as history has shown: countries that have been the cradle of civilisation - Italy, Greece - have succombed to totalitarian rule.
Anyone who's been on a demonstration knows they're on a police file somewhere and it is creepy.
I like to think stupidity is our saving grace in Britain, though - that and the ability to laugh at ourselves.

Anonymous said...

oh stop worrying, it's spring and the weather's lovely