Sunday 12 October 2008

4th Crushed Sunday Memusetica

Courtesy of Judd Corizan.

Again, if you finsh reading the Meme before you finish listening to the music, there are posts below.

Sometimes I just need: a quiet pint and time to think.

Sometimes I want: to be able to show people what Iam thinking without having to use words.

Sometimes I like to: run my fingers along a woman's lips, then let her slowly suck my finger.

Sometimes all it takes: to change the world, is a smile.

Sometimes I picture: hypersolids. If you don't know, don't ask. It'll fry your head.

Sometimes I wish: that I knew the things now I did at twenty. But then I realise had I done, I'd never have lived them. And I'd have lost out.

Sometimes I find: all sorts of stuff I'd forgotten I owned when looking for other stuff that I don't actually find.

Sometimes I take: hours getting ready to go out.

Sometimes I look: like a chimpanzee with a migraine in the morning.

Sometimes I hate: getting out of bed at all.

Sometimes it’s nice: to just sit curled up with someone special and just sit.

Sometimes it hurts: to remember.

Sometimes it makes me happy: to read some of the nice comments you lot leave.

Sometimes it’s sad: to realise you can't please everyone.

Sometimes I listen: to Sophie Ellis Bextour. Sorry, guilty secret.

Sometimes I sleep: till mid afternoon. Trust me, if I've got time off work, then if I can get to sleep, I stay asleep.

Sometimes I like to watch: Commando. Really, so bad it's good and the bird in it is hot.

Sometimes I feel: that I should run down the street dancing like a Cossack.

Sometimes I rant: incessantly about the evils of Capitalism and Monogamy.

Sometimes I never: said what I felt till it was too late.

Sometimes I really: just need to be held and told 'It'll all be OK'. And kissed on the forehead.

That's it for this week.


Anonymous said...

I would sleep til then too if I could get away with it LOL...good answers.:)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes all it takes: to change the world, is a smile.
So let's pay it forward this week. Smile at everyone you interact with and mean it. Much more pleasant.

As Nunyaa says, very good answers Crushed.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of smiling at everyone - its difficult but it could be done! Once a long time ago - when I was at my lonlinest - I got on a train and the car attendant said to me, " Hey, smile it cannot be all that bad"... but little did he know that it was - however I remember him to this day and I am grateful that he said that to me.

Anonymous said...

While we are all smiling let's make sure they are genuine, non threatening, ones and that none of us get taken for crazy people ^_^

Anonymous said...

I liked this too! Dance like a cossak, haha.

Oh and I thought the very last sentence was rather cute. MWAH. That's your kiss on the forehead and everything really is going to be OK.

Anonymous said...

Most mornings I try to sneak an extra few minutes extra sleep!

Anonymous said...

Nunyaa- I have insomnia. This mean I find it hard to get to sleep, but when I do, hard to wake up.
Every now and then I just need uninterrupted sleep.

jmb- Well, I always say, sometimes you just don't know, that girl you smile at on the train might have been on her way home to do the worst.

And that smile swings the balance.

Cat- Its like when they say 'Smile, it might never happen', I'm thinking 'How do you know that isn't the problem? It mightn't.'

Moggs- No, the crazy grins sound fun...

Let's get practising now :)

I have my mirror right here, and God does this Sardonic leer freak me out...

Kate- Its quite fun when you're drunk.
Try it :)

Well, we all get that way, I think. Cheers :)
That was nice :

CherryPie- I set my alarm for six so I can get up at 6.20 and fool myself it was a lie in.