Thursday 27 March 2008

Flutter by, Sweet Butterfly

Flutter by, sweet butterfly.

Do not let anyone else tell you what should make you happy.
Do not live by rules that someone else has written.

Live for the moment and bask within it.
Do not unravel beauty so much you unravel it away.

Fly over the heathers, fly over the glens,
find what it is you are looking for.

Because you are pure of heart, you are strong in spirit,
and if you can't find it, little butterfly, no one can.

So do not dwell in anguish, do not cry at the complexity of the world,
what's yours is yours, your heart is your heart.

Be guided by your heart, not the tongues of others.
Do not live in a prison of guilt, or a cage of fear.

Fly with joy, because when you do, the whole world will stop and watch.
I want to watch you fly. Then perhaps, I'll smile.

Fly with freedom, fly with hope, fly with beauty.

Flutter by, sweet butterfly.


Anonymous said...

I reread this.
Interesting ... thought-provoking...

Anonymous said...

They don't live very long butterflies...and they spend some of their time as caterpillars...

Anonymous said...

Eve- I'm intrigued what thoughts it provoked :)

Mutley- Yes, but this a special butterfly. One that thinks it is a caterpillar, but really, it's a magic butterfly. In fact, it will fly forever.

Anonymous said...

I guess 'cos it spoke to me; like it was for me, and about me.
And the wistfulness, of writing about yourself, watching yourself, telling it all to yourself (were you writing it about yourself?)...
And I like the thing about looking... searching, and having to keep flying til one finds it...

Anonymous said...

No, I wasn't writing about me, sadly, I'm very not a butterfly.

It was written with someone in mind, but it could easily apply to you as well, I think.

Me, I'm doomed to stay as a caterpillar. My chance to fly has passed. :)

Anonymous said...

That's lovely.

Anonymous said...

No it hasn't! As long as you're a caterpillar, you don't know when it's your turn to fly!