Friday 28 November 2008

My Niece

Here is the daughter of my former flatmate.
My niece.

Just thought I'd show her to you all again.

The fact I got to help choose the names she carries is a remarkable testament to the friendship I have with BOTH parents.

Holding her in my arms just after she was born was a very proud moment for me.

If this looks like it was posted in response to something, it was.
It's all the response I need to show really, isn't it?

And now, I bid adieu to a whole epoch in the history of this blog.
I bid goodbye to a whole blogging mindset that must end, and must end now.

It's time now for me to trust in you.
All of you.

And I do.

Good Night and God Bless.

Tomorrow is the start of something new.


Anonymous said...

Such a cutie there.

Anonymous said...

She's a lovely baby! and I think you are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

Fusion- She is. I get nagged by D to go round and see here more. I probably should spend more time with her than I do, especially since it's not easy for her father to spend time with her. She's growing fast, actually.

Kate- I think so.

I think most people get the picture :)

Anonymous said...

Stunning little one. It is funny she will put everything into perspective...