Saturday 15 March 2008

The REAL Choice Between Good or Evil

I guess the last year, in part, really HAS been, for me, about the final choice between Good and Evil.

Because Good and Evil are real.
They aren't PERSONAL, but they exist.
Inner Monkey, Inner Reptile.

Moving forward, or allowing ourselves to be dragged back by our animal origins.

Good is embracing Love and Logic simultaneously.

Long term readers of this blog will understand this, to a greater degree than those who have recently joined us.

We are not animals. We have self knowledge. We, as a species are in the process of combining our intellectal and emotional knowledge in such a way, as to be able to be more than just organic matter.
We know how to press our OWN buttons.

We have the capabilities, within us, to know when our own programming, is leading our higher consciousness astray.

The human species, HAS created a higher love. Our intellectual and emotional sensibilities, have created within us, the possibilities of an altruistic sense of love, ultimately rooted in pure Darwinian self interest.

The expansion of our species. And for that, every gene counts.

Possesive, selfish, chemical based, animal love, it is a hindrance.

Higher love, built on the euphoric feeling of loving the intellect you feel binding around your own, loving the thoughts in the head of another human being, desiring a bonding of MINDS and SOULS, and not seeing it in terms of possessing their body, that is what is driving the highest form of life that exists.


So now, looking at our position as a species, mushroom clouds, or grabbing that galaxy that sits out there waiting for us, it is down to this.

Reptiles 'Love'. They have to mate. They behave in nasty ways, they play dirty for reasons of sex, and ownership.
Is that love? Are those chemically induced sentiments the basis of YOUR love? Is it just down to 'That man is MINE! Keep your hands off! MY BREEDING MATERIAL!', or the opposite way round?

Or have you found a soul that warms you up?


Do you love YOU?
Because if you don't, why bother?

Would you love someone unworthy?

So, if they are THAT worthy, doesn't that person inspire that in others?

And if you REALLY love them, do you begrudge them that?

The final victory of Inner Monkey, over Inner Reptile, really is exactly that.

The victory of reason over chemicals.

Over the last year, the history of this blog may be summed up thusly;

Suffering due to the ongoing campaign of the Inner Reptile.
Understanding Inner Monkey Love. And finding it.


Anonymous said...

I can guess what the behavioral psychologists would say about this.

I actually wouldn't claim to know that animals are without spirit, or that man is simply another organism responding to stimuli. We can declare it so. But nature usually tends to laugh at human declarations, especially when we separate ourselves from her.

Anonymous said...

I believe God embraces love, but logic is of the mind and God is above all mind and matter. We can logically ascertain what we "think" love is, but love just "IS" period.

Anonymous said...

Xdell- Well, I declare it so. Man is hust another organism responding to stimuli.
But intelligent enough to understand those processes.
Intelligent enough to sieze control of evolutionary dynmaics, and cut off the wastage of the process.
In our future evolution, there will be no dead ends.

Alexys- God IS logic, pure logic.

We CAN ascertain what love is. It's not that biochemical hormonal response, it has a logical goal, the greater good.

When it loses sight of that, when it becomes nothing more than a base series of chemically prompted desires, when it causes possessiveness, rage, bitterness, it is NOT love, in the true sense of the word.

It may think it is, it may even by so driven, it believes itself to have cosmic significance, but no. If it puts itself above higher principles, founded on pure objective reasoning, it is a dirty chemical taint and no more than that.

Evil is pursuit of ones individual 'love', at a cost to the overall good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post Crushed. It sounds as if you have think you have a solution, but you know what? The search for "truth" continues your whole life as life throws things at you and you have to rethink everything you ever believed along the way.

As Alex says, love just "is". Give it freely and unconditionally and bask in it when it's given to you.

Anonymous said...

"The search for "truth" continues your whole life as life throws things at you and you have to rethink everything you ever believed along the way."

This is certainly true, life is a learning process!

Anonymous said...

Love, in my experience, has little to do with logic and I am happy about that - otherwise there would be no romance!

Great post, Crushed.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... there's one thing...
Ok, so she’s worthy to be loved, and because she’s generous in her love, she loves everyone, indiscriminately; no favourites. Then the question arises; What makes you special, then? You can just be one of many… because there’s no reason why she should settle down with you. To be fair, she’d either have to stay a bit with everyone, which would be a pretty unstable life… or she’d have to live alone, so as not to be unfair. I guess, in the end, the reason why people choose to ‘belong’ is that it’s special to have something no one else has; that person just for you, who will always be there for you *although, eventually, the test of faithfulness is when you don’t get what you need from one person, yet refrain from doing the natural thing and seeking solace elsewhere*

Anonymous said...

jmb- Giving it freely and unconditionally, yes.
But basking in it when it is given to you, can be a mistake.
They may not be giving it so freely.

Sometimes, some people's love, is not good love to have.

Cherrypie- This is true. I'm not sure quite what paradigm shifts I can possibly have left to make though.

Welshcakes- There has to be SOME underlying logic. Sometimes, you have to make decisions on a rational basis. People CAN be in love, and that love be detrimental to the greater good. In which case, the ethical thing to do, is avoid that situation.

Eve- You get her head on your shoulder when she goes to sleep? Isn't that what we REALLY want from it? They can still be always there for you.

If she's worthy to be loved, chances are you can't give her what she both needs AND deserves, so one should be reasonable about it.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I guess the reason why I say it wouldn't work is that only once in a while, it might be your shoulder; but during most of those other times, when she's out having fun and doing stuff with other people, you'd slowly get disillusioned, and your love would grow weak, and then you'd stray (but what you pledged was complete faithfulness even though she is unfaithful, wasn't it...)