Thursday 13 November 2008

A Man of No Real Integrity- James Higham of Nourishing Obscurity

Some of you may have been following the wonderful series of posts run by Mr James Higham of Nourishing Obscurity regarding myself.
Some of you may believe him to be a man of intergity. A man of honesty.

Some of you may believe the persona he puts across.
Now I'm not overly fussed what his little friend says. I think most people are fully aware it's a pile of drivel from start to finish. But I repeat the challenge I made in my comments section.

Stand by what you say.
Say it in court. Say it to a jury.
Send me your mail addresses.

Now Mr Higham thinks that publishing e-mails is a fairly serious offence. I agree. I think it's pretty low to pass round mails.
But what if those mails show the TRUTH behind a person?
Just how duplicitous they REALLY are?

Mr Higham has made several statements about mails he and I have exchanged. And alleged mails that I have sent others, in his wild imagination. He has even published SECTIONS of my mails out of context with DELIBERATE intent to malign my character.
Oh, and I hack his PC.

Now, all I'm going to say, is don't either of you send you the addresses for me to send these writs to, unless you're prepared to be laughed at in court.

Now, all I'm going to do is ask Mr Higham to CONFIRM OR DENY that the following thread of e-mails consitute the sole e-mails he and I have exchanged in the last three months.

And for once JUST ON THIS POST, his comments are welcome. Though any from his little friend will result in the Police being called.

----- Original Message ---- From: James Higham <> To: Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 11:20:51 AM Subject: Shock Dear Joe You've been on my mind, strangely. I want to somehow find some way back with us, even after it all. Bad relations is only destructive. I am in deep sh-t just now and I don't want bad relations as well. I'll be out of it for a few days but will write again early next week if I've survived. Yours, James

My reply?


There's no denying its been a strange year :)

I suppose- finally- I'm able to view the whole thing with a lot more calm reflexion than I was at the time. I mean, it's finally over. It's taken pretty much a year, and you have no idea the damage done to me personal life, but over it finally is.
And hey, thing is, I'm not the sort to hold grudges. The past is not something that can be altered, so the only way to move is forward.

I suppose something that made me think a little was something a mutual friend of ours said to me. I remarked to her that I really didn't understand how a certain person fooled so many men so effectively, almost in fact a hypnotic trick, Our mutual friend reminded me 'Don't forget she fooled you first'.

And that did make me think. Because normally I pride myself in being an excellent judge of character.

Anyway- enough of all that. Disastrous as it all was, I don't see any need why it can't now just be consigned to the past. By a strange quirk of fate, prob one of the best things that has ever happened to me, if not, perhaps, the best thing that will ever happen in my life, could only have happened as a result. Which is curious, but kind of makes me believe in a certain Karma. Good luck over the next week- I'm in a bizarre situation her myself- hopefully I'll have a new flatmate soon, it's just if I get her first rent payment before I get sued for unpaid bills first :) Good luck
And I thought nothing of it.

I didn't hear from him again.
But I figured something was brewing. I have past experience of the two faced nature of the guy- something many of you don't. But the fact is, he is. Behinds the scenes, he actually behaves like a pathetic old woman, saying one thing to one person, another to another.
Now I don't read his comments sections. But someone tipped me off as to the by play in them, plus things he was saying privately.

So I'd thought I'd see what the evasive old snake charmer was up to;

I sent him a mail, subject 'Armistice'

Crushed By Ingsoc

to jameshigham, jameshigham
show details 4 Oct


I don't know if you got my last response to yourself.

I suppose it's fair to say my last response to your 'offer to let
bygones be bygones' was a polite response. I don't much see the point
in holding grudges, especially if people are prepared to put their
hands up and accept responsibility for things.

But you see- and here's the problem- I wonder how sincere you are with
such offers. Especially when I read your post of today carrying on, in
exactly the same manner that was the problem.

Now let's just cut to the chase. I have no wish to pursue a vendetta
against you. You and I disagree on many points. But let's get right
down to what happened betwen August 2007 and January 2008. At least a
PRIVATE admission by yourself of what you did might be nice. And some
admission where it counts.

Looking back on the Blogpower fiasco, it was clear I made a big
mistake in trusting you. Having talked to my father since, and looked
at the multiple sites online, I now know that the key mistakes I made
were answering Carly's e-mails and trusting you at all.
When I went to Blogpower on October to seek advice on how to deal with
Carly's harrassment and stalking I had hoped you'd helped me. I did
trust you and if you'll recall, I was tempted to go to the police
about her.
Of course, this would have been the optimum time to have done it. You
talked me out of it, if you remember.

And then, you turned against me and used the lies of the said stalker
to try pain some awful false picture of me.

But let me just tell you this.
Even now just seeing that creature's name gives me a spasm that I can
only imagine is akin to a rape victim being confronted with their
rapist. You have absolutely no idea what I went through night in,
night out, in the months leading up to January.
The fact is, she just couldn't see it. There was no getting rid of
her. Now how anyone in their right mind could think I'd want to even
meet, let alone get into bed with a creature who behaved in such a
disgusting manner over the Phish thing, I cannot see. I can't even see
how she could have thought it. James, she had betrayed my trust. She
had told other people that there was something between us. She'd put
it online. That's a betrayal of trust.

And she could never see that. Could not see that the reason I wanted
nothing to do with her was because she's loud, strident, domineering,
can't be trusted to keep confidential information to herself (and yes,
being in contact with me IS confidential).
If you tell her why you no longer want to hear from her, she doesn't
accept it. You're reasons just aren't good enough. At one point I even
said 'Because your personality sucks', which of course it does. Once
you get to know her and hear the way she talks- She refered to Phish
as a 'fat cunt', I mean doesn't even the thought of a woman who feels
such passions make you just go 'urrgh' and shiver?

When she'd ring and start mouthing off, I would feel like I was being
enveloped in slime...

She's just a horrible person when you get to know her and that's
fact.A nasty, lous, possessive, domineering creature incapable of
seeing the consequences of their own actions.
Like when she rang of and started mouthing off at D----.
D---- is a fairly fragile 24 year old woman- she was 23 then. She's
just not used to crazy women mouthing off at the end of the phone. And
what really freaked her was how strident Carly was. But Carly couldn't
understand the DAMAGE she caused there to my home life. And could not
se that after thaat, I'd NEVER want to hear from the vile creature

So I spent the following months trying to get rid of the creature. I
blocked her on messenger, I refused to take her phonecalls. But i
couldn't stop the e-mails. I did however put up comments moderation.
And eventually, of course, I went to you.
Now this is where I guess I will always hold some doubt as to why you
did what you did. I trusted you. I was going through the worst
experience of my life. I was being stalked and harrassed by Carly by
now to a degree which often had my actually physically crying. Several
nights, her mails would have me break down in tears. It DID feel like
being physically violated. You can laugh all you want and think
there's something appealing about 'wild' women, no there ain't.

And I answered them. Out of fear. To try pacify her, hoping eventually
she'd just go away and leave me and my blog in peace.
And I was pretty much having a nervous breakdown about it.

I shouldn't have done.

When I went to Blogpower and you mailed me about it, I thought you
were being sincere. There was a good reason why I hoped it could stay
there. I knew you had influence wih Carly and I actually thought you
could get her to stop. To actually take it further would have caused
the ultimate damage, which as it turned out happened anyway. And
that's not to do with blogging. It's an RL issue.
(Portion censored as it relates to personal details about the professions of family members) Up until recently, my Dad was half under
the impression I might be gay, that's how little I let them know about
that side of my life. And that's how I wanted it kept. As I always
say, if I did move someone into this flat as a a live in partner, as
far as the outside world- including my family- would see it, it would
just be a flatmate. If they knew at all. My public persona is, and
always will be, single. I resent anybody ever knowing who I sleep
with. It's private. I lived with D---- over a year, and she never knew
who I slept with.

So yes, I guess I did feel betrayed by you. Carly Swan is the worst
thing that ever happened in my life. And whilst she was
psychologically raping me by bombarding me with her unwanted e-mails,
you backed her up. You backed her up whilst she trolled my blog. In
your mind I had no right to want to jettison her from my life. For
some reason, you couldn't see why a man, once he got to really know
her, would just want nothing to do with her.

If I'm honest, I doubt I'll ever really get over the trauma of her.
She was a horrible ordeal to go through. She has caused untold damage
in my real life. Do you know she woul ring my 86 year old grandmother
in the home and tell hr that me and her were going to be togeher?
Do you realie how much damage that caused?
(Line removed because it possible to infer the profession of relatives from it) Carly staked him too,
she found out HIS number- God knows how- but he cut her off and told
her if she ever called again, he'd ring the Police.

I know in retrospect of course, what I should have done- and it is now
covered in full in my new blog policy. I suppose I do regret the fact
that it's probably too late to press charges against Carly. It's rare
I relish the thought of someone going to prison, but in her case, yes,
I think it would have given me some kind of peace, knowing she was
getting what she deserved. Because I still get nightmares about her
now. And may well do for years to come. There is no doubt in my mind
that what she did isn't much better than being a sex offender.

I didn't know what to do then, but I do know. I have a formal
statement to be sent to future Carlys, should any ever arise.
It notifies them that if they send another mail, or attempt to comment
on my blog once more, their ISP will be notifed and possibly the
Police. It's what I should have done with Carly, only I didn't know

(line removed because of the possibility the career of a family member could be inferred) So I know where I went
wrong. That, and trusting you.

So where does this leave me now?

Well, the damage has still been done. The lies she invented, and which
you gave currency to have done me a lot of damage. Winding Baht At up
like a clockwork knobjockey to perpetuate them didn't help, but
fortunately I was on good legal grounds there.
I'm not able to deal with past issues, but at least I'm able to
prevent future problems should they arise. I know my legal position

But this has, of course, meant a huge sacrifice in my personal life.
because my parents of course, now know the URL. And that affects our
relationhip. That closeness I once thought we could work towards,
we'll now never have. We can't. (Section removed because the profession of afamily member can be inferred)
Especially of late, because I've written some quite personal,
impassioned pieces about the woman I love. But I'm only able to write
such pieces because no one in the world knows who she is.

The idea that my father reads such pieces and now knows I have
sentiments I'd never admit to him to possessing, is something makes me
distinctly uncomfortable. He's not brought it up in conversation- last
time I was round there (last week) I made some typical cynical remarks
about romantic ideals and my father at least pretended he had no idea
that I was head over heels about someone. He knows I wouldn't want him
to know, so he pretends not to know. But this isn't exactly a normal
situation. And it's Carly's fault.

Fortunately, my grandmother seems to have forgotten about it. This is
mainly because she often confuses me and my father. And of course, she
doesn't have my URL. So I'm able to carry on a relatively normal
relationship with my grandmother still. As in, one where my private
life stays my own business.

And friends? Well, for Donna and David, she still looms up in
conversation, as an example of the worst thing I ever brought in our
lives. To Donna, she will always be 'Psychobitch', David understands
these things a bit more, because he used to do phone and internet
dating, mainly as a way of keeping a large harem going in the
Manchester suburbs. A few of them were a bit unhinged, but none turned
into full on stalkers when given the boot.

It's worth noting of course, that I never met Carly, so she really has
no grounds for saying I led her on in any way. She wasn't used for
anything. How she can say she got hurt, I don't know. To be honest, I
probably wouldn't have been interested in sex had we met. I tried to
point that out to her. Personality is quite important in sexual
attractiveness, and her personality being what it is, I doubt I'd have
wanted to go to bed with her. She lacks that wimsome, fragile quality.
And to me thats pretty important.

I guess I feel that you let me down, because the whole point of
Blogpower was to help eachother. And thats the worst thing I'll ever
live through. It was harrassment, James. a man has the right to say to
a woman 'Actually, now I know what you're like, I want nothing to do
with you'. You seemed to think that my right to do that was invalid,
and her right to harrass me, threaten me if I didn't answer her, troll
my blog, tell my past life to other bloggers, try ruin my blog simply
because rejected her, all that was ok. But it wasn't.

You may not care for my opinions- I don't apologise for them. Not a jot.

I believe wholeheartedly that the current order needs to go. I believe
in World government, communal living, direct democracy and a removal
of strong all purpose executives. I believe in an end to the old
values of sexual chastity and I believe in Free Love.

I also know that I'm a person who goes out of their way for those I
hold dear, which is why I have close friends going back years.
I don't need anyone else to tell me I'm a good person, I know damn
well that in the ways that matter I am.

I suppose really all I can ask you is this?

If you were me, how would YOU have set about getting Carly out of your
life following the events of August 2007?
Once you'd realised that she only had the capacity to make you
miserable, that she was incapable of bringing any good to your life
because she is incapable of thinking about anyone apart from herself
and her own feelings?

As I say, there is no point in holding grudges. It is clear you think
everything did was ok- though anyone confronted with the facts thinks
otherwise, as would any court of law.
But what's done is done. Water under the bridge. It couldn't happen
again, if I'd had my time again I would have involved the police as
soon as she had had that 'conversation' with Donna. And certainly sent
a formal complaint to her ISP.

I think having a direct statement as I do in my Blog Policy (linked
from my blog in big bold letters) now leaves no uncertainty as to how
the relations of any blogger with either myself or my blog are to be
regarded and what actions I will take.

I think my overall tendancy towards yourself is to think 'forgive but
don't forget'- though that's hard to do when you run posts like you do
today continuing to endorse such a woman.

As I've said before, swap genders and imagine I was a woman and she
was a man. Would you see things differently then?

I see not point in publically being at loggerheads- it's petty. If
your conscience really is clear, knowing what she put me through,
knowing I almost commited suicide as a result, and knowing that it's
only one kind e-mail on Xmas day stopped me, well, there's very little
I can say. If your conscience really is clear with that, well, it is.

Since you believe that when you die, you will be judged you'll have to
wait for that then. It's not for me to judge you.

I don't myself believe we are judged when we die. I believe that
judgement comes in life- it's called Karma. Which is why I alwats try
to do what at heart I believe to be right.

Maybe you do believe you did the right thing. I don't know, I find it
difficult sometimes to see how your mind works.

You're never going to admit what you did was wrong. Never going to
admit the awful damage you condoned, not just to my blog, but to my
real actual life.

You said you wanted a 'return to how things were'.
Well, that's never going to be, is it? Not when you're running posts
linking the worst experience of my life and making out she's anything
other than a female nonce. A return to how things were involves at
least some acknowledgement on your part, at least privately, of just
how awful an ordeal she- and you in a way- put me through. And to stop
promoting her in a manner that publically suggests approval.
You really have to understand that every time I see her name, I feel
much the same way as I guess a rape victim does seeing their rapist.
So sometimes I kind of see you as a woman would see a lawyer who
defends a rapist.

Well, I suppose this is me drawing a line under it. As I say, my
general tendancy is to forgive, but not forget- in your case. Carly
Swan I wish the eternal fires of damnation upon for all eternity. She
will always have the rare privilege of being the only person in that
situation, the one person who can never be forgiven.

I do read your blog via Google Reader, but certainly have no intention
of being seen to 'visit' it in the conventional sense, nor comment
there under the circumstances.
I don't wish you ill but nor can I say I can regard you as a friend
either. You're just a blogger I used to know and once thought of as a
friend- till you stood there and watched me get raped and cheered the
rapist on.

I understand that blogging shouldn't get personal, I really don't
think it should either. Not visiting a blog shouldn't be a matter of
personal reasons. But whilst the position of your blog on the
Ubermouth issue is what it is, then no, I can't endorse it. What would
be next, me visiting the blogs of doctors who carry out abortions?
But that doesn't mean you need regard there as being any personal
bitterness between us.

I think we're both capable of visiting the same blogs and ignoring eachother.
We're both adults after all. Or so I like to think.

It's a shame, in some ways. I was thinking the other day, if you
hadn't have done what you did, I'd probably have been more than happy
to meet up with you for a beer now you're roaming the UK and you were
in the Birmingham area. At one time, you were one of the bloggers with
whom I'd have been happy to do that. In fact, I'd probably have been
quite happy to put you up in the spare room.

Still, just so you know as far as I'm concerned, it's best to move on.
The Blogosphere isn't the place for personal vendettas, just as it
isn't the place for love and relationships either, not really. Not in

An uneasy peace seems to reign at present and it's probably best it
stayed that way.

All the best and good luck,
And the reply from Nourishing Duplicity?

James Higham

to me
show details 5 Oct

Jo I think the best thing to say is that there have been many errors but currently I am focussed, perhaps selfishly, on getting reestablished after a series of blows and the blows have not ceased yet. There is definitely someone trying to turn former friends against me - it comes out in their emails and I don't know if it is you or if it is not. It's nt even important. My email is definitely hacked and there was an email from February I never wrote which did the rounds. I have no evidence who that could be nor why that person [s] would wish to. I do know I'm trying to get reestablished and to build up again from here. That's all I'm trying to do while maintaining the blog and trying to keep from negativity. My last post last night was a failure in this respect. That's it. I think time heals all things and I do believe things can get normal again - I've seen it too many times but it takes a long, long time. It's still too early. So we'll just go on, trying to damage control and live. I'd prefer not to get into unpleasantness and I'm certainly not looking for it just now. Hope you find inner peace too. Yours, James
A funny thing happened next. The troll woke up. I woke up Sunday morning to find two threatening mails in my inbox. Coincidence? I thought not. Besides I wasn't exactly happy with Mr Higham's evading his responsibilities. I figured I knew why I had received threatening mail- Mr Higham had forwarded my supposedly private mail on to my former stalker.

So I responded as follows;

Crushed By Ingsoc

to James
show details 5 Oct

James, Errors were made, yes. But it is in your power to at least put some of that right. By at least admitting that Carly is a psychopath, that it was her destroyed Blogpower and at least doing something on that score. You after all encouraged her and large parts of my personal life were ruined. And you did try present me as some kind of malign influence in the blogosphere when you and I both know that isn't the case. It's not me doing whatever is happening to you- I can't even use excel, let alone hack a PC. But I certainly might have cause as you must see- you certainly didn't play fair with me. You haven't in the past been completely ingenuous either towards or about me. I mean, from what I gather you have kind of implied in numerous places that I am a psychopath and a sexual predator, when in fact you know that neither is in fact true. To this day I have no idea why you turned on me or continue to regard me as some kind of Anti-Christ. Time can heal all wounds, yes. But not if you keep the wounds alive. I know how you feel about your blog, perhaps you can see how I felt about mine and ehy I wanted to keep it free from filth? I don't know whether it is co-incidence, but this morning I got more threatening mail from Carly. Certainly the mail in itself is of her usual type, and like most of her mails, is enough to go to the police with. I am not responding to her mails, since that mail, like all her others is potential evidence. I'm hoping you didn't pass on to her the mail I sent you- it's the only reaon I can think of the troll would emerge from it's bridge. Well, she can send all she wants. Since I won't be answering them, I'm thinking three in succession unanswered is enough to file a complaint with the Police. Let her send them. She's sent two already today. The third will have me on the phone to West Mercia constabulary. I mean, it actually feel like being raped, getting mail of this creature. No two ways about it. Next one, will result in the Police being called and her being reported to her ISP. The woman is, and I repeat, the female equivalent of a sex offender. I think I will find peace, the day I know that horror is out of it for good. Until then I think I will always feel physically violated. Still, best wishes to yourself and hoping in time you and I can find a way to normalise things. Joe

I didn't get a reply from Mr Higham...

But go check his posts. Not only does he now to start to imply I'm out to get him, he implies I'm circulating a hate campaign against him.
And that I'm hacking his PC, altering mails etc.
And of course, the troll is back.
I'm being set up once more.

Well, acting on the advice of many people, I just ignore them. They'll show themselves up sooner or later, people say.

And I think they have, to many.

But to some, James Higham still seems like a man who speaks 'truth'.



In the end, ignoring his campaign of blatant dishonesty got too much. So I sent him this.

Crushed By Ingsoc

to James
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

I see your and Carly's unpleasant campaign against me has sunk to new lows. Well, I've tried with you, I really I have. I accepted your offer of peace in good faith and what did you do with that offer? Lied, manipulated and woke up the troll. And now I see you stooping to new lies. Have you any integrity whatsoever? No, I don't think you do. Quoting the words of Shelly Raydeane* as if they're my actual words. And making out I stalk you. You and Carly deserve eachother. Well, i publically forgave the pair of you on my blog, now I wash my hands of both of you. Karma will come to both of you, I can just forget about both of you. Goodbye for good. I will rise to the sordid pair of you no more. Joe

* Shelley Raydeane runs a blog devoted to proving the theory that a number of bloggers are engaged in a conspiracy to take over the internet by using subliminal messages to brainwash you into clicking certain links. I'm not sure why. But I'm a key target. Check her blog out, you'll see why. She only has one regular commentor....A woman we all know. Who feeds her fantasies for her own personal reasons.
And James used HER quotes as if they were my words. THAT is how basically dishonest he is. Because he isn't so stupid that he believes her conspiracy theory. So he KNOWS damn well I never uttered the words he attributes to me.

James's response?

James Higham

to me
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

Tell that to the person's soul who suicided over you.

'What the Fuck?' I'm thinking.

When has anyone ever committed suicide over me? Where does this bollocks come from? Not that I need to ask....

Crushed By Ingsoc

to James
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

Ah, you see this just shows your problem. No one ever suicided over me. I can guess where you got that from. You really do believe everything that woman tells you. And if it were true, would it give you the right to lie about me perpetually the way you do? I don't think so. Look, bottom line as this as regards Carly- I'm really just going to lay it straight. Yes, she fell in love with me. And to begin with, I was actually open to meeting her. But she showed herself such a nasty individual with all this 'stay away from my man' stuff. Sorry, that's how I define an unpleasant woman. A woman who tells other women to stay away from her man. I wanted rid of her from the Phish fiasco onwards- she wouldn't fuck off. Of course I'd never want to meet a woman who behaves like she does. Her behaviour from then onwards was atrocious- and you know it. Still is. But we're not on about Carly. We're on about you. A skilled manipulator of truth. Well, not that skilled because it seems what you're mainly whinging about is the fact no one believes your spewings of bullshit anymore. Do you, this is what I ask myself, do you actually believe the crap you spout? I think it highly amusing you think I'd bother to stalk you- even though you defend stalkers rights to stalk- as in when Carly stalked me for God knows how long after I tried to cut off contact with her. Do you really not think I actually have more interesting things to do? Sad thing is, I actually respected you once. Probably more than you realise. As I say, I'm not rising to the pair of you. You're forgiven both of you in my book. But maybe you should look in the mirror and see if you can really forgive yourself. Because if I was seeing your face look back at me, I'd find it hard. You carry on your campaign against me if you want, I'll continue to ignore it. Joe

I really am trying with him, I really am...
His retort?

James Higham

to me
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

You forget I've seen the evidence in your own words. Who are you kidding? You're not dealing with a kid here. Your time is coming, my friend, where your deeds are going to catch up with you. I won't be part of that [although you love to pair me off all the time]. This email of yours is a ploy to put a point of view which is precisely what you're doing. For me to answer that, I have to say something different, or else it looks like tit for tat small boy stuff. It's a good technique but I wrote the book and I haven't even started yet. Now don't bother writing again.

Now what's the duplicitous, delusional old bugger up to, I wonder.

And I admit I lost my rag with him now.

Crushed By Ingsoc

to James
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

:) No, you haven't. I can guarantee you that. But you're too stupid to see that, aren't you? My deeds? I was totally fair with Carly and really did feel something for her till she a. Started running round telling everyone about us. b. Caused a rift with Phish. c. Rung my flat and yelled at my flatmate. Sorry, in my world decent women don't behave like that. After that I just thought her vile. My deeds? Huh? Why don't you try finding out what people in Real Life think about me? Hmmm? Not just the drivel that compulsive liar Carly feeds you? Yes, youare a small boy. A small boy with his brain in his pants. It's your deeds have already caughtup with you mate. Just because you live in a world of mirrors, most people can see who the real good guy is- and it ain't you. Because most people can figure out the truth. I'll let you think about that and work it out.... Arrive Derche!

And then I got home and thought 'This is hardly the turning the other cheek plan you meant to stick by'.

So I mailed him once more...

I entitled it 'Final Forgiveness'.

Crushed By Ingsoc

to James
show details 3 Nov (10 days ago)

James, I don't want to be angry with you, I truly don't. I accept you are not the main party to blame in all this. So what I'm actually going to do is send you some samples of the mails I received from Carly. I actually have full folders of that stuff, I kept every one. I wish I'd kept more of her comments too. Read through these threads, James, you'll see why was crying like a baby just wanting her to leave me alone. She couldn't see what it was she'd done wrong. I forgive you, James because I understand you couldn't see things properly. When you read these mails, you'll release the truth. I wish peace upon you.

I then sent him ten threads.

The evidence that if it ever came to court, would convict his friend of Criminal Harrassment- the crime she tries to cover up by inventing the lie of her being subborned for a cult by a madman.

The titles of all these mails was 'Evidence of Carly Harrassment'. There were ten.

These were the 'thirteen threatening mails' he received from me.
I sent him the evidence to demonstrate to him, that his case was hot air, that I had all the facts in my hands to prove both him and Carly liars.

And he deleted it without reading.
Because he didn't dare admit it.

Because in his heart, James Higham knows he is a liar.
He just can't face up to admitting it publically.

What he ACTUALLY hopes is that he and Carly can drive me to suicide and therefore the truth will never come out.

Thing is, it's going to. One way or another.

So to Mr Higham.
Are you claiming you have received any other mails from me in the past three months other than those shown?
Do you deny you sent the ones I attribute to you?
And do you deny you received the ones from me?
Do you deny passing on my mails to others?
Do you deny deliberately quoting the website of an obviously mentally disturbed woman and passing them off as my words?

Would it not in fact be correct to say that you bear a grudge? You use people. You're using Carly now in fact. You manipulate people. Because both you and her have one thing in common.
You both want revenge.
Just for different things.

Her for being jilted, you for being an idiot who walked out of the organisition YOU founded over a set of lies and you hate the fact it does perfectly well without you.

Blogpower doesn't need you, James Higham.
Blogpower doesn't need you in it's ranks.

And one day you'll get another one of your crazy megalomaniacal bees in your bonnet within Bloghounds, and you'll leave that.

And then you'll found a new organisation. Only open to Right Wing bloggers and little old ladies who you can tickle under the chin. And Carly.

The blogopsphere needs people of principle. People who admit their mistakes, not try cover them up by hatching plots to cover them over.

Now I'm going to state this carefully- so you don't behave like a woman about it and close your blog.

If you want to prove this in a court of law, I'm happy to. I won't sue you UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO.

Do you?

Do you want to prove the truth of your accusations by giving me permission to sue you?
Seriously. I'm giving you the chance to prove your story.
It's up to you.

Say the word, and I will. I won't unless you want me to, I promise. See, I'm not arsed about Carly. Suing her is pointless. But suing you solves everything. And it'll pay off my debts and mean I can go to India next year. I might take Crashie.

Ball's in your court.

Now. This is my final statement on the issue to both of you. I really am ignoring the pair of you. This whole thing is over, as far as I am concerned. You are both forgiven, but not forgotten.

But if you really want your story to have any credibility, you will send me an address to send you a writ suing you for defamation of character.
If you are unwilling to do that, then the judgement has to be, you would not stand by your assertions in a court of law.

And I will respect your unwillingness to.

The sad thing is, there was a time when I actually respected YOU.

But then I got to know you.

You bemoan the friends who desert you, James. Ay, generally the ones who've known you longest. The only friends you ever have are the come latelys. People who don't really know you.

You don't keep friends, do you James?

I wonder why that is?

And lastly, I ask you this James.

Could you repeat your assertions in the witness stand, with your hand on the Bible with me looking directly at you?

Do you think you could?

Now, as I've said from now on, I ignore the existence of the pair of you. Neither of you exist.
But you know what the score is.

As Pollock said after he thought he'd FINALLY got rid of the head of the Porrah Man 'Goodbye Porrah. And certainly not Au Revoir.'

Update: There are no deals on the table. And that is all I'm going to say for now.


Anonymous said...

I didnt actually read all that but nevertheless I comment!

My view?

Never explain. Never apologise.
Your friends dont need it and your enemies wont listen.

I by the way - am your friend.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the whole thing, however, i have been kept up to speed by reading posts of the past. I think it as shame that all of this very private matter has been brought into the public light. I liked reading your blog for a reason and this ain't it.

Anonymous said...

You can only win a defamation suit by proving that the allegations are false. The onus is on you to disprove the allegations, not the person you are suing. It is also a very administrative and expense form of civil action. If you lose, or the Judge takes the view that allegations have been made against you, but you have contributed to the exchange in any way, you would be forced to pay the other parties legal bills.

And, if a claim is successful, damages are very minimal. You'd be lucky to make it to Blackpool.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I keep deleting comments from a certain commentor...

(sigh). They obviously can't read. Oh well.
They obviously can't work out the particular institution I rung at 6.51 this morning and gave a statement to.

Anonymous said...

in other words, no india? blimey. I was all packed and ready to go.