Sunday 10 June 2007

Do Not Let This Be the Face of Blogpower

Voting continues in the Blogpower Awards. If you are reading this blog, you have the right to vote. You will all of you know several of the blogs in each category. There are a few you won't know at all. Some of them are supported by people who wish to use these awards for political purposes. To score a political point for their views. So consider, do you want Blogpower being used to promote THESE GUYS?

Now go vote in the blogpower awards.


Anonymous said...

It is annoying how Youtubes that don't allow you to embed still provide you with embedding code!

Anonymous said...

Damn those goose stepping nazis!

Anonymous said...

Cripes!! Is this what we face? I shall try to be brave like the man with the little shopping bag in Tianamen Square....

People are impersonating known correspondents/bloggers and posting abuse to me on my blog....not nice.

Anonymous said...

In your previous post They Must be Lobotomising People you seem to be comparing the current Labour establishment with Nazis/Communists circa mid 20th century which I whole heartedly agree with. So would you be kind enough to elucidate the labour blogs that I should avoid voting for on Blogpower Vote 2007.

Cheers BN

Anonymous said...

All blog awards are a load of utter shite!

Everyone knows it's just vote stacking that wins it. It's not a true reflection of anyone's so called "talents" at all.

At the end of the day, we're all just dribbling shite on the web. What's the big deal?
Only deluded nutjobs ask for votes or take these things seriously.

Anonymous said...

'Being asked to contribute to a group blog is like being asked to sit with the cool kids in high school.'

Who needs awards when you can hang out with the cool bloggers ??
Nothing fake about Our Steph...

Anonymous said...

People, I don't think these guys sleep at night- a lot of voting seems to have taken place during the small hours, most of it for one candidate...

It is a sad state affairs when these maladjusted loners target a blog like Mutleys with their twisted campaign methods.

Bournemouth Nationalist- To respond to your point, Blogpower is a club composed of bloggers who mutually support eachother and the concept of free speech the bloggosphere provides. A wide range of views is contained therin. I am sure there are Blogpower members who are Labour supporters.

The Awards are non political, as is Blogpower. The problem we have here is a politically motivated attempt to promote and vote for a blog withe a political agenda. This could have the unwanted result of making Blogpower look like a group that is generally sympathetic to these views.

Avoiding voting for blogs because of their Labour sympathies is just as overt political voting as stacking up votes for far right blogs, so I have no intention of assisting you bring politics into your voting decisions by helping you out with your question.

Besides, I suspect your votes are already decided.

Steph- Thanks for visiting. These awards have actually generated and there is a real chance for some thoroughly deserving bloggers to get some recognition here. It is worth voting, simply because if te Far Right can vote stack, so can anyone else.

Personally, I'd rather win one of these awards fairly than by using dodgy methods, but that doesn't seem to bother these guys.

To everyone who visits this blog, may I just say that by voting in these wards for blogs you know and like, you make a difference.

Voting for THIS blog in the categories concerned (Best Little Blogger, Must Underrated Blogger) makes a difference, but if you don't like this blog, there are many other good options to choose from.


The Tianamen Square demonstration appears as one of the images on the right hand of this blog.

Anonymous said...

All blog awards are a load of utter shite!

I agree with Steph here, which is why I haven't voted nor will I.

My original comment contained a small amount of irony if you hadn't noticed but having said that I wish all you blogpowers users good luck in your little competition

Anonymous said...

Well done, Crushed!

Anonymous said...

Fingers, That was tongue in cheek you knob! Now get back down the shallow end of the gene pool where you belong.