Thursday 23 August 2007

Time And Tide Wait For No Man

It's amazing how people will spend considerable time budgeting their money, but no one pays much attention to budgeting their time.

It's so precious.
Time is money.
We only have so much.

And like money, the important point is, how much you have now.
Timeflow is as crucial as cashflow.

I was listening to a work colleague some time back discuss how she planned her shopping, by working out what was cheaper where.
By my reckoning, the shopping trip must have involved a four hour journey, a full tank of petrol and five supermarkets.
Is it worth it for a twenty pound saving a month?
For three times as long as just going to the nearest one?

Do you think you are selling your free time well?
I don't.

The fact is, there are one hundred and sixty eight hours in the week.
Factor in travelling time and other randomness, you can fairly allocate fifty to fifty five hours to work.

Take out Shopping, Eating, The Bathroom, Domestic Chores and other essential life tasks, you are left with around a hundred hours.

That might sound a lot.
But fifty hours or so is considered a good week's sleep, and thirty five is really a bare minimum.
You can't get by with much less.
Not if you are able to keep going.

And Life is like a never ending stream of bills, eating into our overdraft.
You never have the time you think.

Factor in somewhere between ten to thirty hours on friends. It depends on the week, but these are the rough guidelines.
Factor in ten to fifteen hours blogging- It IS time consuming, but if you are reading this, you know these figures are accurate-ish.
Factor in five hours television or DVDs.

Now looking at the upper limits of these demands, we have already lost our hundred hours.

In weeks where social life demands the full thirty, there isn't much room for anything else.

And here come the unexpected bills, we forgot about before we worked out our budget.

There is your mother you never visit.
There is your grandmother you never visit.
There are the interesting places you never take a Saturday afternoon to visit.

And now the football season has started.
That's another four hours a week at least!

And where could you fit a relationship in?
Long term?
You can juggle it for a bit, after that you are in trouble.

Something has to give.

For me, it's usually sleep.
I really don't sleep enough.
Four to five hours, most weekdays.
I try to catch it up at weekends, but I always wake up on Monday STILL feeling exhausted.

Is it like this for everyone?

Thank God for the Bank Holiday Weekend.
Nice Long Baths, Nice Long Sleeps...


Anonymous said...

no one budgets their time!

here speaks a man with no children. Ask any one who has kids, everything is planned for virtually every minute of the day!

Anonymous said...

I have a child and I don't have everything planned for every minute of the day...Cityunslicker!

Time managment is tricky...since i blog at work...that doesnt have ot interfere with my at home time!

Anonymous said...

I don't "budget" time or money but I know full well how much of each I have from week to week and month to month.

I am short on both at the moment!!

Spending hours shopping for the best deal is only worth it on high value items like cameras and TVs, no point in wasting 20 minutes in the car to get to a faraway supermarket. Perhaps that is where we as a nation are getting it wrong.

I hate the idea of a 70 hour work-week but know plenty of people who do it just to earn a few grand more, but when do they get the time to spend it to enjoy their life?

Anonymous said...

The old adage quality, not quantity comes into play. I always have time to do what I want. Time IS valuable which makes our choices of how we spend it even more valuable. The right choices can give us thousands of dividends on our time.

Alas, even with that being said, I still find time slipping away by the minute. (ha ha) ;D

Anonymous said...

Good post crushed. Even retired I don't seem to have enough time for everything I want to do so I too sacrifice sleep. Luckily I don't seem to need as much as I used to.

Anonymous said...

I dont' know where my day goes, or my time. I know I can waste a lot of it on here sometimes but other than that, my whole life is whizzing by. But kids will do that to you!

Sometimes I pray for just a whole day in silence and solitude, but it ain't gonna happen any time soon :)

I also miss my bed and my doona very much.

Anonymous said...

CityUn- I can't see where I'd fit any of that in.
I have respect for those who do, I don't know how thyey do it.

Jenny- I always seem to be multitasking, often badly.
Alas, blogging comes out of my time!

Ed- I agree, having time to me is more important. You only need as much money as you have time to spend it in.
anything else is silly, if you think about it.

Alexys- I always find myself short of time, rusking round like a crazy person. Often, I even eat on the move.
The sands of time seems a good way of looking at tio me.
They never stop flowing.

jmb- I cat nap a lot. If I see a nap window, I'm prone to taking it.
What's worse is the amount of times I go to bed and can't sleep till three AM, because I'm still toomentally active.

Betty- It's the weekends. Where they do they go?
That alarm seems to go off Monday far too soon after I get home Friday.
Children, I'm lucky, I don't have that extra issue to worry about, I don't how people cope.

Anonymous said...

I have had myself cloned to cope with this problem and all it did was double the problem!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in todays society, we are overloaded. With everything. We have little time for ourselves. And when we do get it, we spend it thinking about other things.

Myself, I'm a big multi tasker. I spend my tv hours blogging. And what little time I do spend watching tv is also used for exercise. My social time is usually spent dancing (more exercise) or eating.

Weekends are when I get my proper sleep. By Friday afternoon I'm usually looking like absolute shite. So I catch up on my sleep Sat and Sun am. Thats my time with the cats. I can laze in bed and read a book. Thats when I forget about the world for a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I was just considering posting on this - in the last three days, two people wasted my time and I'm seething.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever do any work for "The Firm"?
Personally, I haven't watched TV in years and sleep only about 5 hours a night. Demands of the job but the upside is ....I never find myself short of time and can balance most aspects of life rather well.

Anonymous said...

the time machine i constructed helps this problem you all have

Anonymous said...

I'm a splendid chap when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

Mutley- Two Mutleys!
Scary thought.
Both of you blog, you must do.
It explains how you get everywhere.
I think you must comment at all 75 million blogs in the world in a week.

Phish- The real problem for me is most of the parties I go to on Fridays (One to Two a month) are often still carrying on Saturday lunchtime.
This means most of my holiday is taken up annually on long weekends.
These weekends drain me otherwise and I physically can't make it through the week after.

Sir James- I know the feeling. I lose patience with people who waste mine. It's one of the few things REALLY makes me lose my temper.
It's theft of life energy.

stan- I balance it, but the balance rests on a knife edge, and some unscheduled time wasting can have dire consequences for me.
Trust me, I instinctively look at the time, about once every four minutes.
I'm always constrained by SOME deadline, or appointment.
Even if that's just with the duvet.

Raffi- Can it get me any extra two hours a day? I'll blog in those hours, and then free the other 24 up a bit.

Stan- We can't hear the trumpet you are blowing, you'll have to draw a picture.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, dear Crushed. I had an aunt who would spend goodness knows how much on petrol to drive to another town to save a couple of pence. Ridiculous! The same aunt gave no time to her husband, who divorced her, or her children, who couldn't wait to get away from her.

It's good that you are thinking about these things: one of the things I regret about my "career woman" stage is how little time I gave my lovely grandad. He deserved better. but in this demanding world, we can all only do our best.

Anonymous said...

It's true how we waste our time. I went to a motivation event which asked how much time we spent checking our emails. It should form a tiny part of our day, yet I'm always there clicking away in case any urgent message has been sent, which is never usually the casse.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey I have that clock on my blog mister! lol
sleeo well lol

Anonymous said...

Do you have Red Bull over there?

Seriously, after a few cans of that you don't even need to make up the sleep that you've lost.

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes- I feel guilty about my grandmother a lot, I occasionally see her at mass, but that's it much of the time.
The Home is in walking distance as well, but I haven't been in months.

Ellee- I get an alert on the screen when an email comes in, if I'm at this PC.
The Telephone and IM are mixed blessings, I think.

HB- I did think I'd seen it somwhere.
The power of suggestion, eh?

Phish- We do. If I go clubbing double vodka and Red Bull is what I'll drink.
Red Bull gives you wings...

But if you have no sleep between 6.00Am Friday and 3Am Sunday, the follwing working week can be draining.

Anonymous said...

I had four red bulls in one night a few weeks ago. It definitely does give you wings. I felt like I was on speed the entire night.

Was fun, but I'm not sure I'd do it to that excess again.