Monday 6 October 2008

I Love You

I wouldn't be a man if I walked away from you. I love you with every breath in my being, you touch every nerve ending connecting the physical to the meta-physical.

I will wait for ever for you, inside. I have not walked away from you, never think I have. I am always here for you, because you are always there inside me.

I do not know what the future bodes for either of us, but the most important thing for me is your happiness. I have a subjective opinion on that, but subjective it remains- and you know just how subjective it is.
Objectively, I'm here for you forever. As a friend. How could I ever not be?

I want you to want to spend the rest of your life with me. To want the first experience after the alarm going off to be our eyes meeting. The fact you don't want that doesn't change the fact you are my best friend.

Yes, it hurts. But I'm man enough to love you just as much all the same.
My best friend.

I'm here when you need me. And not when you don't.


Anonymous said...

Any person would love to know this about thier friend - seriously anyone. This is beautiful. Cat

Anonymous said...

you softie.. x

Anonymous said...

I feel like a voyeur reading this.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful words, sir. You express yourself surprising well no matter the context.

Anonymous said...

please send your clone asap so that i might have my wicked way with him.

Anonymous said...

A true friendship in this world is better than having a false one. Sometimes I wish I didn't have a heart and love the way I do.

Anonymous said...

Powerful, sad yet hopeful...

Anonymous said...

sometimes it's hardest to be a friend of a friend who is not in need.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Agree with jmb.

Anonymous said...

power of love

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful ..
true love ..

Anonymous said...

Ummm. My ears are stinging from all the bullshit entering them.

Or maybe that's my ass and I just shit you out.

Nobody who spends 24 hours a day on the internet knows one thing about love. People that talk, simply do just that. Talk.

It's the same reason people blog about sex. Because they aren't actually having sex. They're simply hiding behind a screen and doing all of the shit they don't have the guts to do online.

duh. The computer is their sex life.

Just like the computer is your love life Crushed.

Please excuse my bluntness. I just thought I'd bring back a dose of reality to this fake fucking blog.

A comment which will probably end up getting erased anyway because some people really don't like hearing the truth.

Anonymous said...

Before I come to answering you all individually, which I'm about to do, may I just say I woke up yesterday morning with that uncanny feeling I'd done a post whilst heavily drunk that I'd regret when I saw it...

I don't regret it.

Cat- She's read it, it's one of the reasons I fel about her the way I do- she doesn't abuse having unlimited access to my URL.

Kimba- I know. But actually, I don't see it as being soft.

My Gran always said to me 'Dignity is only good for one thing, standing on.'

She's right.

jmb- No, you're not.

I may well have been hammered when I wrote this, but if the blog title really is exactly what it says in the tin, then yes, this post is a very crucial part of hopw I feel.

I love her to bits.

Princess P- Sometimes, it's about being adult.

To give you some context, when I wrote this post, I'd been drinking heavily. And I'd been a twat by my own principles.
Because I love her, I'd tried to say 'I don't care who you sleep with, just not xxx.'

That's being a twat. And it goes against everything I believe in. I let myself down by saying that.

I've grown up very quickly as a result by realising I love her so much, that conditions are things children make.

Projectivist- You do realise I'm not really a wicked way kind of guy? So I really think my clone wouln't be either. If you want a good hard fuck, I'm really not your man.
I have been a bit of a slut in my life, no two ways about it, but to be honest I prefer intimate love making to rampant fucking. And if you saw my figure, you'd know that's more what I was made for.

Nunyaa- No you don't. Not really.
and you know you don't.

You're glad you know you're real.

Bud- Of course :)

How could it be otherwise?

Benji- But isn't it something we should still persist in?

These things aren't deals. yes, it's hard, but actually, no it isn't.
Not really,.

Nothinh, and I mean nothing makes me question it. it's about growing up, being a man, overriding your so called 'dignity' and saying 'You mean so much to me, I love you unconditionally'.

That's being a man. Loving unconditionally.

Anonymous said...

Enemy of the Republic- :) Well, I don't mind admitting my main weakness, since it happens to be her.

She's the most elevating weakness a man can have.

Rolf- Definitely the most powerful love song of all time. God knows why so many weddings choose Chris de Burgh for the first dance...

Foam- It is, yes. On my part. and it took me 30 years to feel that way. 30 yeats to be grown up enough to realise this shit matters.

Shelley- Not to be rude or anything, but how does Fuck off sound?

da, de, da, de, da.

Interesting comment, if irrelevant. Not sure how often I do or don't engage in bodily functions came into this post.

But let me just state, the way I feelm about the woman described here, is a bit deeper than bodily functions.

Now fuck off.