Sunday 5 August 2007

War is Peace- How the Terror Threat Works

It's very simple really.
The balance of power isn't in any real danger. There is no Mutually Assured Destruction. One side has all the bombs.
You are being deceived and encouraged to fear the muslim under the bed.
Trust me, he isn't there.

So how does this work, and what purpose does it serve?

Basically, in 1929, something earth shattering happened.
That permanent exponential growth that Capitalism needs to carry on, hit a plateau.
There was no more room to grow.
There were no consumers to find. The whole world was a world of consumers.
No more fresh markets.

The system began to give.

The World of the Thirties was a world seeking a way out of that crisis.
And it a found a strange way.
This is summed up pretty admirably by Orwell in the 'book within a book'.
Basically, it is the ONLY way you can actually make Keynesianism work.
Yes, you CAN spend your way out of a recession.
But only by deliberate waste of produce and energy.
This is best acheived by a perpetual war economy.

But to prevent it being truly damaging, its best to keep it a phoney war.

I think Hitler would probably have been quite happy bullying small nations in Eastern Europe, rather than fighting real wars.
The same is probably true of Stalin.

But no one was very good at the phoney war game, it was quite new.
The Britsh aim was just to keep playing the two dictators against eachother, whilst strengthening their own government against the left and the right, by uniting the people through fear of the ogres abroad.

It went badly wrong with Nazi-Soviet Pact, which panicked the government into taking Hitler on, in a war caused by clumsy attempts at Machiavellian politics.

After six years of war, and fifty five million dead, they learned better next time.

Because, this war sentiment worked a treat for getting people to surrender their liberties, for fear of a nebulous foe.
If only we never really had to fight.

And so forty years we had the war that would never really have happened.
No one was ever that stupid, that they'd have pressed the button.

But the fear acheive what our masters wanted, on both sides of the curtain.
We knew as little of real life in Romania, as the Romanianans did of England.

I'm not saying life in the Soviet Union was Utopia. It wasn't.
The threat was real, in the sense, that they theoretically COULD have beaten the west somehow.
But it was never likely.
Mutually Assured Destruction.

But it sustained a failing system.
The West survived on a war footing.

And then the Berlin wall came down.

And a new world was born.
A world without armed camps.

But then people started wanting change.
Murmurs of an end to exploitation in Africa, equal treatment for all.

Before the Berlin Wall came down, it was understood that Apartheid was propped up, Israel supported, right or wrong, Ulster Loyalism justified, by its cold war setting.
We backed the 'good' guys.

But now that was gone.
The armed camps were needed.
The demon of blame was needed.
Just as Hitler needed the Jews.
And Kennedy needed Kruschev.

So a cynical game of join the dots is played.

Dot One. A fanatical terrorist group, consisting of a handful of nutters in a cave in Afghanistan successfully hi-jacks a plane and flies it into the Twin Towers.
Shocking carnage. Easier to portray it as far more organised and less the result of sloppy intelligence and pure luck on behalf of the bombers, than it really was.

Dot Two. There is a regime in a country that happens to be Muslim, which the US don't like. It also has the majority of the world's oil and holds everyone bar Russia, France and China to ransom.
(Don't think France or Russia voted on principle at the UN, either).
The dictator has a SECULAR SOCIALIST ideology (of sorts) and persecutes Islamic fundamentalists, but hey, Rupert Murdoch will help out.

Dot Three. Poverty causes social alienation. Of all the non white communities in the UK, Poverty is most felt amongst British Muslims. The Hindus who came from East Africa brought much wealth them. Most Muslims were imported to do the lowest paid work.
They have higher unemployment than the white population. Young socially alienated males tend to espouse militant, even violent causes which target opposing socially alienated males.
In the poor white community, these young males join the BNP.
the socially alienated young Muslim male, further alienated by his different culture, joins similar groups.
The same hate from the same causes, but different skin tones.

Three separate problems.
One common cause.

It's easy then to jump to the conclusion that all the worlds problems can be solved by eliminating Islam.
And the great thing about this foe is he isn't real, and has no nuclear weapons.
It truly is a phoney war.

But they'll have your liberties all the same.

And when they have killed every last Muslim, who will be next?


Anonymous said...

I only popped by to see if you had any spare suntan oil.... Ill leave...

Anonymous said...

Worst part of all this is when people try to justify the actions and unbelieveable hate for other people/nations/cultures/religons by saying it's either God's will or for a higher good. I don't think I have to drop names in either one of those categories, do I?

Anonymous said...

Crushed, I am not aware that anyone is seriously arguing that "all the worlds problems can be solved by eliminating Islam". What I do know is that all attempts of interfaith dialogue in the West are based on a hopeless naivete.
I know that you are of the view that the Koran does not promote a religion of violence. Are you perhaps unaware that the Koran contains over 100 verses dealing with violence against "infidels". It exhorts good Muslims to exterminate the Jews before the "end of days." In much of the Islamic world, women are stoned to death and undergo clitorectomies. Gays are executed under the approving eyes of the proponents of Shariah.Islamism spells the death of liberal values. It strikes at the core values and traditions of western civilisation and it is on the march across much of the world. But what do many British and American Muslims actually believe?
You may remember a Channel 4 News survey of 500 British Muslims, carried out in june 2007 which found that nearly a quarter don't believe the four men identified as the London bombers were responsible for the attacks.
And a similar number say the government or the security services were involved. Nearly six in ten of those polled believe the government hasn't told the whole truth about the July the 7th bombings - and more than half say the intelligence services have made up evidence to convict terrorist suspects.
A UK Government adviser, Haras Rafiq, warned police just 3 days ago that as many as one in 11 British Muslims agree with and proactively support terrorism. He
also told officers at Scotland Yard that up to 20 per cent of the Muslim population ' sympathise' with militants.
In America, a recently-released Pew Research Center study on "Muslim Americans" deceptively entitled "Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream."
found that More than one in four Muslims (or 26%), aged 18-29, said "Suicide Bombing is Justified." 2% percent of them say it can often be justified, 13% say sometimes, and 11% say rarely.
More than one in four American Muslims, aged 18-29, support Al-Qaeda. 7% outright viewed it favorably, plus 19% don't know/refused to answer--for a total of 26%.
Maybe Gordon Brown should actually read the Koran, to realize that Muslim extremists are only following what is written within the texts of Islam:

We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve, because they set up with Allah that for which He has sent down no authority, and their abode is the fire, and evil is the abode of the unjust.

And prepare against them what force you can and horses tied at the frontier, to terrorize thereby the enemy of Allah...

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

The post-Christian West no longer takes religion seriously. But it had better wake up to the global challenge posed by a rising tide of Islamism.The goal of the Islamic fundamentalists is to abolish the Western, secular world order and replace it with a new Islamist divine order.The goal of the Islamists is a new imperial, absolutist Islamic world power.
The death of Islamism -rather than the death of Islam- is to be supported not appeased.

Anonymous said...

I apologise for the length of that post. But I have strong views on this issue.

Anonymous said...

CBI: I always thought you were slightly left of me, now I see you are more like so far left of me that I'd have to look behind me to see you.

That was truly an inspired rant, totally unbelievable but inspired nontheless.

Anonymous said...

I have some suntain oil for you Mutley...wait for me!

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory. Not sure that I believe all of it, or maybe I just don't WANT to believe all of it.

Anonymous said...

Crushed, yes, I can see how you're connecting dots as well to draw your conclusion. I don't think Hitler would have been content bullying smaller nations, and despite what turned out to be posturing, I think total annihilation was a tangible fear. through the middle of the twentieth century. The U.S. did use atomic threat in Japan. And that scared the shit out of a generation of people.

I do believe fear is used as a tool to manipulate, but I also believe hate and evil do exist in the world.

Anonymous said...

Mutley- I never even have a suntan, let alone sun tan oil.

Heart- Religous hatred is real, but out hatred of islam is explited as much as Islam itself is exploited. It's very easy to tap into. Its cultural roots are as strong as anti-semitism.

Istanbul T- There's a fait bit of the OT which is about the destruction of the Canaanites for the simple crime of being in the Holy land.
There are passages in the NT which might be viewed as anti-sentimitic, certainly have been used so.
I don't believe that Islamic fundamentalists seek a new world order, what we see as an anti-colonial reaction to western cultural imperialism.
It serves our governments well to paint it as the threat it is.

It's worth noting that if you'd asked many Irish living in the UK during the eighties how they regarded the IRA, the answers might have surprised as well.

Lord N- It's not about left and right, its about exploiting our fears to disarm the population and have us under surveillance before the coming crash and possible social breakdown.

Jenny- Enjoy your tanning!

Steph- The ways people have been controlled over the years haven't changed much. Uniting people against an evil evemy is a common one.
We really are being fed the lie that this one is the battle of Good versus Evil; Our Wonderful Progressive Western Way against evil Medieval Islam.

Helen- The only real war is awar for control of the world's resources.
That's the only thing people ever REALLY fight over.
The rest is gloss.

I think Hitler miscalculated hugely, but his push west in 1940, whilst surprisingly easy for him, wasn't in his original plans.

Anonymous said...

Are you arguing that Islamic fundamentalism poses no threat to the West? Of course, it does.
For the fundamentalists, Islam is primarily an "ism," a belief system about ordering power and wealth. The idea is simple: Islam must have power in this world. It is the true religion—the religion of God—and its truth is manifest in its power.
In the fundamentalist Muslim mind, the distinction between civil and religious, or political and sacred, cannot be made. It is all one.The current crop of fundamentalists are absolutely dedicated to eliminating the Western, secular world order. It is not a manufactured threat dreamt up to serve US foreign policy interests.
Until westerners recognize that Islamist forces are out to destroy our way of life, things will continue in a downward spiral.
In Europe,alas, its the 1930s all over again. It is precisely this type of gray thinking that leads to tolerance of the most intolerant.

Anonymous said...

Istanbultory says, "Until westerners recognize that Islamist forces are out to destroy our way of life, things will continue in a downward spiral."

But does that mean that we have to destroy their way of life (them) without first striving to get alongside, to understand, to co-operate?

Anonymous said...

Please note that I have used the word "Islamist" not "Muslim" in my two prior postings. You may confuse the two-I am always careful to distinguish between them.
And believe me, Islamists have not the slightest intention of ever trying "to get alongside, to understand, to co-operate" with you.

Anonymous said...

Crushed you have an amazing habit of being right about one thing but simultaneously wrong.

The government cooks up these fears not to sustain the capitalist system which you hate so much - it cooks up these fears so that it can pass draconian laws and sustain the governing party in government. There's nothing quite like a war to galvanise opinion ahead of an election.

I don't know why you hate capitalism so much but it is at least as good as any other system tried - and is by no means spent. We all all (worldwide) considerably richer than we were in 1929 BECAUSE of capitalism and the opening-up of markets in previously closed countries.

Anonymous said...

I thinks its kinda ironic how ppl interpret and see upon Islam. The word itself means “submission” or total surrender of oneself to God… which would basically mean that no one is better than the other since only God can “judge” => should be a religion of tolerance, respect & love.

Which it actually is – just a pity that people don’t know that and instead let the fear and so called terrorists & mullahs ignorance and powermaniacs like worlds leaders control and effect your view of the Muslims.

Ignorance is the biggest threat to humankind.

Anonymous said...

Crushed, I think I do understand and appreciate your intention the well that I do understand and appreciate the arguments of istanbultory and lord nazh.
As Mutley stated in other words: It's the complexity that is responsible for all these brainteasing and riddling conundrums which make it not easy to find the essential inheritent interior essence which is hidden in the root of the kernel of everything.

Anonymous said...

i agree with ed. stressing the word terror and inciting fear is a way to maintain control and compliance. politicians only care about agendas (usually money and power).

Anonymous said...

Istanbul T- Christianity also has the ultimate objective of converting the world.
As a practising Catholic, I believe in religous freedom for all, but i do believe my religion IS right and all the others not quite so right. I believe that other religions provide some truth, whereas mine provides the whole truth.
Therefore, I agree with ultimate conversion of the world as an objective of my church.
I don't want to see it done by fire and the sword, since I have faith that one day everyone will just come around to it.

Can't a Muslim see it that way too?

Liz- I think we might gain from the process too. The loss of faith in a purpose to life is braking down our society.
There is a positive side to faith, and they can help us relearn that.

Ed- Yes but power is sustained by minorities controlling the resources. Capitalism and Police States are mutually supporting.
The widening gap between rich and poor and the imending global recession means they'll need those powers to quell REAL opposition in the years to come.

Crashie- You are very right. There is a something very moving about seeing pictures of the thousands of pilgrims at Mecca. You look at the pictures and cannot help but be amazed. There's love in the hearts of those people, not hate.
Even the fundies love man, they just want to save him from the Great Satan.

Sean- The kernel is that the will to dominate others is the most powerful urge in most of us.
That explains most things in life.

Raffi- That was the point of the post. Way hysteria, it focuses public attention on ONE theme, to judge every other issue against. For forty years, it was the Evil russians, now its the global muslim conspiracy.
Emmanuel Goldstein.

Anonymous said...

An interesting set of dots you have there but you are still missing some important ones and until you have them you cannot guess the image before you.

You're getting warm, but no cigar today.


Anonymous said...

If you ask me - which I guess you wouldn't - the Russians are still pretty bloody evil... my bum has gone pink in the sun...anyone want to see it?

Anonymous said...

There's 1.6 Billion Muslims in the World.

There's only 15 million Jews. I think they are more vulnerable than the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

A point well made, Mr Jacobs. The Islamists have Jews at the forefront of their attention.

Anonymous said...

Wolfie- It may be I see a different connection.
I tend to look at it in terms of a global power structure.

Mutley- I don't buy that. I think politicians use latent cold war paranoia to scare us. They like doing that.

Jeremy- Yes, but liberal opinion is on the side of the Jews. People can't afford to be anti-semitic, they can afford to knock Muslims.

This government has proved that- look at Jack Straws remarks on Burkhas.
An appalingly cynical bit of flame fanning.

Istanbul T- I think the BNP in much of the UK feel they now have a carte blanche to victimise Muslims.

Numbers didn't save Uganda's Asians from Idi Amin.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Bonhoeffer here. I don't think Hitler would have been content with bullying small nations either. ALso a lot of Muslims have come to Britain as asylum seekers - they were not "brought in". I agree that there is a lot of scare-mongering and that the situstion is partly being used to take away civil liberties - but Crushed, what were your thoughts when you saw the images of the attack on Glasgow airport? Sadly a lot [not all] of these people hate us and despise us for standing up for liberty or for even having any freedoms in the first place. I am so sorry to say that.

Anonymous said...

Welshcakes- For all the talk of the terror threat, nothing we have actually seen yet in the UK compares to the IRA at its height.

But we didn't need 90 day dentention there.

Anonymous said...

Dead right.

Britain faces the threat of terrorism today because Tony Blair decided to join in George Bush's oedipal war against Iraq. His daddy had one so he wanted a bigger one.