Tuesday 4 November 2008

The Belief System of The Conspiracy Theorist

In understanding a powerful dynamic of human history, we need to understand one thing that very people do.
The power of what I will call the Grand Conspiracy Theory.

Why do we need to understand this?
Well, if you're reading this blog, you need to understand how it's critics think. The real critics. What they really have against what is being said on this blog.

And it actually boils down to a powerful train of thought in human history.
I believe that human history is largely deterministic. Human society evolves and goes through phases. Feudalism was a necessary and inevitable phase, so was absolute monarchy, so were the revolutions that ended that in brought in the so-called liberal democracies and Capitalism. And the pace of change, the pace of organic evolution of human society will result in what Marx said it would, human society WILL evolve towards democratic communism and the whithering away of the state.

To some, that very belief is the lie of the devil himself. And they do believe in a devil. Though in the latest version of the theory, that belief has changed.

It is important to understand that for believers in this theory, the world hasn't undergone changes which were inevitable. World history has been dictated by a secret hidden grouping, with a definite aim in mind. And the true agenda is being hidden. But rest assured, by their theory I AM PART OF THAT AGENDA. Because my belief system is part of the big lie, the way they see it.

What motivates the theory Many things. Fear of change. Fear of opening your mind to change. A rigid belief in moral absolutes which are being eroded somehow by some sinister force with a definite aim in mind.

The ancestors of this theory can be found in the Middle Ages. The first ancestor, was the so called blood lie. This referred to a belief that the Jews used the blood of christian children in their passover bread. Whenever a child was found did, like Hugh of Lincoln, the Jews were blamed. The Black Death too, it was said was caused by the Jews poisoning wells. The Jews and the Gypsies, cursed by God to wander homeless for their sins, were the natural enemies of Christ's people.

And then there were the Templars. That order of crusading Knights who became too rich too quick. Exciting the envy of Philip IV of France, they were hunted down and disestablished. Their Grand Master and countless others were burned at the stake.
On what charges? It was alleged they practised witchcraft, that their true aim was to subvert Christianity, to establish the Temple in Jerusalem anew, where they would enshrine their idol, Baphomet.

These stories did not die.

During the nineteenth century, the conspiracy developed a new twist.

Because the liberal theory of progress had sprung up, the idea that human society was changing. The idea that human society was never static, that it progressed, that what was right for the Middle Ages was right no longer.

And amongst the reactionary elements, this contravened their world view. Kings were meant to rule, under the direct authority of God. The world was being subverted. Because the laws of God were written for all time, some things were never meant to change. the doctrine that things changed and progressed, was a lie, a lie to encourage people to leave the way things were meant to be and walk the road to Hell.

To the reactionaries, a false view of the universe was being peddled. Darwin's laws were false, they ha to be, a lie put forward by the devil. A lie telling man he could better himself, that the world was continual change, it was lie to make people believe in change. But to what end?

The reactionaries knew. The answer was obvious.

The Protocols of The Elders of Zion first appeared in 1905. The myth stated that they were the minutes of the secret inner council that all Jews across the world owed obedience to.

And it makes some pretty wild assertions. But ones that made sense to the conspiracy theorists.
It alleged that world Jewry had long been planning a subtle takeover of the world. The liberal movement had been caused by Jews gradually making themselves acceptable in society, it was they that caused the revolutions of the century, they that wanted democracy, so that they, through the press that they controlled, could control the minds of the people, and not their divinely appointed monarchs. It was they pushed the lie that man was not created as he was, to push the idea that man could aspire to better himself. Darwin was paid by the Jews, as was Marx, as was Nietzsche.

The entire Trade Union movement was under their control. And the Freemasons, they were the footsoldiers of World Jewry, its Gentile fifth column, for the Masons were not really what they seemed. The Masons were the Templars resurrected, all this having been planned over the centuries by King Solomon once he discovered the Messiah would come and replace the Old Law with the New. Since that day the Jews had secretly planned how to take Christendom from within.

And their plans were laid. One major war, which would result in the overthrow of the gentile governments by Marxist revolution- the real point of that revolution simply being to facilitate the Jewish takeover.

It is a pity indeed that the Russian revolution happened when it did. and a pity indeed that the final surrender of Germany was caused by a Social Democrat strike which ALMOST led to a Marxist revolution in Germany.

Because the Nazis, whose prime creed was this document were able to say 'We told you so'.

But do not think this theory is dead. The full version still exists, and has since developed. It's adherents leave out the bits which admit that ultimately the theory is of necessity anti-semitic, racist, sexist and in favour of the divine right of Kings.

The theory as now peddled, says that evolution is a lie. We never evolved. The Conspiracy theorist believes in Intelligent Design.
And at one time we lived perfect lives, feeling the True God in our hearts and we didn't sin.
Till the corruption started.

Now some of these theorists believe that the Bible is literally true. the believe in a real devil. One from the stars. Reptilian Aliens who came down around 3,000 before Christ and have made this world a slave state ever since. The world is a matrix world, we don't see our hidden masters.
But the powers that be have always known, by this view.

Others see the Aliens as a more recent thing. That they came down in 1947, after seeing the first Atomic bomb detonated and the secret masters of the globe made a deal with them.
Either way, a deal exists in many versions of the theory between the proponents of the New world Order and the Aliens.
Because you have to understand, that to them, when I say New World Order, I'm hiding what that New world order really means. Because Marx and Darwin aren't true. Therefore, neither is what I say. The hidden masters pay me.

And the real point you need to observe, is 1786. That's when Adam Weishapt founded the Illuminati.
Now the real Illuminati, were just a few nutcases in Bavaria who's aim was to found a single European state, a United Europe, based on a religion of reason.

They were quickly eliminated by the Bavarian authorities.

But the Conspiracy Theorist sees thi as something different. To the Conspiracy Theorists, it's all part of the same thing. The Illuminati were never eliminated, they were actually founded to co-ordinate World Masonry, which was in fact nothing more than the Templars coming back into the Open to achieve the Templar dream, a World State owing obedience to a re-founded temple.

The Masons had already partly achieved that, the US was a Masonic state, now the same needed to be done in Europe.

To the conspiracy theorist this aim has been ruthlessly pursued. The Illuminati (who are still in this theory allied to Zionism, they are two halves of the same walnut) have secretly worked to pursue this aim for years. First they destroyed the only thing which really keeps people safe from lies, monarchy, then they perverted them with the press, then they sold them visions of a Godless world of progress through paid liars like Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche (the protocols SPECIFICALLY mentions those three), then they destroyed family values and the class structure with their trade unions and their revolutions. Because the Illuminati know that Freedom from Kings, is really Slavery to them, that Equality simples means that true nobility is removed so they can be the new nobility.

And this movement has apparent enemies actually working to achieve the same goals.

The US is a state run primarily to achieve this end. The CFR is a favorite target of the Conspiracy Theorist. The aim of the Council of Foreign Relations is, they believe preparing the way for the New World Order, the League of Nations and now the UN were part of the plan.
I've even seen the believers write it CommUNism, to make their point.

You see, it's all working the same way.

And this is the point.

Because right now, both they and I believe we're in 'end times'. We both believe we're right, but whilst they believe the Illuminati pays me and I serve evil, I believe they're just paranoid nutcases.

Because I believe that we are witnessing the death throes of the existing order, and so do they. It's just what is coming.

The believe that the coming crisis will lead to more deliberately engineered crises and have us all begging on our knees for our masters to save us.
And then they will. They will finally unveil the New World Order they have been planning for centuries, the final victory of Zion over Christ, the World State, where the Illuminati are literally enthroned in the New Temple, the living Gods of a new religion, and in this world every man will be equal, because every man will be a slave.

They believe that's the TRUE aim of a Marxist Revolutionary.

And I think they think the Aliens will come down openly then. To collect tribute or something, I guess.

Whereas I believe that yes, the crisis we have now entered will indeed be the first of the cracks, the cracks which will finally lead to the downfall of this order, and yes, I think a New world Order WILL emerge from the ashes, if we don't blow ourselves up during the crisis.

Because we DO face an ideological war ahead, we do. As the crisis progresses, people will ask why, and people have been told for so long that Marx was wrong that many will refuse to listen, refuse to see that the answers really were written in a book, and that book is called Das Kapital.

As the crisis gets worse and it becomes clear that western Capitalism has collapsed for good, it really will be an ideological debate between the two sides, the side that believes that the world was deliberately seen, and the side that believes that it has simple entered Chrysalis, it went in a Capitalist caterpillar, it will emerge an amazing new butterfly.

The believers will urge that the guilty must be rooted out, but by that they won't mean the politicians and financiers who stood and fiddled whilst Rome burned, they'll mean anyone they think is part of the conspiracy.

And right now, that's probably Muslims. Trust me, Muslims are being prepared as the sacrificial lamb.

But never lose site of one thing. The believers have no answers. They apportion blame, but they have no solutions. Their belief system doesn't work. Once they've killed off everyone they blame, what will they establish in the ashes of the Old World that has died?

They will seek to establish the world they believe should have existed if this vast conspiracy hadn't poisoned it.
And that just can't be done. Because Intelligent Design is wrong and Racism is wrong and Capitalism is wrong and Sexism is wrong and it's all stuck in the past, along with family values and Kings and Queens and all the other things they want to bring back.

Because they don't understand change. They don't understand progress. To them, it is a disease.

Theirs is a philosophy of fear, not hope.
It is a theory which sees people as ultimately incapable of achieving reason, a people capable of living an entire history in a lie.

But make no mistake, when no cash till in the country any longer dispenses cash and mobs are throwing bricks through the windows of locked supermarkets to get the food sitting going mouldy on the shelves, when riot police charge peaceful demonstrations of hungry Middle Class people, when ordinary people are being carted off by armed Police under special 'Emergency Powers' legislation, when the constant harassment Western Muslims now face becomes something everyone faces, regularly being urned out of their beds at 3 AM for house searches, when those who still own the land and property are driven through hostile mobs with armoured escorts, watched the debris of the streets as they light their cigars, a worried, haunted look on their faces, no one, no one then will believe any longer in Western Liberal Democracy, no one then will believe we were truly run for our own good. They'll know we were manipulated to keep the treadmill going.

And the ideological battle for the future will be between those who provide answers.

Between those who believe in the Illuminati, and those who believe that we really have the chance to build something new.

The coming battle is the battle between truth and fiction.

Between Revolution and Reaction.

If the former wins, we will have Utopia.
If the latter wins, we will have mushroom clouds.

The Battle for Earth, has begun.


Anonymous said...

I don't mind if the conspiracy wins if we get to like meet aliens and shit. That would be cool.

Anonymous said...

This post seems a bit confusing to me. I am not sure what bits you are debunking as 'loony tune conspiracy theory' and what bits you are proposing in their place.

Worryingly you seem to use the same images and language for both.

I don’t want to be mean, but I think; ”when those who still own the land and property are driven through hostile mobs with armoured escorts, watched the debris of the streets as they light their cigars” sounds rather close to ‘nut job’ for Jews, when they don’t want to actually use the ‘J’ word.

And you really can’t escape the fact that there are some Muslims who are frothing at the mouth dangerous. Who have been taught to hate anything non-Muslim, especially women that don't dress "modestly" even Muslims that are not the right flavour.

Unless you subscribe to the “CIA and Mossad are responsible for the Twin Towers/London Underground/Madrid Train bombings/Insert your favourite terrorist atrocity here” conspiracy theory.

And yes I sooo know there are nutty Christians out there too. That doesn’t make it like the nutty Moslems don’t count though.