Wednesday 13 June 2007

David Dimbleby Time

So we await the final results due in the Blogpower Awards.
If you've not yet voted today, or you want to do some more vote stacking before polls close, do so now and then come back and finish reading this. Of course if polls have already closed, don't bother.

It's been an interesting week. Whether James Higham regrets undertaking this, I don't know. I suspect not, deep down. There were some negatives, but there have been many positives.

On the negative side, it does seem that every loophole that can be taken has been taken, and some elements have tried to exploit this ruthlessly. Fortunately, there does seem to have been a fightback from supporters of deserving bloggers.

In my opinion, yes there has been some unfair goings on, but the fact remains that once this was noticed, popular support, in it's own mysterious way, seems to have evened things out. I really would like to see a Single Transferrable Vote next time over say, five days, with votes genuinely kept to one vote per person as far as possible.

On the positive side, many bloggers have realised that the best way to campaign is not by over publicising their own candidature, but by showing people daily why their blogs deserved the merit they were in line to win. I don't want to bring James up again- you'll think I'm his agent- but he demonstrates the point. So does Sicily Scene.

It's also good to see some new faces gain recognition, like Captain Smack. It's good that bloggers of the succint wisdom of Bel get the applause they deserve.

For my own part, it's worth me saying that I am very touched that so many of you- many more than I thought possible- have showed that you do appreciate this blog. It's worth me saying that I was bright and early getting my nominations in, and actually only nominated long established bloggers.
My nomination for Best Little Blogger and Most Underrated Blogger was actually the Blogpower member who made the first ever comment on this blog. I won't embarrass him now, but I really hope he gets back into blogging in a big way, because I miss his wit.

When I set up this blog, it was only as a home to visit other blogs from and pour out the occasional strange thought I had.
But then you guys started coming to visit and it developed a life of it's own. I don't regret that. This blog has grown in ways I never thought it would.
For that many of you deserve thanks.

I know that there has been a little behind the scenes campaign to support this blog in these awards and I'm not going to embarrass those involved.
I can safely say that those who were rooting for me have fought pretty fair, for which I am very grateful.

Now let's all sit down, with David Dimbleby in the studio, as those long awaited results come in.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you pinko twat. It appears that you have done respectably in the polling. Regardless we are a serious threat to the stability of your organisations goals and objectives. We await the next opportunity to destabilise.

Anonymous said...

sock is a tool. keep up your humble nature and the good work dood.

Anonymous said...


I always enjoy your blog. It's refreshing, and you earned the nominations.

Anonymous said...

I cam second Mr Ingsoc in both categories- which is OK...I am lobbying for a special banner "SECOND IN HE BLOGPOWER AWARDS" - do you think this is a good idea??

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Crushed, you gave me a close run there! And thanks again for your generous link. Auguri

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Sir. Do we call you Sir now. Esteemed Blogpower Nominee or something like that.

Anonymous said...

Will confess that this is the first time i have read your blog... but it wont be the last time !!

The best thing that has come out these Blogpower Adwards is getting to read and see blogs you might not have visited before.... Well done to James for that !!

Anonymous said...

Sockpuppet- So glad you found time to stop by. I hear you have been a busy sock of late.

Raffi- It's refreshing to know that the battle for sanity at least has allies- you should join the expanding Blogpower throng yourself.

Ruthie- Congratulations likewise. Quite a battle going in North America, it seemed towards the end. I think you did well because your blog also is a breath of fresh air.

Mutley- Hmmm. Well, if my vote counts, I'm all in favour...

Welshcakes- I was expecting a last minute surge from cetain other blogs, that it seemed didn't actually happen. Still a bit sore about seeing them ranked :(
I must admit I was checking the votes regularly in the last half hour with a sense of bemusement.

Colin- Hmmm. Crushed or Ingsoc seems to be the norm round here, so we'll stick with that.

Sally- I agree, I've certainly checked out several blogs I've not really seen before. Pleased to meet you, I'll pop round.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations on doing so well. Hopefully you won't be eligible for the Liitle Blogger category next year.

I seem to have missed all the behind-the-scenes intrigue!

Do tell...

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Seems sock has alot to learn about girly bits. Twats usually are pink.

Congratulations. You came so close in Category 10. Do you get a consolation prize or does being 0.35% below you opponent mean you get equal prizes?

And how much does that suck. Who says every vote doesn't count in elections?

I hope you get the prize.

Anonymous said...

Pommygranate- Not thought of that. I don't know, if we're still going this time next year, I suspect well still have a close knit family feel round here. Most of my commentors I feel I know personally, though I'm getting some new ones now I need to get to know better.

Phishez- There was a last minute spurt in voting which, in this case, believe it or not, I can't really explain myself.
I think it has been decided that equal first place is awarded in this instance. I have been told in no uncertain terms from another blogger that I should accept because it would be rude not to, so I shall.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting comment here by Sockpuppet. Think I'll try it.