Thursday 24 April 2008

The Crushed Top 10 Women of All Time

10. Shirley Manson

An acquired taste maybe. Not quite everybody's cup of tea, but I think she's stunningly cute. At once sexual, but also innocent. The fallen angel, perhaps. I like her voice as well, to be fair. And when she sings 'I'm waiting, I'm waiting for you', yes, yes, I wish she was waiting for me...

9. Gillian Anderson

At one time- well, ten or twelve years ago, Gillian would have occupied my number one slot. Yes, I was a die-hard X-files fan, up until the third series when I kind of got bored of it. She is often described as the thinking man's crumpet. I agree. I think, I'm a man, and she's always seemed extra tasty to me. I must admit to always having been turned on by the prim and proper character of Dana Scully. But she looked hot only last year in 'The Last King of Scotland'

8. Liz Hurley

Come on! In that Versace dress? That dress, five foot by three feet in image hung on my bedroom wall throughout my formative years. They say she can't act, but I'll watch any film with Liz Hurley in. THAT VOICE! The woman is treacle...
I'll even watch that awful aeroplane film with Wesley Snipes (hate) and Stephen Seagal (HATE! HATE! HATE!), just because Liz is in it.

7. Parminder Nagra

She's come a long way since 'Bend it like Beckham'. Wow. What more can be said? Pretty. She just looks cute. You just want to smother her in kisses. Worth sitting through ER for. Although Alex Kingston was quite easy on the eye as well.

6. Asia Argento

Asia is pretty sultry really. If you ever get a chance to see a film called B Monkey, do so, simply because she's in it. I'm not sure where she comes from, I've a feeling it's Argentina, and if it is, I'm tempted to say 'Hand of God, Falklands, it's all forgiven'. Apparently, from what I read, she's a very liberal girl as well...

5. Sarah-Michelle Gellar

The girl next door. Who is also a dab hand at killing vampires. On the one hand, she is everything that is wholesome. But did you ever see her in Cruel Intentions? WOW. Don't underestimate her. She can be your every desire, the virgin and the whore. And again, it's partly to do with her voice. A soft, sweet, voice, with that fragile edge. She certainly drives a stake through my heart sometimes...

4. Rihanna

Trinidad's finest product. Oozing female sexuality, sings the way a man wants to be sung to, moves her body in a way that makes you want to get down on your knees and worship. Just look at her! Hey, she doesn't need to tell you to shut up and drive. Why would you want to do anything else?

3. Anna Belknap

Some of you may be surprised at the bronze medalist here. She may be an unknown to many of you. I suspect, if you're not a CSI fan, she will be. She plays the lovely Linsay Monroe in CSI: New York. We're back to the sweet girl next door look, only she does it better than Sarah, I'm afraid. It's the sweetness factor. She's a lady. She is soft, she is sweet, she has that alluring hint of vulnerability. If you watch the show, you KNOW what Danny sees in his little Montana...

2. Keisha Buchanan

This image is sometimes the wallpaper on my PC. Not always. It does rotate. Stunning woman. It's hard to find a fault with this woman. Positively flawless, really. I'm not an especial fan of the Sugababes music, but I don't mind watching the videos, simply to see the lovely Ms Buchanan. Oh well. A man can dream.

1. Oestrebunny

And number one- the blogosphere's very own Oestrebunny. What brings her to number one? Well none of the others have blogs. And if they did, I bet they wouldn't be as good as Oestrebunny's.
She's our number one anyway, because she is a very special blogger indeed. Not only that, she is a very special person. And today, is a very special day.

Today is the day you should all be over there saying...


What you waiting for???


Anonymous said...

I loved that movie Bend it like Beckham. Your attractions sway towards the brunettes, they all attractive women but not my thing :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bunny :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't quite explain how that post made me feel but it was good :-)

Anonymous said...

This is not quite the line-up I would have expected from you Crushed. But it is always interesting for women to find out who men think are stunning.

Leaving Bunny aside, from the others I would say my number one pick would be Parminder Nagra. But I think it's her personality that also makes her very attractive. Well as much as we can tell from the parts she plays. Liz Hurley is stunning too.

Keisha, not so much, to my eyes, cute sort of, nice smile, but the outfit is ghastly.

Anonymous said...

Good taste, Crushed! Some variety in the appearance, all pretty classy and unplastic.
Shirley Manson was my idol in my teens.

Anonymous said...

Nunyaa- Never been into the Barbie types. I think my tastes CAn be quite variable, i guess I don't have a set type, but some types appeal more than others. I think mainly, it's the persona given off. I like a woman to be modern, liberated, but also cute and feminine as well.

Cherrypie- Now you've intrigued me! I had a suspicion this post might not go down a treat with female readers, as it reveals the fact that far too many of my thoughts are devoted to aesthetic admiration of the female form...

jmb- Really? What did you expect? :)
No, this pretty much would be my top ten.
As I say, I think a lot has to do with the persona given off.
Parminder Nagra is lovely! Yes, I agree, it is that soft, warm personality.

The outfit, well, it appeals to my tastes, I'll say no more... :)

Princess P- Well there has to be variety. I find that it is impossible to dream up a single perfect woman in appearance. There are several types which will turn my head, well, dip my shades. (I'll let you into a little secret, that's what I do. When walking along the street, if I see a pretty girl, I'll reach up and dip my shades a touch, before settling them again, just so she KNOWS I've clocked her).

I loved the first album- can't remember what it's called and can't be bothered to go check in the other room, but it's pink.

Anonymous said...

You dip your 'shades' at the women you're eying up?

Classy move..... :P

Anonymous said...

Mock all ye like, it's a sound move...
Reason why, nobody likes to be stared at. But a casual glance, is hard to spot. Dipping your shades is a signal, I just wanted to get a casual glance, because you caught my eye. It's a two second gesture, a brief hand movement with eye contact made over the top of the rims, but it will be noticed, and the point is, it's not threatening. It shows you've gone out of your way to look at them properly, without looking like a drooling pervert :)

Anonymous said...

Your choices are certainly understandable. And Oesterbunny seems to me a fitting number one.

I abhor violence against women. But as a villain (in Passinger 57), Hurley annoyed me so much that I enjoyed watching Snipes knock her out at the end of the movie.

Anonymous said...

Crushed.. you have inspired me.. Goddammit I am going to post my weirdo awkward top ten dudes..

Already three have popped into my head and I have thought what a raving weirdo I must be to have the crushes I do..

Anonymous said...

Bunny's the prettiest one out of the lot of them I reckon.

happy B,day bun.

Anonymous said...

hahah great list CBI. Not what I would have guessed but hey, being able to suprise is a rare and wonderful gift.

Oh yeah, btw, congrats to bunnY!

Anonymous said...

Well done, CBI - that was a nice birthday post. :-) And interesting; I find it gives one a clue about the person, to know what they like. so now we see your taste in women's looks ;-)

Anonymous said...

Fince choices Chrushed and a belated happy birthday to Oestrebunny

Anonymous said...

I agree - Oestrebunny is best out of all those (serious). Happy Birthday !

My favourites ?

Vicky Butler-Henderson

Dame Helen Mirren

I also really like the girl out of American Pie, "This one time, at band camp ..." Stunning when not playing the nerd. Actually, stunning when playing the nerd too !

Anonymous said...


Her name is Alyson Hannigan...and she's very cute I agree.

Anonymous said...

x-dell- i think what most annoyed me about that film was her line about her english 'accent', 'I'm trying to lose it, it makes me sound cold and distant.'
Why on earth didn't she point out to the scriptwriter that NO English person would ever say that. Americans might think about English accent, no English person would, anymore than a US Southerner would say 'I'm trying to lose my accent because it makes me sound like I play the banjo'.

Kimba- Well, it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things...
Loads of people think Jlo is stunning- I can't stand the woman. And loads of women like Tom Cuise, whereas I can't see it.

Kate- I think so too :)

Crashie- jmb said the same. I'm intrigued by what people DID expect.
I think there is a common theme linking all the women I tend to find attractive, and I think it is a kind of sweet femininity.I don't really go for the diva type.

You know at parties there is always one woman sitting in a chair with five or so hangers on acting as her slaves- I won't be one of them, because she won't be my type.

Eve- I suppose it does, yes. Though of course, this is for the most part purely visual in this rather shallow overview.
Gillian Anderson often said that men who met her in real life, were often disappointed, because it was Dana Scully they had a crush on. And I suppose for me, it was always that. Same I guess, with the Anna Belknap chartacter. The character portrayed is basically, my ideal, I suppose.

Jams- 23- it's all growed up, ain't it?

E-K- It just goes to show there are some really amazing women hidden away in obscure corners of the world, unknown, uncelebrated.
Though I think Oestrebunny will make the big time...

Alysoun Hannigan In American Pie, yes do you know what the attraction is? It's the character, innocent yet experienced. Isn't that what we all want? Innocent in every way except as regards men...

She was sweet in Buffy as well. In fact had the list gone to 20, she would have been on it, no shadow of a doubt.

Kate- And yet again, isn't it partly her voice?