Monday 11 June 2007

Polling Update.

I am happy to announce that the most accurate opinion polls known concerning voting intentions at the next election are available for the first time at this site.

Mutley The Dog, Leader of the United Morris Dancing Party was the favoured choice for Prime Minister at 83%. Gordon Brown trailed behind at 10%.

David Cameron and Menzies Campbell vied for third place.

Assuming a Uniform National Swing at the next General Election, Mutley is on course to win a stunning landslide majority of 516 seats.

I'm sure that on the basis of this poll, Mutley will be looking to appoint his front bench team soon.
It's possible that the UMDP will be looking to test its strength, should a by election arise.

So now the people of Britain really do have a chance for a change.

However this time, the slogan will not be 'Things can only get better.'

The United Morris Dancing Party shall fight for office with the slogan 'Things can't get much f***ing worse.'

Vote UMDP- For a more interesting Britain.

This weeks poll question is put more in sorrow than mirth.
But I think your views will be appreciated.
It will stay up till the following Monday, so you will still be able to vote while the issue is investigated by the movers and shakers of Blogpower.

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Anonymous said...

Dirty tactics, Bournemouth Nationalist.

Don't threaten me.

I'm not Czechoslovakia.

Did you guys get together on that?
Are you that bothered by this award business?