Friday 21 November 2008

La Femme- A Woman With a Voice Worth Listening to

It's rare this blogger promotes other bloggers.
Time was when I did. Time was when I wholly subscribed to the game 'link me, link me, link me'.

Nowadays, you get a link when it's right you get one.

So for any blogger who has been linked through this blog in 2008, you had that link because the quality of your blog DESERVED it.

I don't DO that game any more. If I link you in a post, it really is because I WANT my readers to follow that link to support my point, not because I want to curry favours with you. If you read a post of mine and I link to you in it, it really is because I think your post says it better than I can.

Likewise, my blogrolls. The Blogpower one stays at the top. It will always do so whilst I remain a member of that organisation. One day, that could change. As things stand, that will never happen. I do not agree with the opinions of every member of that organisation, but if there is a single member of that organisation who can truly say they are dedicated to the underlying ideals of the Blogpower ethos more than this blogger is, let them speak now, or forever hold their peace.

I will continue to display that blogroll at the top, because of what it MEANS. Until we truly have a proper organisation of bloggers, with the same ethos of a Trade Union, dedicated to protecting the rights of individual writers, no matter who they are, to write freely without their blogs being sullied by personal issues, Blogpower is the best of all collectives of Independent writers out there. And I will stand by that principle, and I will stand by Blogpower to deliver for every Blogger who joins our ranks.

Now we come to the blogroll below.

I have total freedom to add who I want to that. But what is the point of it?

I don't use it, I'll tell you now. My blogroll ISN'T for my use. I read you all through Google Reader. I probably click a link on my blogroll once a week. Just to chase up a comment where I asked a question. Or where I know the comment I left was provocative as hell.
My blogroll isn't there for me.

It's for you.

Sticking a blog on my blogroll, is me endorsing it. It's me saying, I'm happy to send traffic that way.

If you're on my blogroll, it means I'm happy to be associated with you. More than that, I've weighed up the pros and cons, and decided you're an asset to this blog.

Time was when my own convenience would have been a factor. Those days are long gone. If I link you, it means I think you're a person who has something to say. It doesn't mean I agree with you. I link Wayne of Central News. I most certainly do NOT agree with him. Not on his party politics. But his politics aside, he blogs the way bloggers should. So I'm happy to promote him, regardless of what he says.

Put simply, I don't care what your views are, be a good blogger who wants to talk, I'm in, and you're connected to this blog. If you want to behave like a twat, I don't want to know.

This isn't a fucking lonely hearts column.

Some of us are actually here because we want to seize the opportunity to DO something about the dire state of human affairs.
So if you want to use your blog to whinge on incessantly about your broken heart, please, go die quietly in a corner from it. Grow up. Stop being a teenager. Or die from it. One or the other. Frankly, I don't care much. Adults get over these things.


La Femme.
That was the point of the post after all, wasn't it?

Why am I promoting La Femme? Me, who has only ONCE in 2008 run a post actively promoting a blogger.
Mon Dieu is a new-ish blog. She post irregularly.

Well, I'm hoping she'll post more.

To be honest, I just like her comments. I like the person that comes through. She argues with me. She puts me down. BUT.
It's not that she does those things, it's that she has a right to do so when she does. She doesn't pull her punches, but nor should she.

Her comments hit exactly the right spot. There are (were) some commentors whose comments we DIDN'T want. Because they weren't constructive, just ad hominem arguments. For example, I write a post about my ex girlfriend, they write a comment about... 'oyu are an emotional predator who ants to found a cult to gangbang women'...

And then we had Faht Twat (now an unlamented blogging memory I think) and his his 'Ey up, you's a bit queer lad' comments...

No, we don't much care for those type of comments...

I delete them, because they add nothing to the comments section. It's not censorship, it's removing unrelated drivel- comments that do not relate to the post. Comments made by people who are incapable of divorcing personal sentiments from blogging.


La Femme is different.

I know very little about her, except she writes posts, when she does, with passion, and she comments with courage and conviction.

Actually, let's take that further, I know Jack Shit about her, except she comments with courage and conviction.
But just having that, means nothing. I'm sure Gary Glitter could blog with courage and conviction.

I like her convictions.

I like the way she clearly feels inside. I have full respect for the person she shows herself to be- or the person I've seen her as, anyway.

I think the Blogosphere could do with more bloggers like her. And I really hope she'll grace us with a lot more posts showing us the thoughts that operate within a mind of such high quality.

And I hope she'll continue to come here and tear my posts to pieces with her sardonic, incisive wit.

I have a lot of respect for you, La Femme of Mon Dieu.

I am honoured to have a mind of your quality and a heart of your strength throw my own thoughts back at me to re-evaluate.

And I hope you really grab this blogging bug, and really start to proselytise the beauty that I THINK is your mind.


Anonymous said...

I also really like La Femme. I think she's fab. I hope you asked permission to use her image on here eh?


Anonymous said...

Right on. I have a few blogs I read that are not on my links, but usually not because I don't like the writer.

Although, I'm a bit of a sap, and if I like a person and what they have to say, then usually that's enough. But that's because it's rather like a sponsorship. And it has little to do with real world attractions--it's all about the mind and the words or art the person uses to express what is in their minds, be it coherence or chaos. There needs to be a certain amount of earnestness in their endeavor, or at the very least, creativity. Both is nice! But sometimes I like most what I can see the person becoming. I have a teacher's soul, so I look at potential and I like to see people grow.

Blogging became part of my life through art. I link all manner of blogs, from artistic blogs, to memoirs, to political blogs, but it all comes down to the way it is presented. If it think a person is a full of their self or tries to pass off opinion as fact, then I won't--and I probably won't read them, either.

What hits me as poignant in your post is the mention of abusers of this medium who are carrying out a personal agenda. I had problems with a person like that, who still is an active blogger. Oddly enough, I know this person from RL, went to college with him. He tried saying of me the same thing you have have had said of you, said that my blog is basically my cultish meat market where I groom future conquests. More or less.


If I have ever been laid from my blog, will the reciprocant please say 'aye'? (we share quite a few readers, so i ask this here, lol) Let alone that I would be setting up a sex-cult...

I went to war in words with this person over that--not just what he said about me, but what he was saying about my readers. I don't think he even noticed that a large part of my readers are men.

But as I told him, "why let facts get in the way of a good old fashioned slander-fest". Faht Twat indeed.

Some people are just made uncomfortable by feelings and sensuousness put into words. And as you know many people are made uncomfortable by clearly worded ideas of a philosophical or political nature.

In the end, I responded by continuing to do what I dis. I went even deeper into my art. His foul criticisms and insults only made me that much more sure that I was on the right track.

Now, off to visit La Femme.

Have a good one, mate!

Anonymous said...

hehe, i did wonder if it was her pic. she should post more. she looks nice! :-)

Anonymous said...

Um, thanks.

But yeah, could you please take my photo down?

I appreciate your sentiment, notwithstanding the fact that I am more than a little convinced that your ramblings are the result of some rather colourful drug induced trips.

PS - If any of the crazies start coming over to my blog then I will not be happy!