Thursday 30 August 2007

Have a Lovely Weekend

Well, I expect to back to be normal again next week, let's just say I have been under a lot of pressure lately, but Grandma Crushed didn't raise a quitter.

I'm going to the Chimney Sweep's stag do tomorrow- which, for those of you who know the story, will be an occasion of sorrow as well as joy for me.

The break will do me good as well.

This is Never Let Me Down, by Depeche Mode. It's meaning is a little ambiguous maybe, but the extreme powwer of friendship is a good interpretation.

The post below is one of my better ones in my opinion, so I really would value any comments anyone has.

Thanks all of you for being so supportive. It really does mean a lot to me.
Enjoy your own weekends!



Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend...even though there are bitter feelings need ot have fun for your friend! Great song too!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's going on in your life, but good luck and I hope things get better.

Have a good weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Have a relaxing weekend. Don't worry, be happy and keep the British end up. ;D

Anonymous said...

Let us all know what trouble you boys get into this weekend! I want to hear all about the hookers!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I don't think hookers are advisable. But definitely try to cop a feel of the strippers.

And don't shave anybodys eyebrows. They go all ingrown and gross when they come back through.

Anonymous said...

Trust Jenny! to lower the tone. Shock, horror!

Anonymous said...

Have a good one yourself. Let's hope it workd out for the Chimney Sweep all the same.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the stag. Hope for the best for Chimney Sweep, it may indeed happen. If it does not, never, ever say I told you so.
As to the Meaning of Life, I can't comment intelligently although I did understand what you were saying. From a traditional Christian upbringing I came to think of God as an energy force long ago.

Anonymous said...

awwwww, he is your good friend so try to be happy 4 him:)
Have a nice time!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Phishez , what's it to you? I had all ready told him anyway!It was all boys at one of their apts and they went to pubs.....sounded dull to me!

Anonymous said...

Jenny- He had a good send off- I was even able to have a fairly frank conversation with him, where I expressed the serious misgivings both myself and The Baker have about the whole thing, but that I would always be there for him.

He knows I mean it.

E-K- It was a great weekend, but not much sleeping been done.
I think sometimes you need a good night out with a large number of your mates- it reminds you how appreciated you are by the people who really matter.

Alexys- Relaxing it wasn't, but in terms of quality of intelligent discussion, it was truly amazing.

Jenny- No trouble and no hookers.
But there were several comedy moments.

Phish- I had already vetoed strippers or daft pranks.
None of us are rugby club types. In fact, it was a very civilised occasion.

Stan- Well, it was reasonable, in a sense. When I went through the plans with him on Tuesday, I offered him an Escort girl if he wanted one, but he didn't. I wouldn't have got him a working girl, it's supposed to be an important occasion, but I have no problem in principle with a man having a quality Escort girl on his stag do- it may be his last chance.

Welshcakes- I hope it does, if anyone can pull it off, it's him. I think his good heart is capable ofconquering any deceit on her part- or at least, i cling to that hope.

jmb- There's never much point in reminding someone that you forecast what came to pass- they know.
He's too important to me, for me to ever play genuine oneupmanship with him.

I think ultimately, we will find that religion ans science do say much the same thing- they are both attempts to explain the universe, and both developed on the basis of known truths.
I think religion often proceeds from instinctive truth- including the instinctive feling that the universe communicates with us.

Kizzie- He is my close friend, which is why I don't want him hurt long term.
Heis big enough and old enough to know that he doesn't have to choose betwen his friends and his partner, his friends will ALWAYS be there, throughout his life.
That's what friends are for.

Partners come and go.

Shelly- Thanks. I did.
I actually find parties and other social events my main reason for living.
This was one of the best I've been to this year.

Uber- Dull? We had some pretty amazing discussions- and I feel invigorated again.
Sometimes you just need to be reminded of what really matters in life.