Sunday 12 October 2008

Check Out The Blogpower Roundup..

Who are Blogpower, they say? What is Blogpower they ask?
The answer’s in the question, honeybunny, the answer’s in the question.

Maybe none of us are ever going to change the world. But as bloggers, we all believe that our thoughts are worth sharing. And we believe in the power of people communicating. So is Blogpower people power?

Is this indeed, a vision of great significance?
Yes, I think so.

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Anonymous said...

Sassy and quick witted... TY.

Still going to point it out if I think your wrong though *grins*

Anonymous said...

That was very well written, and didn't drone on. Well done Crushed.:)

Anonymous said...

Drone on. Is that a hint Nunyaa? I told him not to drone on and he didn't. Well done Crushed.:)