Friday 1 June 2007

Strange Skulls and Other Stories

One thing that I like about the internet, is that one has a choice what to believe.
You take in the facts and decide which are valid.

In the real world, we only get the majority views piped through our TVs.

But on the internet we can find whole sites devoted to Creationist theories, UFO theories, God was an alien theories, etc.

Of course, for every silly theory, there are ten other sites debunking it.

If something on the internet IS patently stupid, you realise that due to the amount of evidence also on the internet, pointing this out.

But there are a few oddities. When I come across something quite bizarre, with no sites elsewhere ridiculing what is being said, I take note.
I still withold judgement, but I do start thinking.

It is worth taking a look at some of the strange skulls catalogued in Peru by Robert Connolly and which seem to defy belief.

Rational Explanation?

Maybe, but I have seen no sites refuting what is claimed for these skulls.

Take a look

Go into Strange Artefacts, then Mystery Skulls.

Most of these sorts of sites can be a little credulous, but there are some things which still seem to have no sensible explanation.


Anonymous said...

There are many things we don't yet know. This could be the result of early experiments with malformed humans, it could be the results of forcing, similar to foot binding, a previously undiscovered branch of our evolution or it could even be early visits by aliens.

As we discovere more techniques for analysis then weincrease our human knowledge.

Sadly we have many that want us togo backwards.

Anonymous said...

The starchild one doesn't really interst me as much as the others.
It's the cranial capacities which are unusual and defy the binding explanation.

I have no real theory on this, but since hominid evolution is one of my pet interests, it does set the mind racing...

Anonymous said...

I'd find that too sad, it's like looking at a dead body. I can see why it intrigues.