Friday 17 October 2008

Living The Revolution

It's a lovely day out there, that's for sure.
And it's going to b a beautiful night.

I'm going to be away the next day or so, so there probably won't be any posts now till Sunday afternoon. Sometimes I have to go party. Such is life.

I need to go let my hair down, that's for sure.

But I've been thinking recently, thinking a lot and in my head I've become certain of a lot of things.
This break will certainly do me good. But it is a break, a rest, a much needed burst of hedonism.

Because there really isn't time to stand still.

I've lived thirty long years and now, now, I know what I want to do with my life. The concept has grown over the life of this blog, it has been very much a personal journey, very much so, as ideas that began as concepts have grown, been thrashed out, got fuller.
And it has been a hard year, a year of headaches and heartaches.

It has been a year of high living, coupled with personal crises.

And it has been the year I became an adoptive uncle, a beautiful moment. A moment to give thanks for.

I guess when this blog started a lot of the concepts I had were just that, speculations. Ideas on things. They were not concrete, I was not concrete.

I did not, when I set this blog up have a clear vision of exactly how society needed changing, nor how that could be acheived, nor what role I could play in that.

And it's funny, isn't it. The ideas that are in my mind now are largely the brainchild of my critics.

And I have a lot more confidence in myself. I feel like I've come through the fire and I feel perhaps- ready.

Ready in a way I wasn't once. Ready to take responsibility. Ready to make decisions that I've agonised over. Ready to put myself on the line.

You see, it boils down to this. I believe it's time for a change. I think the capitalist system is in its death throes. And I think only two things can come from it- global tyrannies keeping their populations subjected to Police states nuking eachother into oblivion.

Or something new.

We have that chance, it's coming. We have the chance to kick down that rotten door.

And I know damn well what I want to put in its place.

The method I propose is an open and peaceable one.

The New World Order I propose is this.

And the fundamental Rights of Man by which we live should be these.

Now, I don't think this is going to be an easy thing to proselytise. Not for one moment. But it can be done, I believe that. No one can stop this message spreading. It's a message of peace, it's a message of passive resistance, it's a message of positive change.

It may well be that I die having failed. But there's seventeen years between now and 2025, so I fully intend to devote the best years of my life to selling this revolution. It needs to happen. It's that, or we blow ourselves up.

They can't arrest me for saying there needs to be a revolution. Because this will be turning the other cheek revolution.

And it's not going to be me on my own against the world, I know that. There are so many people out there who in their guts feel the same. It's just about connecting with them, linking up with them.

So yes, this is a start. Finding others who want to remove the global elite by peaceable means. Who want an end to capitalism, to the sham democracy of the party system, to private control of basic infrastructure, to monogamy and sexual repression, to racism, sexism and homophobia, to the waste and inefficiency, to the nostalgic archaism and bowing down to cherished totems of obsolete values, an end, an end to the way of living that his outlived its usefulness.

And what we need to be thinking of is building on that. Building a truly global movement. Not a political party, a movement. A movement committed to putting the entire globe under a direct democratic system of communal living. A movement committed to dismantling power structures and making the people themselves in their entirety the government.

This won't be government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It will be the people governing themselves.

I do not say this movement can be founded over night. But come together it can. And it's aims must be clear. It must be open, democratic and act within the constraints of the existing system. It must offer passive resistance. And it must ultimately be devoid of power structures itself. It must remain always a movement of the people.

It must exist solely to attempt to advance a peaceful transition to a New World Order.
By the methods I have outlined.

Do I have a clue how to set about this scheme? Not a jot. The vision sits there in front of me, and I know it needs to be done. But others with better organisational skills than me, others with skills in areas I can't even begin to conceive of need to be involved there. I am not an organiser. Founding organisations isn't something I know anything about, let alone how to achieve results in this kind of way. I can think, I can write, I can talk. I can do that bit.

So this blog is a start. And I have seventeen years to sell this message and see what happens. And I'm doing it openly and above board. And I believe it's right, I have never in my life been more convinced of anything.

So much so, I'm prepared to devote my life in it's entirety to this cause. Because it's the right thing to do. Anything else would be a waste of my life.

And I may fail, I probably will fail, one way or another.

But I'll die trying. I will not rest.

And over the last few weeks I've felt like everything in my life has been coming together in a curious kind of way. It's as if everything is hurtling together. I really believe that within a matter of weeks my life will be in total ruin, beyond repair, a life wasted for good, or that lift will have come.

Because I am battling to order my own life, to re-order the chaos it has become, to try make it SUSTAINABLE. Not only that, I'm wrestling with the deep feelings I have for a woman, feelings I never thought I'd ever feel.

I believe she plays some pivotal role in my life, yet even I can't figure out what that should be.

I'm hoping during the next few weeks that should become clear. But I'm conscious of one thing. I really have to start not just living by the values I preach, but start living them openly and proselytising them.

That means that if I'm saying there should be an end to the nuclear family, an end to monogamy and sexual chastity, I can't be a hypocrite and exist in a relationship where sexual commitment is asked for and given. It makes a liar out of me.

In other words, for me to have an credit in what I'm advocating, then if I do ever settle down with someone, it needs to be someone who is openly flaunting the fact that they are 'cheating' on me with my full permission.

Otherwise it makes everything I say valueless.

And I've got to stop aspiring to own things. I've got to start acting more as someone governed against their will. Really stand on the 'Render unto Caesar' line.

I am NOT governed by my consent. So I'll obey your rules, not because I think they're right, but because sensibly, I have no choice.

I need to live every day in silent protest against the principle of being governed by corporate elites over whom I have no control.

It's the values system that needs fighting. If you die leaving money in your bank account, they ripped you off. You died not having achieved all the pleasure you earned. And don't waste in fancy kitchens, or lawnmowers or any of that crap they advertise.
Spend it on YOU. Having fun. Go party, live it up. That's how they keep you down, the 'work ethic'.

And start noticing other people a bit more. Start think communally, start thinking of yourself as part of a communal group, a world in what all all of us are trying to do is live the happiest lives we can free of pain in misery. And what's the best way to do that.

All the rest is shite. All this 'Patriotism', 'Family values', 'Morality', they're just words.

They mean nothing if they don't lead to the greatest possible happiness of the greatest possible number.

So, I'm going to live the way I feel appropriate. I'm going to go to work, earn as much money as I can, pay my taxes and observe the law in pretty much most regards though let's be honest, from time to time I will ignore laws that I don't not believe it should be in the power of any free society to make- such as what stimulants I choose to put in my body.

But what I've earned, I intend to spend. On having a good time.

And I refuse to be bound by archaic codes of morality such as sexual fidelity, monogamy, loyalty to a section of the human race on the basis of a nation state unit, some bizarre idea that I had a role in legislative decisions because every five years I get to put a tick by the box of a candidate who's never going to lose in a seat like this anyway.

The revolution is about a state of mind. It's about living in defiance of the values of the capitalist 'liberal western democracy'.

I fully intend to eat, sleep, live and breath this revolution.

Because it is going to be achieved by living the values of hippie WITHOUT dropping out. And living them openly and in full.

And if I can find enough people up for it and all earning money, then all clubbing together to buy a nice big house where we can all live together in a Free Love commune, yes, I think that's the plan.

That's how I plan to live day to day whilst devoting my life to telling people why this must go, and what we can do to bring that about.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


Anonymous said...

Here Here! Have a great weekend and do so knowing that there are many like minded people out there.

Anonymous said...

I envy you. What I wouldn't cdo for a burst of hedonism.

Um, what happens in seventeen years? Do you know something about your own future that most of us don't know about our own?

Well, as far as crudades go, I won't stop you from trying. But there's one thing I learned over the years. You see, I'm a recovering alpha male. I can become Captain Kirk at the drop of a hat. And it's all well and fine for short term situations. But the big lesson is that fewer people who have a piece of the action, the less likely that change will be positive and persistent. For society to fundamentally change, the vast majority have to have some stake in what that change is.

From Machiavelli to Marx to (fill in blank) visionaries come and go. But society is made of people who live with the consequences of their decisions. Usually, the visionary has good ideas and intentions (that's why they're the visionary). But because the vision is limited to that of an individual, everyone else has less of a stake in it. Thus, it gets corrupted along the way by anyone wielding the biggest stick--i.e., those that want to take it upon themselves to decide the shape of the society, and thus rule it accordingly.

I would humbly suggest that you think about this plan not so much as a roadmap, but as stone soup. Over time, for a globalistic society to operate in a peaceful and orderly fashion, you'll have to have sweeping consent that's not manufactured. The only practical way of doing that is to let everyone in on the planning. People have to make it their own.

It might not be an efficient way of doing things. And it might not be something that's achievable in a century or millennium. But if you take a look at the arc of history, we see this process has already begun. As a fledgling species we've already gone from chieftans, despots and and divine right rule of tyrants to humanism, plurality and even acknowledgement (cynical as it might be of times) of proletarian power.

Yeah, we backslide. And yes, we're always in danger of going back a century or two. And I don't really believe that this is a road to Utopia. After all, utopia literally means nowhere. But in the end, you'll have something more stable and stronger.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your hedonism. And your weekend...

Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend.

The new world order will be the old world order - survival of the nastiest.

Anonymous said...

i used to enjoy my hedonistic weekends ..
especially when i started them on thursday ..
but, that was another lifetime..

anyway, what's so special about 2025 .. besides the fact that you'll be in the prime of your life .. :)
why stop then with your plans?

ps: you've inspired me ..
i think i'll go grab a beer ..
heck.. i might even have another beer after that .. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep being inspired and being inspiring! Have a great weekend crusehd

Anonymous said...

OK Crushed, Enjoy your wild time.

On the subjetc of your revolution. Just for a second let’s suppose your big idea is actually desirable, and quite frankly that is open to question… but just suppose you are in the equivalent position of Einstein having had his e=mc2 moment and you are looking to boldly go.

How do you translate that into a working star ship enterprise?

Even worse, suppose someone takes your ‘revolution’ and turns you into the next Karl Marx or Trotsky, I guess you should make sure you lock the bathroom door eh?

I think one of the big problems with revolutions is they don’t generally go in the direction that those who started them planned/hoped.

Not only that, but plenty of people just don’t want to go along with them for whatever reason.

And then you, or someone willing to crack the necessary eggs to make the glorious omelette, have get into the business of forcing them to, or liquidating those who are just too blind to see. Those who stand in the way of the greatest good, the glorious revolution…

Now I would not argue with you that there is something quite worrying about the current UK government and where it is going. I am not sure you are right about the demise of capitalism, those who hate it may want to kill it but it won’t just die on it’s own.

I don’t even argue it is perfect, I just think it is a system that, in practical terms, is less worse than any other.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Reeny- Cheers :) I did :)

It's great to know there are like minded people out there, kind of gives me faith that we'll all make it.

X-dell- May 1st 2025. I'll either be getting up alone on my strike and switch on the TV and think 'bugger, it didn't happen', or I'll switch on the TV to find that everything has stopped. All over the world people aren't going to work. And they ain't going to go to work, till the whole social contract is offered anew.

And then, then, I will jump up in the air and shout 'YES! FINALLY THE PEOPLE WIN!'

Well, I think my proposal really does give everyone a stake. Total direct democracy in a world without private property. the people themselves form all three branches of government.

I don't like using the world anarchy, but yes, I do mean abolishing government in the sense we know it.

So it would remain a plan totally in the hands of the people themselves :)

I do see us as eventually evolving towards a collective species. I do believe we have reached the stage where we are capable of moving away from individualism enough for people to think with a genuine popular sentiment.

Bub- I did thanks :)

Foam- Because hopefully by then, out of the ashes of Capitalism, younger, smarter and more fynamic young firebrands will be busy building the future...

And I will be able to walk hand in hand along beaches hand in hand with the girl of my heart knowing that in a little way, I may have had a role to play.

Beer is always good :)

Kate- I had many inspiring thoughts actually. Much post material accumulated :)

Moggs- Funnily enough, this thought had occurred to me, because I actually think my vision really is abeautiful vision for the future.
But I guess others don't share that, because they can see ways in which it might be perverted.

My boss couples my second name to 'ism' to describe a bastardised version of my creed (Yes, both my blog and my belief system are common office knowledge) and when described the way he describes it, then yes, it sounds sinister and even extreme. But that of course isdue to holding up subsidiary points about the scheme, as opposed to its central features. He of course focuses on the fact that the society I advocate encourages vigourous sexual promiscuity, would promote rather than oppose recreational drug use, and would try keep the rate of mixed race births as high it could till race was no longer a social issue. Whereas of course, these are minor points. The point is, they're decisions I HOPE a direct democracy in full control of ALL the world's infrastrcture and resources would make those decisions. But the actual point, is that such a mechanism and with those powers exists.

It will just die on its own, just as mercantism did, just as the feudal system before that.

Social systems evolve. Survival of the fittest.

It was the fittest, it is no more

Anonymous said...

Devoting your life to a selfless purpose is an existence of the highest order. I know I must attempt the same.

Regardless if your mission blossoms to its fullest fruition within your lifetime, Your actions will forever change every person who comes in contact with you and will to some degree, great or modest, change the world forevermore.

The bottom line, I urge you to perceive, is that within your lifetime you will reap the rewards of a pure, honest, integral existence. Peace. Freedom. Joy.

Anonymous said...

Crushed, Just saying.. There have been revolutions before. I figure not all of them ended well for the average citizen.

You still didn't say how to build a working star drive from it either ^_^