Friday 4 April 2008

PSPs Versus Us Over-Educated Proles

Disclaimer: If you went to a public school, but are reading this, don't take offence, please. The simple fact you are reading this post, suggests that it may not apply to you. It's the system itself that is being challenged, not those who went through it. Not all who went through it, end up PSPs. I know many who didn't.

How do you maintain an ossified elite?

By that I mean, any society will have an elite.
A creme de la creme administering group.

In an ideal world, the best fitted to fulfill that function.

In a dead system, those committed to preserving the values of the system.

You need to make sure the elite retains control of entry to it, rather than allowing the brightest and the best to just barge their way in.

Best thing to do really, is control the entry system.
Also known as education.

The UK is governed on this principle.

The public school system.

It's very simple. The state educates all of us, to a fairly crap standard. So crap, that we leave school knowing that Hitler wasn't very nice, the Brazilian rain forests are in danger and that O/H= Sine.
Oh, and a bit of Shakespeare.

However, one of the wonderful points of Capitalism, is a better education can be bought.
Those who are already part of the elite, can buy a better education.
Here, their children will be actually be taught what they need to know to pass the exams set by the STATE, even though the STATE doesn't teach those in it's own education system.

The purpose?
Because those at public schools are taught something else.
They are imbued in the values of the system they are to inherit the running of, and kept away from contamination by the rest of us proles.

And really, they know nothing of ordinary life. They stand up there and judge it, but they never saw it.
The system is weighted to allow the rest of us a shot, if we really shine. But the odds are against us.

Even now, half the places at Oxford and Cambridge, go to public school applicants.

They dominate the upper eschelons of our society.
And they promote the archaic values of their minority.

What's worse, is the message they send. It sends a message to the rest of us, to aspire to live like them, be like them.

Thing is- and here's the proof they've had their day and the system is collapsing- they've had to do something they didn't really want to do.

Modern society is too complex NOT to educate the rest of us to some level.

Enough of us now, with our Comprehensive school education and our bog standard red brick university degrees, lacking public school indoctrination, just don't live like that.

We are and always will be, proles. We come from the working classes and the lower middle classes, and we are never going to look at the values of the PSPs, and think they are something worth saving.

They've had to let us have the knowledge, but they still think we'll do their dirty work for them as white collar workers, without our share of the cake. But we don't see why we should buy in to the order they preserve, just so we can look like them.

The comprehensive system HAS changed society. It has changed it, because we all grew up together. It means that there is a shared system of mass values which common people born after the late sixties share, if they didn't go to public school. It is the great divide in thought.

You'd think those of us who went to University would have more in common with eachother, but no, really the divide happened sooner, between those who uphold the traditional order, and the rest of us.

The thing is, that huge group of us, comprehensive school with University degrees, we're the reluctant co-operators the system needs.
We wear suits, we work with our brains, not our hands, we look middle class, we dress in a cheaper version of the way the ruling class do, but we don't think like them.
Some abase themselves and emulate their values, never realising, they'll never break through, not unless they have ten times the talent and energy of the favoured children.

How many QCs went to comprehensive schools? How many Judges?


Take me. I'm almost bi-lingual, well, really, bi-accentual. I really do have two modes of speech. One for addressing outsiders, people from outside the midlands, or the ruling classes. It's not posh, but it tends more in the direction of correct speaking.
Then we have my normal speech. Very accented, in fact, it can at times betray the fact I've lived many years in the inner city (I have a slight 'ghetto' pronunciation at times).

I may wear a suit to work, but I'm happier chatting to a factory worker than a barrister, say. Again, background. Both and I and the barrister are probably as well educated (in fact, not being arrogant, I'm probably more SELF educated), but my lifestyle, my outlook, is that of the masses.

It's that I spend Saturday afternoons in workingmen's pubs watching the match on Sky Sports, drinking pints of bitter. I smoke.
I don't get the point of sports that aren't football. I'd never pay more than £50 for a suit. A meal out, is an All Day Breakfast at a pub, or an Indian if we push the boat out, not £100 meal in a posh restaurant.

Increasingly, we, the pseudo-middle class, are rejecting the values of the system. Our lives resemble the lives of the traditional working classes, just we dress like the true middle classes and do traditionally middle class work.

We are able to live relatively well, but we don't live the way the PSPs think we should.
We don't abide by their moral codes.
Sex is a prime case. The PSPs bang on about family values, whilst thinking it's OK to quietly shag the typist, but the rest of us care less. We're more honest.

We don't think that virginity and chastity are that exciting or alluring.
We're not really bothered who's having sex with who.

As you may know, two of my closest friends are having a child together. It doesn't bother either of them that the other has a long list of previous partners.

We tend to live the lives we want to lead without so many 'We'll all pull together rowing the Eton boat down the Thames' stupid codes to guide us.

We know that chivalry ended with the invention of the cannon, women got the vote in 1918, black people are just different in colour and men who like men aren't doing anything remotely immoral.

And yes, we pay lip service to the values of these guffawing buffoons and the grinning idiots from Fettes who call themselves men of the people, but really, I'll tell you what we're thinking.

We're thinking; we're just as clever as you and know just as much, so you can't any longer say that your order is the best.

Time for you lot to go.

Goodbye Eton, Goodbye Harrow, Goodbye Oxford Union Debating Society, Goodbye Tory Party, Goodbye Labour Party, Goodbye judges with dead animals on their heads and robed sycophants cringing before them, Goodbye monarchy, Goodbye the sale of peerages, Goodbye family values, Goodbye marriage, Goodbye the dregs of Empire, or call it the Union if you will, Goodbye This England and it's stultifying nostalgia, Goodbye Church of England and it's anaemic moralising, Goodbye Coutts and all you merchant banks, staffed by these buffoons, holding so much of the world's wealth in thrall, Goodbye Question time and your attempts to set the agenda for what ordinary people should discuss.

F**k off you Bertie Wooster and Biggles caricatures, you lame leftovers of the Norman Yoke.

Do you know what?
We made a mistake.
We shipped the wrong lot to Australia.

But seriously, we need to purge this lot and their ideals out of the lifeblood of this country, because their poison lingers on.

The nineteen sixties was forty years ago.
Time we got started on bringing about the changes that were dreamed of then.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, class still alive and well in the UK? I thought it was dying out gradually.

In the New World money tends to rule the world.

I think it will take getting rid of the monarchy and the aristocracy to get rid of the class system there.

Funnily enough we are tending to have non English immigrants as the Queen's representative here now. Isn't that a hoot?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... interesting. With UK ppl, I shall have to ask them next time, then, what kind of school they were from...

Anonymous said...

jmb- Very much alive and kicking. Certain sectors, notably the bar, are still the preserve of the public schools.

Wine snobbery, for example. Still very big in this country, knowing your wines.
I do, because I worked at a hotel, and decent tips were dependant on knowing what wines went with it, but even now, I can't stand wine. I have a pint with my meal, and a whisky chaser after it, if I eat out.

Yes, the monarchy is part of it, I think. That and having an established church.

You don't notice it much, unless you actually come into contact with the wheels of power. THEN you click. Whitehall is still an Old Boy's Network and they still see us as the great unwashed.

Eve- Our education system is quite bizarre, in some ways.
In fact, I'm lucky, because I could get my kids, if I had any, into a good free school. The Catholic schools here, are good, very good, and there's one near here, Hagley RC High School, which has a very good reputation. It's always been where I'd want my kids to go.

Anonymous said...


this post is fantastic. it seems a rarity that i find a blog that doesn't immediately wind me up to some extent. a great extent normally.

i'm at university now and about to move into postgraduate studies, something that 50 years ago i would have had no chance of doing. the so-called class structure is stratification amongst those that are ruled. so, even though i might now go to uni and others from working-class backgrounds can send their children to the best public schools etc. still it's those with the money, the super-rich that still control us.

i'm from a working-class scottish socialist background and want this system to end, not from jealousy, i don't want the workers to become the rulers (lenin/stalin). i don't consider myself working-class anymore (or of anyclass), but i also don't deny my background. class just isn't something i want to aspire to.

btw i drink wine (sometimes), only because i like it and not so i can pose. of course, certain beer drinkers can be just as pretentious as a wine snob (the real ale lot).

there is so much more i could say, but i think i've said enough. so, thanks again.