Thursday 9 October 2008

Can't get enough


The taboo of our society – to get old. Growing old is inevitable, but there is a huge difference between growing old and growing up.

Youth culture has become a global obsession and it doesn’t belong to young people anymore. Youth isn’t ages 12 to 25, it is more a choice of lifestyle. Our image of youth isn’t based on reality but is instead a product of an imagined ideal created by advertisers and marketers for people with enough money and time to recreate the youth they always fantasized about. The truth is, most young people wouldn’t be able to afford the tech-savvy, expensive, purchase driven, independent, liberated life – their reality couldn’t be further away from what we would define “their lifestyle”. I suppose George Bernard Shaw really was onto something when he said: “Youth is wasted on the young”.

So what do we do? Try to make up for lost time & opportunities of course. Fulfilling childhood fantasies have become a standard pastime if not a goal for many. We avoid the mid-life crisis by trying to live a life free of responsibility for as long as possible, pushing the reality and it’s responsible into the unknown future. Just think about all the “toys” we get – the latest gizmos, the designer clothing, living la dolce vida life which we actually cannot afford but do by living on the edge – edge of several credit cards that is.

And while we are still on the quest for finding the fountain of youth, we have thousands of elixirs to help us get by till we get there. Lotions and crèmes that helps us getting healthy, vibrant, younger looking skin and preventing us from sagging or getting wrinkles; we have potions and pills to keep us fit, thin, energetic and keep the sex life boosted. And hey, if that doesn’t work, why not crank it up a notch by injecting poison in your skin or getting under a knife. Nip & tuck - nothing ventured nothing gained.


Wrong! Even though I believe age is just a numbers and more of a state of mind, it should always be your state of mind you refer to. You are as old or young as you feel, and you cannot label peoples feelings, experience, wisdom & maturity with a number. We all are different, thus the diversity should be embraced.

Although I am one of those dedicated people who actually try to live their life by the lyrics of Bryan Adams, 18 till I die (not literally but more philosophically sense) I actually enjoy the aging process and getting old. I’m fascinated by the journey and its path that is filled with opportunities, victories, wisdom, and miracles. Sure, its not always a smooth ride or glory, you do end up getting bruised, hurt or even feel defeaded, but you have to get up again and brush it of, and hopefully that will just make you one experience richer. You live and you learn!

In fact, all the bruises, wrinkles, dents, marks & scars tells a story of who you are and where you have been. And you should wear them with pride. I suppose you would say it’s easy for me to preach since still look 20 and act 16 (or so I have been told), but the truth is, I’m actually exited over the fact that tomorrow my age will change with a digit and I have absolutely no idea what lies ahead.

I dunno if I’ll be able to age gracefully, but I’ll definitely do my best to savoir it and live the life I want to, to the fullest. For all we know, we only get one shot, and I’m sure not going to waste it on a wild-goose chase or by worrying if my hair is starting to get grey, or buy expensive skin caviar from Paris. (I hope)

C’est la vie, Mon Cheries.

Quote of the Day:
”Growing old is inevitable ... Growing up is optional!”

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Anonymous said...

Lovely post Crashie. Beauty shines from within and I think I will grow old disgracefully ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'll ever really grow up in some ways.

But I think thats good. I sometimes think that in many ways, the future would be a lot brighter if perhaps we did neotonise a little.

As in, kept some of our childlike approaches to things all through life. I think if we could retain the curiosity, wonder and innocence of children, the Love of teenagers and the tenacity and idealism of youth, and keep all that till the wisdom of maturity, life would be good for us.

Happy birthday, btw. 27?

Anonymous said...

True. There are days in which I feel too old, as though I've lived way too long--like Bilbo describes to Gandalf--butter scraped too thin on bread. Then there are others where everything feels anew. The beauty of getting older (for me) is that I just don't care that much anymore about my appearance--not that I'm a slob. I let things go that I previously agonized about. I am much more concerned with my inner life.

By the way, I hope my last post didn't offend you. I was really thinking of my country. I plan to reword it accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !

What a great post.

I'm composing something on this in my head at the moment. I feel your 1/2 right in that it isn't just about making older people young ... but making younger people old.

Let me explain.

60-year-old in jeans and Status Quo T shirts - we all know about that. Trying to recreate an 18 to 25 year group image.

9-year-old girls tarted up in Estee Lauder, jewellery and the most provocative clothing. Trying to create an 18 to 25 year group image.

It is as though there is only one legitimate age group to be in.

No wonder paedophilia taboos are being broken down.

We are returning to our hunter gatherer mindset - where the only valid years were those where we were sexually reproductive.

It's as though our minds are accepting our new physiology.

What Darwinism tells us is that the later we breed the more longevity we bring to our species. It is axiomatic that if you are fit enough to breed at fifty then your offspring will survive fit and healthy to at least fifty ...

... then their offspring will try the same trick at sixty and on from generation to generation until our genetically inherited life expectancies are 200 years or more.

This is an evolutionary step to keep men mating into old age - the younger-feeling and more nubile the partner the better.

09 October 2008 23:44

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Crashie. I hope you always think like that.

As one who is old, I like to think I am still young at heart and still with a very lively mind. In some ones they compensate for the old body and grey hair, in others not.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a book called 1000 - set in England. The average life span for somebody born in the year 1000? 40ish!!
And I though yikes, I'd be on my way to being old and elderly if I was born then. It made me think.
We (I) take so much for granted with the essence of time.

great post chickie

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Crashie!

Anonymous said...

Crushed, Good post.

I figure the really big problem with age is stuff not working so good anymore. Like a greater chance of sports injuries and it taking longer to heal. Then later on joint problems, maybe some arthritis. Hearing not so good, eyesight not so good... And so on. Eventual infirmity.

There are three parts to it I figure. Mental attitude, physical age and physical infirmity.

Surely most of us are fairly young at heart? I don’t mean the actual heart that pumps blood. When I was 17 I was pretty stable and mature mentally, But I was absolutely 17.

I have more experience now, but I am basically no different, still 17 in my head, but hopefully wiser for my experience.

When I do get old I plan to do stuff like wear outrageous clothes and try to carry it off like it was the most natural thing in the world. Tee hee… And try to look as good as possible with it too.

If anyone ever comes up with something that really holds back the years I would take it in a trice.