Monday 27 August 2007

God Exists- By a Majority of 34

Though there was a very interesting surge over the weekend, from an early lead for the Atheists.

Ah, well.
Nothing exciting to vote on this week really.
Fact is, I'm pretty tired, exhausted and fed up with blogging.
Don't really want to go into it.
Some of you probably read between the lines.

I do enjoy this medium, but sometimes...

Not sure I really want to say any more.
It may pass.

Fact is there is a lot positive you can say about it. I don't really need to go into the good aspects of it, I've done so here, and most of you know them anyway.

But you know the downsides too.

Has it got a purpose?
Or is it just a waste of time?

I really like to believe it has a purpose. That we are doing something good here.
But I am going through a slight crisis of faith on this.

Oh well, there you go, even I get depressed sometimes.
It shouldn't last long.
I'm off to the pub, hope the rest of you had a good weekend!

let me know what you think, does blogging serve a purpose?

Have your say!


Anonymous said...

Once you start blogging, purely for the sake of blogging ... it loses all purpose. Sorry to say.

I know.

I believe in the wisdom of immediate decision making, i rarely regret instant decisions. I suggest you take one.

Whatever the outcome, your blog will still be here the next time you decide you want to blog. Either way, it sounds like a break would do you good.

Have pint on me.

Anonymous said...

God Exists - By a Majority of 34

That settles that then. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's really easy to flag - but you can't force yourself to write an interesting piece in my opinion. Something has to spark your imagination before you can write something worthwhile on it.

Because you have to be interested in it to bother to write well. After all, what motivation is there apart from sparking a "useful" conversation? It's not like you're getting paid for it!

Your loyal readers can perfectly well wait till you're ready to post the next incisive article.

Anonymous said...

It's our Speakers Corner. Our corner of the sky. It works for most of us, gives us a chance to hear what others are saying, thinking, doing. I don't think it's a waste of time. The moment I do, I will stop.

That being said, we all need breaks sometimes, respites between brilliance. Maybe you just need a break.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse there is a purpose...blogs are my source of news.
They are honest and they reflect the opnion of real people.
I like your topics, they r usually debatable. It's nice to read the opinions of different people and share your own.
My blog does relfect my sole voice but sometimes, I take the role of an activist and discuss other peoples misfortunes.

Anonymous said...

David- I'm not really a taking a break person.
I'm the sort of person who rings work on their days off.
I actually have a lot of post material, I could keep blogging for years on what I still plan to blog on.
Hey, I'll feel more optimistic tomorrow. Even I get down from time to time.

Ed- As I said above, really.
I do actually care about what I write about.
My black moods never last long.

Alexys- I don't think it's a waste of time, not really.
Your blog is a regular inspiration to me.
I promise I will post something more to your standards tomorrow :)

Sorry everyone for such a downbeat post.
Just treat the poll as market research.

Anonymous said...

Kizzie- Thanks for restoring my faith :)

Anonymous said...

as for God, i demand a recount

Anonymous said...

blog is what you put in and make of it. sometimes i need to focus my energies towards other things. sometimes i want to focus my energy on not blogging. the purpose for me is to spark interest, enlighten, and entertain. sometimes it's simply to bitch and complain. whatever the purpose, it does keep me busy.

Anonymous said...

As long as you enjoy blogging and get something out of it that you were seeking – attention, , confirmation, entertain, friends, admiration, a place to vent out, a wall just to straighten out your thoughts, an online diary – I’d say it has a purpose.

Dunno why ppl (including yours truly) have the tendency to overanalyze everything to smithereens. I mean cant you just relax and admire a flower without getting into the whole process of its survival, and the organis structure of it? If it aint broke, why fix it.

So I say, do whatever makes you feel better – whether it is blogging or going to the pub. (although I gotto confess, the blogging world wont be quite the same without you).


Anonymous said...

Mr Crushed
Some of these chaps have you dead and buried.But, no... I sense that you are genuinely smitten with this blogging baloney. Perhaps compulsive, daily blogging tends to degenerate into a bit of chore. Slow down a bit,eh?

Anonymous said...

The cyberworld is not a real world. Relationships in cyberspace are not real - only when you meet in RL do they become real. Therefore, because they are not real, there is never anything to be upset about. There is no place for emotion in cyber space except anger at richard craniums in the govenment who take away more of our rights every day. There is no betrayal, no et tu Brute. None of it is real.

Things go on. People who make judgements on what they know can change those when they know more. then they can change back. Anyone can be suspected of anything but then time shows if it is so or not.

Time is good because things alwasy return to normal in the end. So yes, blogging does help and is a unique way of operating, especially if you have a readership.

Anonymous said...

Blogging has a purpose...for me its having fun, learning new things and getting new perspectives or a good laugh! I really enjoy blogging but sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of time blogging. You'll feel better soon! We will be here when you get back!

Anonymous said...

Why God doesn't exist:

Based on the most recent series of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Outa Here.

The first clip is of the eventual winner of the show jumping from a helicopter attached by a bunjee. His shouts "Oh, my fucking God !"
Not only did the bunjee remain intact but he went on to win £5m of prize money and contracts afterwards.

Also the lovely Mylene Klasse - perfect in every way - who was a contestant in the show is esconced, not with a fighter pilot or dashing young paediatrician, but with a brutish and oafish drug dealer.

There is no God, E-K says so and that is final.

Anonymous said...

As for blogging serving a purpose ?

You can easily find that you've spent a beautiful morning fixed to the screen or neglected your loved ones.

We flatter ourselves that we have more coverage than we do and that we are, perhaps, more important than we are.

On the plus side, compatible characters find themselves gravitating naturally towards communities for which they have a natural affinity. To be honest you would be more effective intruding on bloggers with whom you are at odds, but this would be hard work and not half as pleasing.

I feel that my life is better for it, but I can see areas which are now lacking because of it.

Stan's right, lax of a bit.

Anonymous said...

Raffi- I know only too well, I try to multitask and schedule evening calls and do them simultaneously, usually on speakerphone. It annoys my best mate, he accuses me of being antisocial.
At weekends he gets suspicious when I leave the living room- rightly suspecting I'm off to check comments.
He'll then come in and annoy me till I go back to the living room.

A recount probably would be fair, the Yes vote soared in two days. Much as I think 'Yes' myself, I do think there was some concerted voting somewhere.

Crashie- I just needed a few beers and a good sleep.
Had both, feeling better now.
For me, it is really just an outlet for my thoughts, well one of them.

I tend to conceptualise everything- I like everything to link together.

To me, a flower is simply an Angiosperm, I'm afraid.

Stan- It has become a stock game in Real Life to try find my URL.
My mate warned me the others in our social circle are trying to get him to blab. He won't.
Let's just say I have an Irish temper, and it went yesterday, but yes, I guess I am a bit smitten.

My flatmate is also spared 'thought for the day', because it ends up here.

Sir James- 'There is no place for emotion in cyber space except anger at richard craniums in the govenment who take away more of our rights every day.'

This has ALWAYS been my position.
I don't like arguments in real life either- I mean bitter ones, as opposed to debates.
Life's too short, and it's regressive in our stage of development, I feel.

Jenny- To me the main purpose is, I'm too disorganised to actually write down anything I think, this gives me an incentive to do so, plus go and se pints of view, you don't find elsewhere.

E-K- To me, saying God doesn't exist is looking at a tree and saying wood doesn't exist.

Ok, no bloke with a big white beard sitting on a cloud, but the universe does have purpose and direction.

To be honest, E-K, I think I am at odds with many bloggers I visit, the debate is interesting.
And then we have fine scientific posts, like yours the other day!

I'm not really a relaxing person. You'd proably think me a little highly strung if you met me.

Anonymous said...

I know this is horrendously cliched... but blogging serves a purpose by getting me to write again for myself.
I became so bombarded by writing for another purpose (read--academic) that I forgot there was something enjoyable about this (highly self-centred) process. And it's a hell of a lot less demanding that writing a novel.

Anonymous said...

Blogging CAN serve a purpose, but often it doesn't serve any useful one. I actually would not blog unless to spread a message (like Alexys). Yet I do, purely to entertain myself and others. Does that count as a purpose?

I think many bloggers are getting tired. It may be a good thing; time for us to look around and start tallying up the accounts of life... then decide what we do with the precious time we have left...:-)

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure god will be glad to hear it. Re blogging, I think the next few years will be very exciting because we don't yet know where this medium will take us. Hope you felt better after going to the pub. Buon coraggio.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is a very strange activity if you think about it. For me it's just a hobby for I have nothing interesting to say but consider it more of a technical challenge. I do think the people one "meets" make it the most interesting thing for me.

I enjoy reading what you have to say, so hope you don't go away. You are a very good writer and you mix up your topics to keep the readers interested.

Anonymous said...

Princess P- It's not overly self-centred, in that you shield your real identity, but it's nice to be able to say what you want, when you want.

Eve- It fills in the hours betwen Work and Friends and is better than watching TV.
I think it's useful.
For me, there is a deeper reason, I want to get feedback on my worldview from people other than my close friends.

Welshcakes- I agree, there is a lot to be said for it, though it has downsides.
Backstabbing, deceit and duplicity amongst them.

jmb- I think people's motives for blogging vary- for me, it's a record of my worldview.
For me, it's also rewarding, because I am what is known as a compulsive communicator.

I hope to be able to continue for a while yet.