Friday 22 June 2007

OK, Phish. Just For You

Phishez challenged me to find a non-sexualised image to prove the point I was making in my last post.

Here you go. The lovely June Sarpong.

Whilst I have no problem just posting pics of pretty girls, I suspect everyone else might get bored, so Saturday Evening's post will move away from this theme completely.

It's a shame I have no pictures of Phish I can post you- but if you look at the pics in her archives, she's a bit of a stunner herself!!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah for me! I do find that picture more appealing than the others. I think you have proved your point very well.

I expect I'll be getting more hits now. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Ingsoc, all of your immigrants appear to be non-caucasian. Without wanting to open up a racial can of worms (but may i borrow your can opener anyhow) can you PLEASE post a picture of an ugly white immigrant just for me?

Anonymous said...

Jane is right, there are ugly migrants too (and some whites!) and some spectacular ladies of Indian ethnic origin floating about too

Anonymous said...

I think I was right about the topless girls though, should be more...especially exotic ladies.... (am I missing the point here?)

Anonymous said...

Phishez- She has a VERY sultry voice as well.
I do find the other pictures quite appealing myself, though. I'll be sorry when they disappear off into 'previous posts'.

JJ- That would pretty much defeat the point of the excercise. Which is to showcase beautiful BLACK women.

Ed- Notice Parminder Nagra as the second picture.
And there are some very lovely Oriental girls too.
I've even noticed that Native American girls can be very beautiful, though I have no firsthand experience there.

Mutley- Sadly that last post was as exotic as it's ever going to get here. But if you want to post on the subject, I'm more than happy...

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the confrontation in your last blog;so no comment. Eight pints of the black stuff!! You must have a stomach like a "horse. Now it is one lager,two lagers,eight lagers; one beer,two beers,eight beers. However in Ireland we are different;it is one Guiness, two Guiness,eight Guiness,eight hundred Guiness.Just in case you visit Gods own country you will be in the 'know'