Saturday 30 June 2007

Why They Don't Like Bloggers

Tony Blair didn't like Bloggers. That should tell you all we're on the right lines.

This is actually a serious point. We hear much moaning from the powers that be about the nasty spiteful voices on the bloggosphere.

And the reason why is plain.

They've forgotten what it was like in the days when there was such a thing as informed public opinion.
Intelligent conversation that takes place amongst the people.
The man on the Clapham Omnibus.

And the reason why they've forgotten it, is because for a while now it hasn't existed.

People in our societies had stopped interacting with real people as much, and had their opinions pumped to them by a one way medium, television.

Very easy to think it's all OK if your views on life come from Soaps.
Oh sure, they deal with 'social issues', but have you ever heard them discuss politics in the Vic?

And now they hear voices again, voices of people discussing things again.
Things that matter.
And not people approved by them to disseminate opinion.

So that's why they don't like us.

They know where they can stick it, too.

So carry on spreading whatever it is you spread, say whatever it is you blog to say.
The rest of us want you, as much as our dear leaders don't.
You give something of you for the rest of us to share on a regular basis.
That's a good thing to do.
Which has already led this far.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? They discuss politics all the time in "The Vic." (Reminds me of an 80's classic, The Politics Of Dancing by Reflex, but I digress)

Tony Blair is so done and dusted. He'll probably start his own blog now on how NOT to be a prime minister. Maybe he can come here and crash on the white house floor at the feet of his mate, George Bush.

Shout out to East Enders!

Anonymous said...

I wish we were that important, CBI!

Anonymous said...

It's shocks me that even many supposedly intelligent people who keep up with current affairs etc. don't seem to be able to form arguments. We had a really interesting discussion in the pub about the smoking ban, and a couple of the people there couldn't understand why there might be an argument against the ban!

Anonymous said...

Alexys- not in the way people actually do, when you push them.
Popular discontent is much deeper than the people yet realise themselves.

Blogging spreads thought.

Pommygranate- everynoe has something to add. Every voice counts.

Ed- Most of those in our local smoke.
But there was intersting pub chat on Thursday on Blair's legacy. general feling was- as with my poll here- in favour of Thatcher as being better remembered.
this from ordinary people.

Here anyone can speak and be heard.

Anonymous said...

for real? Ok, kinda juvenile but if they dont like bloggers, i dont like them... ;)

Anonymous said...

That was just me being cheeky. I know politics are rarely if ever discussed on soaps. Sometimes inflection is lost on the page. ;D

Anonymous said...

You're right. Politicians just don't realise that people want real debate again - and they will find it here in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Crashdummie- Nor do I, really.

Alexys- My fault for missing it. I suppose even muses can be playful.

Welshcakes- It scares them. I wouldn't mind betting there's a few bloggers we know get read in Downing Street by various apparatchiks. And they don't like what they read.