Monday 21 April 2008

Dizzy Bizzie Has a City

I think I may have mentioned Dizzy Bizzie before.
Dizzy is cool.
I love Dizzy.

Dizzy does something or other where I work. It's admin of some sort or other, but don't ask me to tell you exactly what, because I haven't a clue. She brightens up my day. She was away ski-ing a few weeks back, and I did really miss her.

She's kind of on my wavelength. The rest of the office thinks it is my life purpose to seduce her, but the reality is, she's a very good friend and it's really more of a private joke between us.

We have two very different modes of interaction. The work mode is based on the fact that when I am in the office, I can be pretty childish. The way me and Dizzy speak to eachother is not quite babytalk, but more in the vein of 'Dad! Are we nearly there yet?'
There's a huge side of me which feels comfortable behaving like that, co-incidentally, it's also something I've had with any woman who's been remotely close to me.

There are a number of little songs I sing to her (in full childish intonation), which make her blush and the rest of the office raise their eyebrows.

'Dizzy Bizzie, give me your answer do,
I'm quite dizzy all for the love of you,
It won't be a stylish love-in,
I can't afford the Travelodge,
But you'll look sweet,
between the sheets,
of a double bed made for two,

And of course, 'Don't you want me Dizzy?', my own reworking of the Human League track.

And my favourite;
'Dizzy I love you, Dizzy I do,
Dizzy I want to have lots of babies with you'

Now some of you may think there is a certain vulgar element to all this. But it's all quite innocent really, the woman lives with her partner of several years and the constant sex talk in baby language that is our daily routine, is more to pass the time and amuse the rest of the office than be anything particularly serious.

Out of work, down the pub, it disappears. We talk like adults, good friends with no more idea of getting steamy and naked, than do Gordon Brown and David Cameron.
In fact, we laugh at the fact that there are people at work who take it seriously. That being said, I do like her a lot, and she knows it. It's not in a romantic way, but I LIKE her more than I tend to like my romantic partners. This of course, is normal in my case. There seems to be a whole class of women- like Dizzy- who are way too good to be romantic partners, so I don't have them as such, I have them as good friends instead.

Dizzy is- dizzy. No two ways about it. The things she says amuse me. But often, they're spot on, in an offbeat way. She's way more on the ball than many apparently intelligent self-absorbed women who actually can't see beyond the end of their nose. She understands men, and most importantly, she understands me. She makes me drinks, she looks out for me. When I was ill before Christmas, I could hear genuine concern in her voice when I rang in. There was emotion there.

The scene.
Characters in office. DIZZY BUSY, ST SAM, BALD GECKO (my boss)
Enter CRUSHED through door with crash, semi-bouncing, semi-skipping, my usual entre.

CRUSHED: Dizzy, Dizzy, made a present for you, made a present for you!

DIZZY: What? What? What is it?

CRUSHED: Well. It's a city. Your own little city for Dizzy to live in. Kind of. I mean you can't really live there, because it's online...

BALD GECKO: Oh, Crushed, you haven't made her one of those myminicity things have you? It's for children, might have known you'd do that. When are you going to grow up? Mind you, it's right up Dizzy's street.'

DIZZY: Show me, show me.

CRUSHED: Here, I'll find it, give us your mouse...

ST SAM: And he says he's not in love with the woman, now he's making her online cities! You tell me he doesn't want have his wicked way with her!
(Crushed and Dizzy are mutually doing that thing where you silently mimic someone droning on)
DIZZY: (Whispered): I don't know what their problem is, it's only a bit of fun!

CRUSHED: They're just jealous. They haven't got their own city. Here... I had to call it DizzieBusy City, not DizzyBizzie City, because it weren't having none of the Dizzy Bizzie. See look, there's my house, and look, now YOU live her too!

DIZZY: Aaaah! Isn't that sweet. Now we live together!

CRUSHED: Ain't it great? Now we can have lots of little Dizzy Crushed babies and create a baby boom!

DIZZY (giggling): Stop it! How do I get more people?

CRUSHED: Ah, this is the problem. You have to get people to visit. Then they come and live there too. So tell all your friends.

DIZZY: I don't know that many people who have internet...

CRUSHED: Well, I'll log on here and go in. But spread the word. DizzyBusy City, is the place to live. Screw Milton Keynes, it's all about the DizzyBusy City.

So anyway.
I'd like to invite you all to come live in DizzyBusy City.
Please come visit my friend's little minicity and say Hi.
I'd like to see her face when she finds more people live there.

She's fallen in love with it already, I noticed she had it up on her screen during lunch.
I'd love to see her city grow, I think having it will add to her working day, give her something to look at in her free moments, like we have our blogs.
Maybe it might even get her into blogging!

Come say Hi to Dizzy and Me, we're all alone there right now!

We're living at DizzyBusy City


Anonymous said...

There's a huge side of me which feels comfortable behaving like that, co-incidentally, it's also something I've had with any woman who's been remotely close to me.

You're continually looking for someone to mother you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. No, I don't think I actually am. I think it's just the way I express affection. I think it does, unfortunately, mislead in that it attracts women who WANT to mother me. But I don't really WANT women who want to mother me.

Basically, I tend to buy teddy bears and lingerie for girls, as opposed to perfume. And I prefer the sorts of girls who prefer teddy bears and lingerie to perfume, if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Well then perhaps it's time you found another way of expressing your affection for a woman.

Else you're going to be buying perfume for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

Probably, but it seems to be ingrained. I quite like the more innocent affections, in some ways. The hair stroking, the cheek stroking, etc.
But you're right, the overall results speak for themselves.

I could give them all minicities?

Anonymous said...

So substituting one innocuous gift for another?

Perhaps you should change the type of woman you give the gift to, and not the gift itself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but in Dizzy's case, it don't mean nothing. She's just a friend.
Though I take your overall point.

Yes, but that strategy involves actually making an effort, worse, taking risks. I have a long history of not being rejected, largely acheived by sticking to tried and tested methods. True, they haven't exactly brought me what I'm looking for, but I think a rejection is probably something I couldn't deal with very well.

Anonymous said...

The whole point in living, Crushed is that we grow and evolve. Life is dynamic.

If it has become clear to you that your 'tried and tested methods' are consistently failing you then perhaps it is time to change and take a few risks.

Nothing in life that is static survives. Everything grows or it dies.

Anonymous said...

OK, I can't dispute that, I would be going against my own beliefs if I did.

'He who chooseth me must hazard all he hath.'
Maybe. Maybe I keep playing Arragon and Morrocco, and dread playing Bassanio.

Quite deep, that last line. I shall poner it as I drift off...

Anonymous said...

I'm not getting into this conversation but I did visit the Dizzy's city.

Anonymous said...

There's not much difference between lingerie and perfume, in my opinion :-) both are women stuff :-)
yup, would be interesting if she got into blogging. it's not that hard :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this post yesterday...

It certainly seems like you two have a lot of fun :-) I see she has had a lot of well known visitors now ;-)

BTW that makes me a child to then ;-)

Anonymous said...

jmb- Ms Bunny does make some valid points in a way, in fact those close to me say similar.

Growing fast isn't it?

Eve- The lingerie is more value for money from my perspective...

It would certainly be an interesting blog. I think 'random', would be a good way of describing it. She has recently adopted a highly smelly stray cat called Woolly William. Only Dizzy could call a stinking stray, Woolly William.

CherryPie- I think she likes it. She keeps looking at it.
Yes, we have a good laugh. She's a very easy going person.

Who says you can't keep up the good bits of childhood? :)
I think they're kind of fun!

Anonymous said...

Aw. I never thought I'd ever have the thought "Crushed is adorable!" before... but here I am!