Friday 1 June 2007

Shouldn't Have Worried

OK, I really did underestimate how good my friends are.

I got a call, ten minutes from the end of the second half (before Brazil scored.)

My best friend was on his way,

I turned and said the following 'Just be warned, Honeybunch,'
She replied 'I will.'
I said. 'I knew you would. You have your head screwed on, really.'

And my mate hadn't really come to seduce her.

He had come to discuss how he hates his job. He wanted a good chat about the meaning of life.

So, I'm not a millionaire.
But I think I am a good judge concerning the people I choose to be part of my life.


Anonymous said...

Did you solve the mystery of the meaning of life then? If so, can you explain to me how come i'm not a millionaire either?

Anonymous said...

It is best to be friends with people who really hate their jobs as if you hate yours slightly less - you can feel superior...

Anonymous said...

JJ- I would imagine you have better things to do.

Mutley- I think most of what most of us do five days a week has little practical use...

Anonymous said...

Yes, being a good judge of who you want in your life is important, too. We all need good friends and sometimes when we think badly of them they surprise us, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I love this line" Quite why so many of us end up as spectators in our own lives". Please tell me this is yours.
Congratulations on being voted for a bloggy- this blog certainly deserves it!