Wednesday 9 April 2008

You Cannot Justify Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation- Period

Read the following passage.

The existence and power of the gay mafia

Not only is there a gay mafia but it is recognizable, well funded and politically active.

The "Gay Mafia" and "Velvet Mafia" are typically associated with the upper echelons of the fashion and entertainment industries, and the terms are also used humorously by gay people themselves, some looking to David Geffen as the unofficial head.

They're well funded and active:

Stonewall, the leading gay rights organisation, has an annual budget approaching £1 million, much of which is raised through the business community. Sponsorship, advertising and corporate fund-raising deals bring in enough revenue to fund a slick campaign, a spacious suite of offices in central London and a regular stream of champagne receptions and events.

And very much involved in changing legislation:

In a survey by YouthSpeak, the gay rights youth group which I chaired for a while, it was found that 84 per cent of young people valued social changes over legal reforms, and that over 70 per cent thought that most gay rights organisations put too much emphasis on trying to change laws.

There's more on the same theme.

The theme is that gay rights activists are pursuing an unholy agenda of seeking to brainwash the next generation into being gay, just to increase their numbers.

I have never heard such a ridiculous proposition.

History has been a series of battles by groups facing discrimination.

First, it was religious minorities. First they had to fight for rights, and then, after legal rights, the real battle.
To remove the social glass ceilings.

Catholics faced this struggle in the nineteenth century.
They got to vote in 1829. They were allowed to build their own churches in 1855. Most remaining anti-Catholic laws were repealed in 1925. But the real battle was a cultural one, a battle for Catholicism to be fully accepted as a cultural norm. Now nobody would ever think of treating a Catholic in any different way to anyone else. His/her religion, is just unimportant to how people see them.

Women are getting there. Their battle is still going, but we're on the homeward stretch. We're a long way from scolding braces and chastity belts.

But until the day when society applies EXACTLY the same moral code to a woman as it would to a man, we haven't come to the end of that battle.

Black people are a generation or two behind yet. Because societally, we haven't QUITE got away from the fundamental flaw in our thinking.

Even if you do try maintain that there is some kind of scientific proof that on average there are slight racial differences in features such IQ, body strength, size of organs, etc, you still miss the point.

It still doesn't mean you can guess the IQ, bodily strength or size of organs of an individual, merely on the basis of identifying their skin colour, anymore than being French means you wear a black beret, piss in roads and eat Camembert.

Until society as a whole accepts the logic of that proposition, we have not reached racial equality.

And people who choose to have same-sex sexual relationships, are still at the start of their struggle.
The law has only recently accepted that isn't in fact something so socially dangerous that we must criminalise it and class it as a disorder.
Reason why, whatever it is, it doesn't harm anyone. It's consensual, and nobody gets hurt.

But gay people are asking for more. They're saying, why treat us differently all, just because of this thing we do, that we've already agreed, doesn't harm anybody?

Who really cares who does it?

Their battle isn't won, until the day that nobody is sitting there giving a damn what sexuality their children turn out to be, and where no child feels uncomfortable about telling their parents as soon as they know, and not go through the agony so many gay people do, about how to tell people.

Which is what gay people still face. And they shouldn't.

It's so unnecessary that we as a culture, that we feel we still have to put people through that.
People, we've established, who aren't hurting anyone.

Moral, is trying to make humanity happier.
Immoral is justifying anything that causes more misery than it absolutely has to.

Advocating differential treatment to people on the basis of consenting activity between adults, is wrong. No matter how it is presented.

Gay people have a right to campaign to make life easier for that section of the next generation they can empathise with most.

Those who are going to face going through, what they did.

And it's time that we show our common humanity with them, by thanking our lucky stars we never went through that.
And make it easier for them.


Anonymous said...

Gay people have as much right to do exactly what the straight community do,yet many use any way they can to try and prevent it. Can't understand why there is such an objection to gay peoples and gay 'political' groups or as said at another place, the fashion industry being run by gays, so WHO CARES? I don't like the inference that gays are pedophiles, plenty of them sick fkrs in the straight community, its not ruled by sexual orientation.

Anonymous said...

"I don't like the inference that gays are pedophiles, plenty of them sick fkrs in the straight community, its not ruled by sexual orientation."

The 'inference' I believe is that more pedophiles are gay, not most gays are pedophiles :)

Anonymous said...

Live and let live, that's what I say.

Anonymous said...

And it's time that we show our common humanity with them, by thanking our lucky stars we never went through that.
And make it easier for them.

Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

And as sexual orientation is a complete construct anyway, as was shown, then the follow up post puts it even more clearly.

Anonymous said...

Nunyaa- Agreed, totally. Yes, it's very unpleasant inference, and it is used time and again by those who should know better, because it's pretty much the nastiest slur you can make against a grouop. It has an evil potency.

Verlin- No, paedophiles aren't gay or straight, don't feel in to the trap of believing their propaganda, trying to justify themselves by bringing their actions into the realms of human sexuality.

It isn't.

And gay people shouldn't have to have that connection made, that they sit halfway along a line betwen 'mormal' and 'deviant'.

Oestrebunny- Yes. And you're right.
Consenting adults, free to determine best the route the route to their own fulfillment in the time they have on Earth.

jmb- There's still a long way to go on this front. Any gay or lesbian person will tell you that.
Children still grow up treating them as perverts, even know, and they are right to want to change that perception and be fully understood, fully included members of society.

James- You present heterosexuality as what's meant to be, and homosexuality as a deviancy.

Now, I agree, human sexuality is often a construct, I think we're all slightly bisexual in some ways, but we do tend to have definite prefernces.
And these preferences are powerful determinents in finding happiness.

If you oppose two consenting adults expressing love and affection to eachother, merely on the grounds of their anatomy, you are making a decision based on the fact that you actually think those organs determine who we are, not our thought processeses and emotions.

Again, judging people and their actions based on what genitalia they have.

Does it matter how many people do it?
Your think that people get damaged by it. Only because of a social stigma. Remove that, and then no.
It's harmless.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I dunno wheter I should cry or laugh at ppls ignorance. You don’t chose your gender, nationality, ethnicity or your sexual orientation. Everyone should be able to feel comfortable in their own skin and be proud of what & who they are.

As long as it isn’t hurting anyone, why do other ppl care what kinda preferences other ppl have? Seriously, get over it! Everyone should be treated with respect.

Anonymous said...

Crash dummie - bulsh. There is no such thing as sexual orientation - it's a construct.

I'm not surprised by ppls ignorance at all.

Anonymous said...

Further to that, the predilection for same sex or some other variation is a product of many factors, inc. birth, early years, schooling, home experiences, one or other parent and so on and so on.

It is also affected by the company one ends up with - i.e. if there is a gay element to the group you hang out with. This doesn't even need further statement but if necessary - the references are there.

The attempt by the gay bloc to find a genetic causality for gayness has bombed for one simple reason - there isn't one - at least not by itself.

People have been hoodwinked for a long time by this construct of "orientation" and it's time we all woke up to the political ruse it is.

Lest you wish to say I'm a sad person - just because the tone is less than gracious does not mean the arguments are any less cogent.

Anonymous said...

Crashie- EXACLTLY.
There'sno rational argument against that, all else is a red herring.

James- To re-iterate the point I keep ramming home with a sledgehammer, and you repeatedly try to evade, it really doesn't matter whether it's genetic, cultural, or whatever.

Fact is, plenty of people out there, choose to do it, like to do it, and lead very fulfilling lives out of doing it.

Who are you or I, to state it stands in a lessened condition, than the monogamous marriage, that reflects the way you want to live, and the more open relationship ideal that I espouse, which in both cases, are personal choices?

It's about choice. Why are you against adult people being given the full freedom to make their own lifestyle choices, with a full and balanced view of ALL angles of opinion on the subject?

And then, find their own paths to their OWN happiness?

Anonymous said...

CBI: either you choose not to read what I wrote or you can't understand it.

I said the INFERENCE is that MORE pedophiles ARE gay; not MOST gays are pedophiles.

The logic in there should be easy to follow. It was in response to nunyaa's comment before mine.