Sunday 12 August 2007

Thank God That's Over

By which I mean the summer.
Summer in an odd numbered year.
I hate them.

I'm not the only one either. I know loads of people who have been saying how time really has dragged until the season starts again.

And how.
It's three months without one of backdrops to life.
One you take for granted.

It's not so bad in even-numbered years, you get a few weeks of England getting your hopes up for nothing to keep you going (Though, seriously, the World Cup to is more important than Christmas or anything else, I do not miss a game. Period)

It's not just having no fooball to watch, it's not really having football to talk about.
It's not being able to ring uo your mates to wind them up when Tottenham LOSE one Nil to SUNDERLAND.
Hey, we were never going to beat Chelsea! 3-2 is GOOD.

We'll hammer The Villa, and get a good mid table finish.

And that's all I want.

I often find it stange when people who don't like football complain that they have to put up with it being the main focus everyehere for about a month every two years.

How do you think the rest of us feel about No Footie for THREE months, every two years?

I do feel a part of my life is gone, when the season is over.
Football is easily the best game ever invented, every other sport is tedious by comparison.
Football is simple, no daft rules, no complex scoring system, just twenty men, a ball, and moments of brilliance.

And the passion.

It really is a beautiful game.


Anonymous said...

Shudders... now if you were talking about hockey I would understand, but football? football?

Anonymous said...

Yay Im third!!

Anonymous said...

Mr Ingsoc - you have hidden shallows! Honestly, all this fuss about a bunch of blokes kicking a ball about, and by the way I always thought there 11 in a teams making 22 of the boring buggers.. I don't, by the way, object to football per se... its better than the grinding and unutterable tedium of the Olympics..

Anonymous said...


Another football addict.

Unfortunately (for you) I'm originally from Manchester and can't wait to watch the glorious Red Devils stomp all over that bunch of nancy boys from Birmingham.

I ask you....a girlie for a Chairperson and Steve Bruce.

You're going down mate and we're going to help you.

Seriously....any time you want to talk football I'd be happy to join you.


Anonymous said...

Not too much into sports of any kind! I agree with Helen that hockey is fun! I like going to sports games, but never watch at home!

Anonymous said...

C by I,

Sorry...its got to be rugby union!

I'll enjoy your goodwill to your sport though - people like you are fine ambassadors!

Anonymous said...

Although, we don't get much football in America and Beckham is causing more frustration by NOT playing here in L.A., the fans here are not as vicious as the fans in England. If they were, at least they would have something to do while waiting for Beckham to get his British end up. I think George Best was the best.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you confirmed which sport it was about half-way through, Crushed, or I wouldn't have known - even with the pic - I'm so unsporty! I'm with Mutley - sorry! When the last WC was on I emailed BBC World for they even gave the "Hard Talk" slot - the only one reminiscent of Radio 4 at its best - over to football talk. I received a stupid reply, as I expected. The only time I ever liked football was when I was very young and used to go to watch Bristol Rovers with my Dad - because there was a handsome young player called Bobby Jones who took a sexy corner! [Is that the right verb? Do you "take " a corner?] I always slam off the sports "news", too, because to me it isn't "news". And as for that gun-chewing Feruson character or whatever he's called - ugh! I'm going to stop or I'll be here all night....

Anonymous said...

Totally agree.

It’s the sense of anticipation that one wakes up with on a Saturday morning that gradually build until 15.00hrs, nerves increasing, appetite decreasing.

The rollercoaster of emotions during games.

But perhaps best of all a sense of belonging. Where complete strangers who wear your colours can become friends in minutes because of a shared passion that is deeply felt.

A runner up to music as the universal language me thinks.

Anonymous said...

it's the only downside of living out here in the arse end of the anglosphere. all they talk about is football - no, not soccer, but rugby bloody league.

Anonymous said...

No post today? Are you feeling ok? Would a virtual blow job pick you up?

Anonymous said...

And whereabouts in the UK does Grendel come from might I ask ?

Or - to be more precise - who does he support ?

If this is going to turn into a soccer talking, fag smoking, beer swilling blog we might as well know where we all stand.


Anonymous said...

Merlin - I'm a North London ex-pat now living on the South Coast, which in historical terms is the right side of the river for me. Does this provide enough ammunition?

Anonymous said...

Helen- Football will always be the beautiful game.
The love a man fel;s for his tram is one of the most all consuming sentiments.

Mutley- It's the adrenalin, all football is great to watch, but when Blues beat Villa, it's better than england raising The Jules Rimet trophy...

Merlin- Karen Brady looks very good in the team strip.
Hey, I support my team for the love, not the glory :)
We won't go down.

Jenny- To be honest, I get quite aggro during matches.
Football isn't quite like any other sport, it's almost like war.

Scrob- Never quite got in to Rugby. I guess part of the great thing about football is it's mass appeal. It's IS part of life- one of those things you do discuss every day.

Alexys- I hate to say my own behaviour on the terraces has not always been exemplorary. I am prone to long abusive tirades, screeching at the top of my voice at match officials.

George Best.
Maybe, but have you ever heard of Bobby Latchford?

Welshcakes- Even if I'm not actually at a game on Saturdays, much of the afternoon will still be taken up with watching it on Telly.

In Even numbered years, I take my holiday round tournament time.

Grendel- The thing with St Andres is that it is very prominent and many roads converge near it.
To see the sea of blue coming down the Coventry Road and Green Lane is amazing.

Pommy- I would really miss football.
What else would I shout myself hoarse about, or hug other men about?

Phish- It certainly would, but as you see, I'm back anyway.
Is the offer still open?

Merlin, Grendel- I hate to tell you both, the future is bright.
The future is blue.

Anonymous said...

Oh it’s blue all right but I fear that it's to Kensington we must look rather that our beloved second city.

Never mind, I think we can all agree about ‘s*****g on the villa’ though :-)

Anonymous said...

Grendel- They have this odd idea they were founded before us, but every bluenose knows, they were started as a CRICKET club.

Though I still yearn for the days when they were owned by Ellis and managed by Taylor...

Anonymous said...


If you want to really bury football, you will have experienced that in America. You should just move to Victoria or Adelaide. All they talk about here is AFL. Rugby League does not exist.

I miss the emotional involvement and the routines that Crushed talks about, but not that much.