Friday 24 August 2007

I Often Feel Like This

Depeche Mode are without a doubt the Greatest Band of all time.

Their versatility and innovation are unique.

The Lyrics are pure poetry- Martin Gore is a modern day Keats.
And David Gahan has an amazing voice.
And I have no problem about idolising him, because fortunately, he's the spit of me.

If you don't own any Depeche Mode, I have to say, why not?


Anonymous said...

Ah, Depeche Mode. Ultra is one of my favourite albums -- of theirs, if you dig.

Anonymous said...

I don't own any depeche mode because I've never heard of them.

Its a curse of being young.


Anonymous said...

I dunno why I don't - not of my era, I suppose. I'll take your word on them!