Monday 3 November 2008

Embrace Your Divinity

Your ancestors were ashamed.

Ashamed to be Man. Ashamed to live in a world they did not create, and the bowed their heads towards the sun on bended knee and declared 'There is one greater than we are, our lord, our master. He it is who will judge us, he it is that shall give us our pleasure and our pain.'

And your ancestors, they thought that was good, a master in the sky, a master who made the world and before which they could be forever children. And they made rules which they ascribed to the master in the sky, and those that made rules took upon themselves the authority of the master in the sky.

And your ancestors accepted it. Accepted that they were merely human and that all authority, all wisdom came from the master in the sky, that those he appointed to rule them should be obeyed, that the rules the master gave them should be followed.

And they should not question.
Because they were merely human.
Only children before the adults in the sky.

And than your ancestors discovered that they were not as they thought. They were not the lowest of the rational beings, but they highest of the material ones. And they were ashamed. ashamed of their pedigree as mere animals, ashamed to share a lineage with the sloth, the centipede and the passionfruit.

In place of their obedience to an all powerful unseen master, they learned a new mistake. Where before they had worshipped their reason and despised their bodies, now they saw their bodies as all they were and their minds as nothing special.

But to you, I say, you are the masters in the sky. You are the greatest of all the pedigree of life, you are only being with the right to make rules and the only beings with the right to make stars. All that prevents you, is knowing how to do it.

But there is no higher authority than you, we, mankind are the beneficiaries of the work of our ancestors, our ancestors earned their humanity through millions of years of being selected, they progressed, they evolved, Man has earned his place in the universe, Man has earned his place as Lord of Earth. Man is descended through the winners of the mammals, from the winners of the tetrapods, from the winners of the worms, from the winners of life itself. We were not given what we are, our genes earned it.

Your ancestors had to dissuaded from devoting their lives to selfishly feathering their own nest either by brute force of Kings, or by promises of eternal life. You are little better.
Think of the afterlife for sure, but think of it as the life that will happen after yours, you will not live for ever, nay, but your children and your children's children can carry you to the crack of doom, so life as if there is an afterlife, for you can determine the afterlife, whether the life of your descendants is Heaven or Hell.

We were not given this rock, it belongs to us by right of possession. It is ours to do with what we will, it belongs to us because there is no higher intelligence housed in flesh than the race of Man. And beyond lies a vast universe, a universe we can never reach the limits of, but every inch of which belongs to the first comers.

We are the race of Man, the first of all intelligences capable of recreating the fundamental rules of the universe itself.

You are not Gods. Not yet. You do not have the power of God. But his authority, that rests with you. Not individually, but as a whole.

So I say unto you, use the wisdom that you have, use the knowledge that you have to live as befits your authority.

Do not demean yourself by coveting. It was said unto you once, do not covet your neighbour's ass. I say unto you, do not allow your neighbour to covet an ass at all. Creation needs not to be divided, you are men, but there is only one race of Man, and to that race the Universe belongs. Animals covet, animals mark off territory, you have the authority of God, you build, you construct, you develop so that Creation might benefit. And out of your efforts shall Creation flourish. Give with the generosity of God, and the Creation you have contributed to will reward you tenfold. And your children a hundredfold.

It was said unto you once that you should not commit adultery, that you should keep your flesh pure. Aye, because you remained animals and you could not even refrain from wanting to own eachother. I say unto you, learn to love eachother with the Love of God and overcome the petty spasms of jealousy. You do not own eachother anymore than you own the labours of your ancestors. You all belong to the race of Man as a whole. Love eachother, love and be loved and do not seek to put boundaries on it. Love eachother as Gods love eachother.

Do not worship, do not adore, do not raise imaginary people on pedestals, do not worship the dead, do not worship the living. Worship yourselves, for you are the pinnacle of Creation. You, you are the only thing in the universe truly worthy of reverence. Do not allow any individual to claim the authority that belongs to each and every one of you. Do not allow the authority of god to be usurped; the authority of God can only be exercised when each and every one of the components of God; each and every individual life that forms the race of Man has hand on that tiller.

Do not doubt yourselves. For there is no higher court to judge you but yourselves. You must judge for yourselves what is right, but do so with clear and calm reflection. If each and everyone of you has their say, than the decisions should carry the full weight of a judgement of God, but do not forget the court of appeal shall be your children. Have a mind to the future, for that is the true meaning of judgement in the next life.

Treat the entirety of Creation as yours, use it wisely. Use your knowledge and do not be afraid to try that which seems daunting. The road to possessing the powers of God, which your authority already entitles you to, is fraught with risk. But have faith in yourselves that the wisdom and intelligence you possess between you will lead you on some false paths from time to time, but ultimately those false paths will lead to the right answers.

Do not divide yourselves against eachother, for it is then you revert back to the animals you were, for all the knowledge you use to fight eachother. Treasure your uniqueness for sure, treasure your communities, but do not treasure your divisions above your unity, be loyal to your species before your nation, to your species before your colour, to your species before your creed.

And do not keep asking the past. The past is gone, it is merely the series of events that transpired to create the present. It cannot be altered and cannot be undone. It stands like a warning, a warning of hardships you endured and shows the signs of how these patterns may be avoided, but it has no power over you.

Ask the voices of the past what they know, but do not ask them what they think you should do. They bequeathed the world they built and they passed on their knowledge, but a gift confers no rights. You, not they hold the authority to pass judgement today. Because you must live with the consequences of your judgements, that consequence is long past for them.

Seek to make the future better and not to change the past. You have the authority of God, but never, never did any scheme of thought your ancestors devised did it ever allocate the deity with the power to alter what was done. What was done must be lived with.

Forgive, but do not forget. If you forget you will not make the future better, but if you do not forgive you will never leave the past. You will never reach the world that will exist because you will live like a ghost in a world that no longer does.

Not only does that world no longer exist, but the sinner that sinned against you is no more and you are no longer the sinned against. To not forgive, is to wish to remain something you are no longer.

Do not pursue hate. Hate is the thwarting of your love, it is the allowing of your bitterness to build up, it is wishing the energy of your love will annihilate that which stands in the way of your individual love, when all that really stands in the way of your love is to throw your love into the love of the rest of Man.

And never forget that which you are. Animals are individuals, unable to connect to eachother, each one pursuing their selfish battle to live.
God is one.

You are human, because your individuality shines through strongest in your collectivity, because in humanity alone can the individual truly rise above the mere flesh and aspire to being a free soul, paradoxically, by accepting the collective will, by being a part of the Godhead, not bound in servitude to it.

Surrender your body to your species and find that your soul is freed in return.

You are Man.

Which makes you God in the making.


Anonymous said...

Crushed. You OD’d on Arthur C Clark again didn’t you.

I figure it’s a better bet our ancestors for most of pre-history saw things in terms of every thing, and place, had a spirit. And it was all on quite a human scale. The spirits were not so different to us, just more immaterial. They needed stuff/favours from us and we needed stuff/favours from us. A bit of quid pro quo.

I bet humans came up with the idea of the big gods and monotheism, as society became more complex. It helps control the people. Like they were conned into the “merely” human stuff and they “should not question”, stuff by the ones who wanted to be in charge.

As for the ancestors ashamed of their pedigree as mere animals. I guess in this case you mean our great, great, grandparents, or maybe some of them at least.

Also is it really to our credit that we evolved? Wasn’t this a long series of dice rolls where the best results for the existing conditions were selected for. We would not be here if we had not.

And you are talking down the idea of god earlier in the post. But then you invoke him. And it is a him you invoke, not a her.

I do agree we should take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. But I think it is a bit like a case of “Look after the pounds and the pennies look after themselves”.

Look after the individuals and you automatically look after all. Start thinking collectively and you tend loose sight of the individual.

Anonymous said...

I mostly agree with moggs tigerpaw here. but i do think the hyper-individualism of America (and to only a teensy but lesser extent Canada) has come at a great cost, and ironically isolated the individual into a lonely little corner with his headphones and his nine, scared of the big bad world out there.