Friday 28 November 2008

Shifty Dude

Just to amuse you whilst I write the next post, because I think I might actually end up going to bed before its completion, I thought I'd share this pointless clip with you.

Only it's not really. It's an insight into one of those little things that make no ense to anyone but me and the Baker.
Every so often it will happen that one of us will say 'I reckon Shifty Dude would fit in here' or 'Do you reckon Shifty Dude could abseil that building?' or somesuch remark relating to this curious character we refer to us Shifty Dude. Shifty Dude appears at varying intervals in our banter. And people always say 'Who IS Shifty Dude?'

And the answer is....

That shifty looking dude in the Sinbad cartoon. We watched it early on a Sunday morning after a VERY heavy weekend. We couldn't really follow it, because we hadn't slept much, but this guy made us laugh. And we couldn't work out what his name was (it's Rat, apparently), so we just called him Shifty Dude.

Yeah, ok, it's lame, but I thought this little insight into the things that amuse the Baker and I might amuse you...

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