Wednesday 12 November 2008

This Bitch Writes

For those who don't quite know me - I'm a wannabe writer that guest stars on this blog every now and then when I have something to discuss (besides when I'm not on my own blog).

This time, not to discuss, but to shamelessly promote myself... so here it goes:

I'm taking one more plunge into the unknown. I have signed up on the HarperCollins site Authonomy and the Swedish offspring Kapitel1 where I'm publishing my books.

Be kind, get in there, read, comment, rank me. The more comments and better ranks the better - what's at stake, you ask? Well, the most popular books can get a real book deal out of it. So, up me and I'll get my biggest dream coming true:

I get to press my hand against my chest, just like Carrie in SatC, and say

"I'm a writer!"


Here's the Authonomy/HarperCollins site
And here's the Kapitel1 site

Same content, only that HarperCollins is 100% English, while Kapitel1 has some Swedish framing and buttons. The books are in English (two of them, so far).



Anonymous said...

Hello. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

dude, I already spammed everyone on my IM list - and did a hell of a job doncha think ;)

Just remember - if i get fired from my new job cuz I'm playing your unofficial PR agent, you are the one who has to support me. just so we are clear. :p