Monday 13 October 2008

Fuck Racism- A Campaign For All To Enjoy

Well, you're not very gone on the whole Europe idea...

5 of you thought it a good idea in principle.
9 of you thought even in principle, it sucked.

Some days, I really wonder about you guys- you were all nice and liberal on the Cocaine issue, why more liberal than me on abortion, but you're a load of Eurosceptics?

Oh well. Just goes to show- you can't put people's real life opinions in boxes.

Which is why political parties are such an appalling concept.


This week's topic.
Race. And my slightly controversial solution to the problem.

OK, the problem is this.
Racism exists.

And really, it's a fundamentally damaging and inherently stupid idea, the basis of which originates in one thing and one thing alone. People with different skin colours originate from different parts of the world. In other words, different people lived in different bits and had they lived apart for long enough might have actually evolved into separate species.

But they didn't. And now we all line in a world where we are intermixing. Where, unless we return to stone age life, we're all going to interbreed eventually. Unless you want to adopt a South African style solution.

Now, just to demonstrate how stupid the racism argument is, I'm actually going to allow some of the typical racist arguments some merits. And one of those, is that white folk are more intelligent, so they say, therefore if we all breed together we'll all be a coffee coloured mulatto race, none of us as clever as the old extinct white folk, and none of us clever enough to run Planet Earth...


Do you racists understand how evolution works?

People choose sexual partners on the basis of genetic traits. Intelligence is one of them.

Now, let's just accept the racist argument that studies the liberal establishment don't want to show you prove that the average IQ of black people is lower than the average IQ of white people. They then of course throw a sop, by saying that the average strength of black people is higher. Look at all those successful black athletes.

Ok. Let's accept that. Let's accept that the IQ of the average black person IS 95. It's still patently obvious that many white people are well below that. So correspondingly, many black people are well above that. Suppose you found evidence to prove that blue eyed people somehow had higher IQs on average, would you declare blue eyes the chosen eye colour?

Survival of the fittest, means that people choose the sexual partners with the best genetic traits.
So I'm not disputing there may be studies which show a tendency for a racially based difference in average IQs. It may also be true that other racial stereotypes relating to genitalia may or not be true. The evidence I've come across suggests it is. Even so, it only refers to averages. You still can't know the size of a person's genitalia by their colour.

This is the point. Whatever these tiny average differences, they're at most localised variations. They have no real relevance on an individual level. They really are red herrings. You cannot use them as a basis for assessing a person, EVEN IF THESE STEREOTYPES ARE TRUE.

They're not even much help as statistics.

What REALLY is the basis for racism then?
Well, partly, I think it's genetic.

Ideally, the genes of the white male (and of course, the black male, any male) want to have their cake and eat it.
White male wants to fertilise his own females AND the black females, but he doesn't want the favour returned.
But of course, white females (and black females), actually want to seek out different genes from the ones they themselves carry.

So a powerful dynamic behind racism is our own genes. Our males want to fertilise black females with white male genes, but don't like the fact that white females want to be fertilised by black males for much the same reasons.

But bad genes, as well as good genes drive us.

The point is, if we all did interbreed, the fears of the racists WOULDN'T come true. People don't tend to choose bad genes. The point is, the opposite of what racists believe would happen, would happen. Of the genes that were specific to some races, but not others, the best ones would survive in the new mix.

So it doesn't matter which race is cleverest, or strongest, or most beautiful. By throwing all the genes of humanity into the mix, we can be sure that the coffee coloured unity that emerges will be cleverer, stronger and more beautiful than either.

So really, we should be encouraging everybody to go out and make brown babies.

Well firstly, because although we try and pretend otherwise, generally, if they escape the narrow blinkers growing up in a culture still poisoned by a race divide, I think instinctively a lot more people want partners of different races than admit to it.
Generally, I think White men find Black women attractive, Black women find White men attractive.
And Black men find White women attractive, White women find Black men attractive.

On the whole, I genuinely believe that far more people find people of other ethnic groups more attractive than members of their own ethnic group attractive than admit it.
I admit I do. My preferences are Black, Asian, Oriental, White, in that order. That doesn't mean it's an ironcast rule, just in general aesthetic terms, that's how my preferences go. And I think many White males instinctively think in some similar way, though less admit it.

And of course, most white women still won't admit it, but I know damn well that I've not yet met many of my own gernation who haven't either secretly sleep with a black guy or secretly fantasised about it.

So really, we should all be doing it a lot more.

Spreading the love, making brown babies.

Am I serious, you say?

He can't be serious!

Well, yes.

Since I support Free Love and since, once we've achieved an end to the current order, I envisage a world in which sex and love are no longer linked out of necessity, then why would you have to be with the person you had children with?

In a society where people had sex with multiple partners, but might only have one or two real loves, it would be a possible for a man's commitment to a woman to mean helping her raise her children, regardless of whether they were his.

So we'd have recreational sex with whom we wanted. But we could all commit to ONLY having sex for procreational purposes with people of other ethnic groups. But a man would raise the children of the woman he was WITH, regardless of their parentage.

And breed out racism within a couple of generations.

I actually think it would be damn good fun.

I think the name of this campaign should be 'Fuck Racism'.

You think I'm joking? I'm not.

Let's get busy!

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Well I liked this post very much...because I think racism is an inherently ridiculous and ignorant 'ism' to have..out of all of them. It's skin colour people! It's just where you are from - it's not nothing else underneath all of that.

Not many topics can get me riled up but this one does: stupid, white people who can't even read a book going around believing their somehow God given right is to be 'better' than others because of their skin tone. Urgh.

"So really, we should be encouraging everybody to go out and make brown babies".
I agree! Where can I sign up for one?!

Anonymous said...

i decided a long time ago that life was too short for racism.
as far as i'm concerned ..
i like men although i've found myself in situations where i've feared men.
color does not have much to do with it.
it has more to do with their attitude towards women.
it has more to do with respect.
if they have a disrespectful attitude towards women, i don't care what color, how beautiful they might be ..
they can go fuck themselves..

Anonymous said...

lol survival of the fittest is a very strange concept or argument indeed when talking about humans.

A lot of very fit people are into having multiple sexual experiences, but without any consequences - ie: children

whereas a lot of the less fit people seem to have an almost ungodly urge to procreate and perpetuate their diseases.

Somehow blissfully there is a mix of genes about, so even very fit people can breed fit children, and some very dumb people can breed fairly intelligent people, just as some very intelligent people can apparently breed some very dumb asses.

And I dare say a lot of single mothers weren't actually driven by any desire for the best sexual partner or mate - but rather by a need not to be alone on a cold night in a lonely world. Note I say a lot, not all.

But hey who said there was any logic in human pro-creation, and we must remember that whilst Darwin's Theory seems to work in the animal kingdom, whenever humans become involved in the process we tend to fuck the whole thing up, whether it is breeding children, or selective breeding of dogs with congenital diseases, ie: alsatians et al

Anonymous said...

PS - let's hope we don't end up with a civil war in Europe between those who want a greater Europe (like the US) and those who want independent nation states ...

Oh hold on, we've already had them
--- The Napoleonic Wars
--- World War I & II

I guess the winning side must have been wearing blue, and johnny reb was wearing grey in Europe too.

Anonymous said...

Yes Crushed. An interesting post.

You are talking about making us all one race to get rid of racism. I don’t think you could quite get rid of racism even if we were all coffee coloured with a hint of epicanthic fold though.

I think racism is a combination of a desire to feel superior to someone else in some way, together with the fact that we tend to categorise things, it is how we organise things in our heads. It allows us to make quick decisions about what to do if you see a sabre tooth tiger.

I am sure I read something on a blog recently that set it out better than I am.

It is faulty categorisation and faulty logic.

Look at the animosity that sometimes arises between Scots and English. Not much difference racially there... except the ones that people on both sides try to manufacture. It is from the same basic cause.

Maybe you should institute a programme of screening for mental health and clear thinking to eliminate it, but anything compulsory could lead to oppression at the flip of a coin.

On the subject of so-called mongrelization. Are mongrels not (at least when it comes to dogs) more vigorous, less prone to certain disorders? Don’t they generally live longer too?

As for IQ, I am not sure how I would do in one say set in French. I certainly could not answer much general knowledge questions on sport. Ask me questions on the football league in French and it might turn me on (French does sound lovely) but I would come out of it looking pretty dumb. Looking dumb maybe, but that does not make me dumb.

Anonymous said...

the problem with this thoery, as I see it, is that race is an artificial construct to begin with. from an anthropolical perspective, there is far less diversity amongst humans than amongst, say, roaches or spiders or ants. so i don't see what the evolutionary advantage of any 'race' might be, when we're so alike. there are greater advantages to selecting mates by physical or other factors (such as respect for women, as foam pointed out) that have nothing to do with race.

and, if we followed this prescription, surely we'd find other ways to divide ourselves (and others). consider the tutsis and hutus. outsiders can't even tell the two apart. minute supposed physiological differences were exploited by greater foreign powers and the result, decades later, was an attempted genocide. but the real root of all that was not race, it was a power struggle.

as long as we have unequal power, we will find ways to divide and fight, whether it's 'race' or something else.

Anonymous said...

Racism is most certainly a past time of people that don't really have much of a clue. As far as I am concerned, and there may be times that I can be challenged, but for the most part, I couldn't give a hoot what one's skin colour is. An a-hole is an a-hole regardless of it's presentation. Homophobia is another state that I can't get my head around. Again, as far as I am concerned it is none of my business who wants to sleep with whom.

Anonymous said...

Liked the post title and the idea behind it all!

Anonymous said...

Kate- And the thing is, it isn't even that any more. I know loads of 'Asians' who can't speak Urdu, or Punjabi or whatever language their parents once did anymore than I can speak Gaelic.

They were born here. And in many cases, so were their parents.

It is actually a belief of many Protestant Christians that black people are black because of a biblical curse.

In the Bible, Ham sees Noah drunk and naked and laughs. Whereas Shem and Japheth areb good, avert their eyes and cover him up.

So Noah, in a good bit of rational thinking curses Ham's firstborn. His descandants are declared to be slaves to Shem and Japheth.
Now the point is this son, is Canaan, The Bible actually refers to the Jews externminating the Canaanites.

But later Proestants decided the curse showed up in Hamitic blackness.

Maybe we should get a petition going?

Then again, I think this one is about deeds not words ;)

Foam- That's a good attitude, I think.

I think a lot of people take a long time to get over it though, and sadly many don't ever.

I still hear a lot of racist sentiment in the UK today.

Quasar- which is one of my arguments against long term use of birth control- it's a bandaid, not a cure.

Long term, the only solution to the population problem, is space colonisation.

I think we're ALL often driven just be a need to cuddle up to someone.

And yes, I can confirm, very often it's a case of 'Ten to two, you'll do'

In the past of course, we knew less about how it worked.

I think eugenics is a bad idea when you don't understand genetics, which is why it never worked in the past.
Much as Cooking is a bad idea if you don't understand ovens.

Moggs- I think there is truth in what you say- that we'd always find a need to create barriers betwen folk.
Thing is, this is a remarkably stupid and dangerous one. Look at the conflict it creates in the world.

And if the US don't vote in Obama, it's a crying shame and a damning indictment of our rationality as human beings.

There's a good passage in 'The Naked Ape' on it. Third chapter, I think.

Yes, mongrels are best, generally. I suppose maybe we should see humanity as having been accidently bred into poodles, greyhounds and the like and we all need get back to creating the ideal mongrel.

You like French?

You se, I find slavic languages a turn on.
And Oriental languages. Don't know why.

Benji- Well, they're a fairly recent development. Certainly no earlier than 80,000 years ago and probably significantly later than that. That's what the genes are saying.

It was once thought they must be older, and much more significant. But modern science tells us; it really is only skin deep.

Power, yes, its always the problem.

Reeny- I think its often used as a scape goat, even now.

It's the logic of 'This country was better once. We were all white once. Ah! Get rid of non-whites'.

And its easy for stupid, unemployed white people to convince themselves that therein lies the answer to their problems.

And you're right about Homophobia. Again, a very dangerous and damaging concept.

Cat- I think it's a great idea!

We should all get started!

Right now...

Where's Rihanna when you need her? :)

Anonymous said...

Romance languages in general sound lovely. Fave for sound alone got to be Italian. Mmmmm... And to hear it sung in...

Anonymous said...

I see racism as simple lower-order survival instinct. We inherently fear any creature not 'our own' because it threatens to steal our life-giving resources in one or more of many forms. We fear the cockroach, the tiger, the mold, the man of a different colour (tribe). Just because scientists label us as all the same species doesn't mean our instincts do. It's nice (miraculous actually!) that we're in the process of evolving beyond that but holy shit - it's going to take a long time. Our society's material structure works against all harmonious evolution.