Friday 18 April 2008

We'll Be There at the End of the Road

"As you go through life,
it’s a long long road,
There’ll be joys and sorrows too,
As we journey on,
we will sing this song,
For the boys in royal blue,
We’re often partizan, la, la, la,
We will journey on, la, la, la
Keep right on to the end of the road,
Keep right on to the end,
Though the way be long,
Let your heart beat strong,
Keep right on to the end,
Though you’re tired and weary,
Still journey on, ’til you come to your happy abode,
Where all the love, you’ve been dreaming of will be there.
WHERE? At the end of the road, Birmingham! Birmingham! '"

This Sunday the team that carries the name of Britain's second city must venture into the ghetto to defend it's honour against the claret and blue wearing Orcs.

It is the true battle of the forces of light versus those of darkness.
It is the battle which will carry on, as long as the beautiful game continues.

Oh for the days when Villa keepers were our allies, as also seemingly, was their chairman.

Come on, McLeish!
We don't ask much of you. Just let us beat The Scum, and keep us up in the Premiere League.
So we can do them over twice next season.

That's all we really care about.
Birmingham City belongs to the team named after it.

And just to prove that...

Come on, Blues. Do SOMETHING right this season!

I leave you with two Birmingham City devotional songs, which I freely admit to owning on CD and playing at full volume on Derby Day. Was quite impressed to find them on YouTube actually!

UPDATE: The Orcs won. On Epic scale. Not a lot more to say really.


Anonymous said...

I think this is where all good men, although of varying loyalties, can agree that it is indeed a most excellent thing, nay a duty, to 'S**t on the Villa'

Anonymous said...

Well good luck, may the best team win. Er, I don't think that came out quite right. May your team prevail.

Anonymous said...

I am not a follower of sport but good luck :-)

Anonymous said...

Grendel- I thought it might be an idea not to post that particular beloved Blues chant :)
But I'm hoping we get a chance to sing it on Sunday!

jmb- It's not been a good season for us. But if we win this, the morale boost will cruise us through our last three games, I think.

CherryPie- We need it, that's for sure. this one's on enemy soil, though to be fair, we have slaughtered them at Villa Park before.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the chant should now change to "Sh*t! (Come) On the Villa!